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Day 5 Cold Turkey

Day 5 Cold Turkey

Hi Guys/Gals;

Managed to get through yesterday without relapse despite having to have dealings with the dreaded DSS. Oh, have included a "soothing image" to set the mood after reading the "smileys and piccys post".

Today's not going too badly although I do feel a bit "rattly" this morning, damn cat woke me up at 5 am by jumping on my head! Said creature is now sat on my lap eating my jumper! I noticed a jump in my energy levels yesterday as i set a good stride when i walked into town. I've also noticed that the house is a lot tidier since I quit; At the risk of sounding like one of those holier than thou ex smoker types smoking is quite a slovenly habit isn't it? I never really noticed before. I'm still getting cravings especially when doing things that I always used to associate with smoking, IE having a coffee, using computer etc. I like Jimigolfs suggestion of eating jalopino chillies as a substitute! Peppers are addictive unfortunately and I don't want to acquire a twenty a day scotch bonnet habit lol!

Thanks for all your help will write again tommorow.


The Website "smokefree-nhs-uk" has been a help to me, they have a "Quit Widget" that you can download which tells you how long you've quit for and how much money you have saved.

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Hi Kronoskeylock,

well done on dealing with the DSS and staying away from the cigs, I know how stressful that can be :)

I know what you mean about having more energy, i found this as well, coupled with the fact that i would keep busy when the cravings hit, i wonder how i got all my housework done before i stopped :o :D :D

I hope your feeling less ratty now, and are having a great day, your doing brill, keep going :)


Hi there, Your doing fantastic. By the way like the picky. :)

Its amazing how not smoking makes everything seem cleaner. I know Pete once said wash all your clothing , its surprising how tobacco smells linger. Even the décor stays nice and clean.

Keep up the good work. :)


Hi Kronoskeylock,

good to hear how well you are doing and how you are dealing with any challenges :-) Maybe an early night with help with your 5am start this morning. I'm sure your little furry friend was just showing you some thanks for not smoking around him/her anymore :-)

With regards to craving times happening at the times and places that you USED to associate with smoking, you can either a) ignore them and the more of them you allow to pass, the easier it will become or b) put something else in it's place - creating a new healthier habit.

Jillygirl found information about how the smoke from your cigarette also affected your computer, so not only is your cat now protected from secondhand smoke, but your PC is too :-)

You are doing brilliant, keep up the momentum :-)


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