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How much can I save ??

This is just a quick ready reckoner for you :) and again Emjay, one of our lovely quit support advisers posted this some time ago :)

How much have I saved?... or how much do I spend?

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE

3 Oct 2012

Do you actually know how much you spend on your smoking habit? Even better, if you have already stopped smoking, have you noticed all those pennies turning into pounds?

Have a look at the following cost calculator and see which way it works out for you;

Based on 20 cigarettes costing £7.00


£3.50 a day

£24.50 a week

£106.16 a month

£1,274 a year


£7.00 a day

£49.00 a week

£212.33 a month

£2,548 a year


£10.50 a day

£73.50 a week

£318.49 a month

£3,822 a year


£14.00 a day

£98.00 a week

£424.66 a month

£5,096 a year

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Wow this is an eye opener, never really worked it out. If me and my husbby had never smoke (both been smoking for 44+ years, we would be millionaires:)


Toooo rite gal, I used to smoke about 35-40 a day :o £5,000 grand a year WOW


Hope your saving it and plan on spending it on a special treat!!:)


If I hadnt smoked we would have no mortgage, a fancy car and have been able to have nice holidays and not have to eat lidl food or tesco value although what we do buy of that brands are all right or we wouldnt eat it!!

The kids would have new clothes although hand me downs are ok coz they just get ruined/outgrown anyway!

I smoked about 15-20 a day so saving around £2,500 per year, it doesnt seem like much when you say £7 a day but 2500 is a lot


Just calculated I have smoked away £36,036, fags werent as expensive when I first started I know (£2.50 a pack of 20) but that is frightening


Just worked mine and my hubby out, £225,000 which is frightening. Could have had world cruise (several times over), big house and not be worrying about how to manage on a pension. I think that this should be stressed to everyone as well as the health effects, as we don't take notice of health affects thinking it wont affect me. :)


Hi all,

You can download the smokefree CALCULATOR desktop app from NHS choices.

All you do is enter your stop date, how many you did smoke and the calculator will give you a daily update of your saving for every day you don't buy / smoke ciggies.

You will be amazed at how much we were paying to kill ourselves and give even more tax to the tax man.



Just to say, With the NHS CHOICES cost calculator sitting on your computers desktop and visible everytime you turn on the computer, It gives you a little extra boost when you see the savings you are making.

Simba196 makes a good point in saying no one really thinks of the damage to our health, but our pockets getting damaged makes you go "whaaaaaaat".



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