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Evening all,does anyone take Tramodol 30mg I have come of Ropinorole & Gabapentin went on to Codine made me feel sick so now on Tramodol ,went to nuro yesterday not with going I honestly think I new as much about rls as he did ,it makes me wonder where I go next ,don't say holiday because I had to cancel that because of rls From Beady 3 hope someone replays x

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  • Hi Beady 3, I use Tramadol 50 mg, I take 2x 50mg as soon as the rls starts and it usually starts working about 30 minutes after taking, and the symptoms diminish after an hour. The routine is 2 tablets in the morning and 2 around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, so in a 24 hour period I usually take 4 tablets.

    They work very well for me so I hope you have a lot of success with them.

  • Thanks for reply,how long have you been on Tramodol and have you had any side effects x

  • Have been using Tramadol for 4 years with no side affects, don't know what I'd do with out them.

  • Hi Beady, I used to be on Tramadol but it didn't help me but many people find it very good for their RLS.I didnt have any side effects with it but I have a very high tolerance to meds.Have you taken one yet? If so is it helping? Take care

  • Hi Kim, yes had 1at 5.00had good eve and 1at 10.00just woke but no probs legs going well,can have more tabs but I don't start on high dose. Hope you are ok June x

  • I was on tramadol awhile back. Loved it at first, finally found something that got rid of my symptoms... but it stopped working after three months and I had to increase the dose. And that dose stopped working after another 3 months. And I did have side effects. And the withdrawal coming off it was gawd awful. But I've been trying ever since to find something else as effective without any luck. Hope it continues to work great for you.

  • Sorry u havn't had any luck yet but it's like that isn't it, we find something it's good then you have to go on stronger dose just enjoy the time we are out of rls,I have had rls for 45yrs so have tried quite a lot of meds but you never give up because you can't ,hope you find something soon beady 3

  • It's funny you should say that, I was literally just about to write my doctor those exact words: I give up. Either the medicine doesn't work or it has side effects so bad that it's just trading one problem for another. And I think we've tried everything by now (except pot or fentanyl patch or pump). I've got 5 mg of oxycodone to take the edge off enough to eventually get to sleep and I just have to accept that that's as good as it's going to get. And forget about being comfortable during the day.

  • Codeine made me constipated! Tramadol is highly addictive - I started with 3/4 tablets a day and ended with 12 a day. What the GP realised was that tramadol can make RLS worse and has side effects (such as pain in all your joints and horrendous pain in your calves). Also you start to be like a drug addict and know when your next fix is due. That's not to say you will be the same though as everyone needs to see what works for them. For example I've been on ropinerol for 6 months and touch wood Ok. I have found doing cardio (on the recumbent cycle cos I have a knackered knee) and strengthening exercises for an hour - 3/4 times a week has helped me feel in control a bit. Plus I swear by hot packs (the type you put in the microwave helps. Take care - it's about listening to the different experiences on here and finding out what works for you.

  • Hi hazel so sorry you had all those probs,I know if you are in pain you will take what ever to get out of it,I was on Requip Xl 4tabs to start then I went to 8 my one doc went mad when the other had given me that much,the statins make your joints as well. Well if 3 Tramodol a day makes me addictive that's how it's going to be beady 3

  • We are all individuals and just have to find what works for us.

  • I still take 3 to 4 tramadol and don't get the side effects. Through the night when I got tearful and exhausted I swear I would have ate a carpet if someone said it worked. I was always saying

    I would chop my legs off!

  • Been there that's how I feel like stabbing your legs beady 3

  • I think it always seems worse at night.

  • Should have said GP hadn't realised!

  • Isn't it strange how we all have such different responses to meds.Tramadol didnt make one jot of difference to my symptoms may as well have had smarties.Others take mirapex with no relieve but the first night I took one years ago I thought I had gone to heaven! X

  • Weird isn't it. I am just so glad that after 3 years of no sleep I found out what was wrong with my legs. A brilliant consultant who really listened send me to the Sleep Clinic. Now not totally cured and still have some bad times but nothing like the nights where I spend most of the night crying! Take care.

  • Well so pleased for you but if it's not rude what is the matter with your legs

  • Restless Leg Syndrome plus something else, cannot remember the name but I call it jerky legs! Means even when I finally fall asleep my legs jerk and wake me up.

    Also had an accident on the ice and damaged my knee, the trauma triggered arthritis off around my knee (I always say I have one normal leg and an elephants leg as several bone spurs developed). Waiting for a knee replacement.

    But by far the worst is the RLS.

  • The kicking etc in the night will be Periodic Limb Movement DDisorder known as PLMD. I have that too, it is often found in RLS sufferers.Glad you getting some relief x

  • That's the name - better than my jerky legs! Thanks.

  • I agree with most of the posts, but having been through a cycle of trying cabergalin, mirapexin, ropinirole, Neupro, Gaberpentin, Clonozapam and Tramadol I have not found one drug that worked for me ( except Cabergalin which was withdrawn from the market!. Most of the drugs either didn't work or the excessive sleepiness they gave me didn't allow me to function properly. I have been off drugs for a few months now and found my thoughts are more Lucid. I no longer have the drug induced numbness that I have endured for so long. However I do have the RLS and PMLS and have the tiredness accociated with this. I am not driving and my career as I know it came to a premature end. I am trying to find work, but finding it difficult.

    If you find a drug that works for you then you are lucky. The message is we are all individuals, this disorder does not have a one solution fits all remedy, so listen to your specialist and just because one person has symptoms the same as yours, it doesn't mean the treatment will be as effective for you.

  • Hi Beady3

    Like you I found by chance reading about meds on the internet that Tramadol was a remedy for Rls. Also like you I was prescribed Ropinirole by the Neurologist at Southend Teaching hospital 0.25mg twice a day. I have experienced augmentation several times and my way of trying to deal with it is to either stop Ropinirole altogether and substitute Tramadol 50mg or take one Ropinirole 0.25mg with one 50mg Tramadol!

    At the mo I am experiencing Augmentation and having to resort to taking two 50mg Tramadol capsules to get a good nights sleep!!

    However I don't want to feel that I may become addictive to Tramadol ie to rely on Tramadol entirely so I on occasions only take one 50mg Tramadol and know that I have to sit up in bed for a couple of hours until my legs become subject to pins & needles and find then I am able to fall asleep!!!

    I guess everyone has to find their own method of dealing with this disability. Looking forward to the day when research finds a true all embracing remedy for everyone!!

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