Restless Legs Syndrome
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Well I went onCodine about 3weeks ago every one said you want to get something you will be so constipated so I got 24pkts fibre gel never used one prob never happened. Now on Tramodol 2a day and every one keeps on with negative reports ,if it's doing me good surely someone must be pleased,but why is this the first thing that has ever been so good for me,I get sleep and no pain when you think I was having 3baths in the night because of all the pain I was in. I could go on but I think that's enough Will log in later beady 3 x

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Hi Beady3, as I commented to you last week I've used Tramadol for the last 4 years with no adverse symptoms, so hang on in there and hope you have success.

Blokie x x.

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Thanks for replying you have given me a new outlook on things ,I just can't get over not having any pain,and all those nights with out sleep,I know. This is going to work so thanks to you all beady 3


Hi blokie forgot to ask do you have a drink. I am to scared to have one cheers beady 3


Hi Beady3, I do have a drink now and then, a bottle of larger twice a week. I do like red wine only when I fancy-about 1 glass a month so I'm not a big drinker.

If you like a drink then go ahead everything in moderation you do need a little something now and again.

I'm a diabetic and I have a very sweet tooth, so I have some chocolate when I fancy with no problems so far. Keep in touch.

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Hi Beady, who is giving negative reports..? I am pleased you have found something at last which helps you. I wish i could take Tramadol, but it makes me violently sick. So, i am stuck with still trying the dopamine agonists.


I do hope you get some relief some time ,but we never give up do we thanks beady 3


I have been on tramadol for quite a while now. Even 100 mg doses four times a day doesn't kill the pain but it does help. Combined with 900 mg of gabapentin a day and 10% ibuprofen gel rubbed in 4 times a day especially at night can give me a good night, but not always. It depends on how active I've been during the day. I usually have a warm bath in the evening too. As has been said previously, if it works for you then keep going with it. Just keep in mind what the others who have differing opinions have said though.


Constipation and narcotics go hand and hand unless you treat it with a probiotic or a vegetable "helper" and please steer clear of laxatives unless your doctor says specifically to use them.

Stool softener..self explanatory.. softens the pooh so it is easier to exit the body.

May be used long term

Vegetable based "helper" ..moves things along in the intestines to exit faster..May

be used long term.

Laxative...chemical based, makes explosive bowl movements and trips to the toilet

are often necessary, produces watery, pulpy pooh.. cramping, dehydration sometimes

goes with this one. Should not be used long term. Bowl dependence, infections, mal-nutrition, poor absorption of vitamins, minerals are associated with long term use.


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