Restless Legs Syndrome
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Wearing Dance Tights Reduce RLS ~90% for me

Wearing Dance Tights Reduce RLS ~90% for me

I had worsening RLS for about 5 years, which was finally diagnosed about 18 mos ago by my cardiologist. My Dr. initially had me use compression stockings (below-the-knee) for varicose veins and i noticed two things: (1) i *hated* them, and (2) they helped my RLS a little bit.

I have to run for the military but hated running in compression sox. My cardiologist suggested I could wear tights -- as in dance tights; not just regular running tights -- because they provide some compression.

When i tried them, it turned out the dance tights helped my RLS, too! I mean like 9-out-of-10 nights i have no symptoms, and maybe 1-out-of-10 nights when i do have a little bit, it is much milder and i can still sleep pretty well.

I don't know why it works, but i think it's the tactile-feedback to my nerve endings on my skin. Someone else talked about their RLS going away when a cat was sitting on their legs -- i think it might be the same kind of idea. You forget you're wearing the tights after a while, but your nerve endings feel a little compression and some tactile feedback. Just my theory.

The good thing is dance tights are pretty cheap ($10-$20 U.S.) and you don't have the hassles of fighting to pull on medical compression stockings!!!

I have only tried Capezio brand (just randomly), but i assume Danskin or any other reputable brand would work. Capezio "Hold & Stretch" are what i have tried. They make 'convertible' tights so you can let your toes or your whole foot out if the foot part bothers you. I think the options range from footless, stirrup, convertible, and footed.

Dance tights come packaged as 'men's' or 'women's' but Men's are like twice the price ($35 U.S.) and look to me to be exactly same material and shape/length. I'm pretty sure they're manufactured as unisex, then it's just a matter of packaging/marketing. So just try to get the right size for you at the cheapest price.

They last a long time, too! They don't really snag or "run" like you would expect. And i wash mine in the regular laundry. I pretty much abuse them but i have only ripped 2 pair in over a year. You can probably wear them 75-100 times at least. Maybe longer if you take better care of them than i do.

Bottom line: dance tights have changed my life -- almost totally resolved my RLS. When I forget to wear them or if they're in the wash, my RLS does come back.

Best ones I've found for me are Capezio #14 (foot), #15 (transition), #145 ("stirrup") and they are all called 'Hold and Stretch' tights. I think they make a 'soft' version called #1815/#1915 (footed) #1816/#1916 (transition).

XXL (2x) in women's pkg or XL in men's pkg seem to be the exact same and that's the size for me (6'1", 190#)

Hope this works for some people!


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Shhh!-----I think Raffs might have been using these-but his wife hasn't found out. He's been very quiet lately!😈 (only messing).

I tried compression socks a long time ago when they were previously recommended. They just made the restless worse- but then I don't like anything tight on me.

Everyone seems to be so different - cold v warm etc.

Delighted you've found something that works for you.



ROFL! I suppose they could be used for different purposes. ;-)


A few years ago i used very tight bandages the sort used for sprains etc. the tighter they were the more relief i got to let me sleep through the night. Its the pressure that worked for me. But sadly these days they do not work for me. Glad to hear you are getting relief from the ones you are using.

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That's a good idea i never would've thought of. I have the super wide ones for hamstring pulls. Next time i have a bad night, i'm going to try that!


Great to hear that you have found something to help. I get RLS sensations in my left foot sometimes and I find putting lots of tight hair bobbles around the arch of my foot helps a little x

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I will try that. Have you tried it on your leg(s)? or just feet?


I have only tried it on my foot ,they wouldnt fit around my legs lol Plus i would need too many of them.I also tried a weighted blanket but that didnt help and cost me a fortune! X

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I'm going to try the ace-wrap someone suggested.

I know what you mean - my oldest son has autism and his heavy blanket cost a small fortune! Cheers!


Thanks, VegasBob! I just ordered a pair from Amazon Prime...just $13 with free 2 days shipping! Do you know if these would work well with Sciatica as well? I do not really hurt with Sciatica, but get a burning sensation in lower back down through upper thighs. Hopefully the tights won't aggravate that while helping the RLS. Love your suggestion and looking forward to trying this medicine-free approach to easing RLS.


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