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Compression long socks

Has anybody noticed their RLS worse when wearing these compression socks, I have RLS and varicose veins, the vascular surgeon told me to wear them as soon as I got up and not to take them off till I went to bed but I have noticed my RLS is a lot worse and I am having dreadful nights, first off not getting to sleep then my legs start, getting about 4-5 hours a night if I am lucky.

I think I will leave them off for a couple of days to see if there is any improvement, has any body had any experiences.


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Unlikely to be the stockings- unless they are made of a material that is irritating to you.

What medications are you on now- you were in the process of changing as far as I can make out.?


Hi Madlegs1

I am taking 2xgabapentin and 1xtramadol to try to get some sleep and in the mornings taking .52 Mirapexin slow release.

Kind Regards



hi desperate,

I actually bought these while going through withdrawal from dopamine agonists as someone had posted on here that they actually relieved RLS. They didn't improve my RLS at all. Interesting that they seem to be making your RLS worse.

Maybe it's just a blip in your RLS or possibly the mirapexin becoming less effective?

Hope you manage to get some improvement- you're not alone- not many of us are getting much sleep.

take care,



I find compression socks do help but I put them on as soon as RLS starts usually in the evening and wear them to bed.


I have done the same - seems to calm down my legs if I'm on the verge of RLS. I can usually feel it in my feet first.


I take up to 400mg of slow release tramadol per day for back painbut RLS started up for whatever reason it does. I use a REVITIVE rocker to help relieve swollen legs with fluid build up. I found tha using my Revitive for 5 minutes before going to bed stops my feet from becoming too sensitive for even a sheet to be on them & also stops my knee jerk movements. Sometimes I forget to use it before going to bed but if I get up & give it a five minute treatment on Revitive I can return to bed & rest comfortably. A few times I've had to get up in the middle of the night or early morning to use the Revitive, but luckily for me it always brings relief. Hope it may do for you. I've seen them online for under $200 but chemist shops sell them as well for about $300. You will need your socks off to use the Revitive because Electrical impulses enter through the soles of your feet to stimulate your muscles. Personally, I would not go away overnight without packing it in my bag.


I haven't worn compression socks but for me any type of tight pants (leggings) worn in the evening will drive my RLS crazy. Even tight socks. you'll find me in sweats after work!


Hi there. I absolutely agree. Had a minor op end last year, and had to wear compression socks for two days. Made my RLS really bad- couldn't wait to get them off!! Also, even wearing natural fibre socks plenty big enough in length, end up being too tight after a few hours and aggravate RLS even more! If I try lying in bed on my back, can't even bear just a sheet on my toes either- SO difficult to relax.........


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