Daily Chat: Tuesday 19th February 2013

Daily Chat: Tuesday 19th February 2013

Good Morning everybody,

A compete weather change this morning, I had to defrost the car before I could drive... Defrost? Surely I meant de-ice?! ;-/

Today is a fresh new Tuesday and all the positives that have happened can spur you on. Any hiccups can be learnt from and should be looked at as lessons learnt. There's always a positive, sometimes they are right in front of you, sometimes you may have to lift a stone or two to seek them out :-)

Remember that staying positive is key to a successful quit :-)

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  • Good Morning Emjay and everyone,

    I love your picture Emjay, it's a great song as well :) and so true. I actually managed to get up earlier today and like you woke to frost, what crazy weather we're having :o :D :D

    Gonna have a lazy day, still sore from yesterday, and start decorating again on Wednesday so if you want a cuppa i've got the kettle on :) x

  • Hi John, I'm glad your having a craving free day, long may it last :)

  • Good afternoon folks..well here in Gosport its a beautiful spring day,blue sky,sun shining birds singing and a crisp air..very nice :)

    Spent most of the day shopping and looking at ovens ..not many places to see touch ovens round here,so probably will have to buy online and cross fingers :)

    half way through day six ..112 not smoked ..wont say its been easy so far,the last two days have definately been challenging !! but we'll keep seeing how long i can go lol.

    Have a lovely afternoon whatever youre doing..me..off to look at more ovens via the sea front :)) hugs jan x

  • Hi everyone, glad you're having a better day all round, I think this window in the weather is doing a bit of god for everyone. :) Have just been out along the coast in the New Forest for a lovely walk looking across to the Isle of Wight with lunch out to boot. Unfortunately the lunch was rather large for me so I had to leave about 5 chips! :o Not really what I wanted to eat in my reduced, healthy eating plan I'm currently on but heigh-ho.

  • I love canals but we don't have any in our part of the world. :|

  • hi Andi we have canals where I live, one of which is only a 15 minute bike ride away from home, its OK, and went along it on Sunday morning but would much prefer a promenade and the sea to look at :)

  • Hi Sin, was wondering how you'd got on on your bike. It's great for exploring on cos if you go wrong it's not such a big deal doubling back like if you were walking and you can see over hedges and things. Today would have been perfect as well cos there wasn't any wind. :)

  • Well Saturday got off to a bad start, 3 miles into the ride and I got a puncture thanks to our atrocious potholed roads, I now have four patches on my inner tube and every one as a result of hitting a pothole :-( Sunday and Monday made up for it though.

  • Been the best few days weatherwise for a very long time, umm I'm thinking last March was probably the last time we had this much sunshine. It's certainly done me a bit of good, in fact its done absolute wonders for me as I have given very little thought to smoking since Saturday. Have cycled 35 miles since Saturday, though well behind on my target which is to do 1500 miles in the whole year. I did 1,000 last year. I've done 47 miles since 1 January and should have completed 205 miles by today to be on target. Bit of catching up to do then.

    Despite it being excellent biking weather today, had a break and as promised took my little grandson out for a ride to Manchester on our new tram (well not our own personal tram lol). We've suffered enough hassle this last two or three years with the conversion of changing train lines to tram lines so might as well make use of it. He enjoyed it anyway, though wasn't there long as little ones soon get bored of trekking round shops. Long enough though to pick up a nice fleece at half price from Debenhams, a throw from Primark (my god whizzing round Primark was just heartbreaking, its made for slow browsing) and was handed a sample of smellies called Just Cavalli by a man wearing more mascara than me round the perfume counters in Debenhams; it smells stunning. Had clear blue sky Sunday, Monday and today and it is just so nice to walk around the house during the day without fear of frostbite :o Sadly I think we're back to cloud from tomorrow for the foreseeable future, so it could be ooohh I dunno about June mebbe before we see the sun again.

    Hoping everyone is OK and happy and smoke free?

  • What's with the 1500 mile target then? Doesn't sound too bad to me - about 30 miles a week on average. Like you say though, it's all down to the weather and I'm a bit of a fair-weather cyclist. When I finally got my bike out last year I managed about 70+ miles one week. What kind of bike have you got? Mine's a hybrid but I'd quite like a road bike but they don't make ladies versions any more and I can't get on with crossbars. :o I think the answer's going to be to get a lighter hybrid frame and put skinny wheels on it then it should make longer road runs a lot easier and faster.

  • I use a website called mycyclinglog.com to keep a record of the miles I've cycled. I've set targets now and again but more often than not the weather gets in the way and ruins it as I'm like you, really don't see the point of riding around in the rain getting soaking wet, that ain't no fun. I noticed in October last year that if I did 277 miles between then and New Years eve I would have done 1,000 miles. I almost achieved it, then at the beginning of December we had been on a ride and was just nipping to Iceland on the way home to get something for tea and some kids were messing around on a street corner. The next minute one of them just shot out into the road within feet of me and I crashed into him coming off my bike. As a result I think I broke a rib, had a big hole in my elbow and couldn't ride again until we went out on Boxing Day and the day after. Then it rained and it rained and I seem to recall I had about 20 miles left out of the 1,000 so I decided to call it mission accomplished. I decided to just up the mileage this year since I've stopped smoking I should, theoretically be fitter.

    Are you sure you can't get a lady's road bike? You probably can but at a price I should imagine. Mine's a mens Giant OCR that I stole from my husband which he got off ebay for about £100 a couple of years ago. He got another Giant road bike off ebay to replace it, I forget how much he paid but it had only been used once, the man he bought it off couldn't get up the hill near his house and never used it again.

  • Have been in a few bike shops and they all say the same - I think it's just the size of the frame that's different but they all have crossbars and I'm not into doing that leg-over thing - think I'd fall off and do myself an injury! :o Sorry about your crash last year - what a nuisance - that'll teach you to go to Iceland! I'm steering more and more away from all this cheap rubbish food and I think what's been coming out over the last few days is going to make a lot of people think a little bit more about what they are feeding themselves on. :)

  • Naah, honestly I'll eat anything, if its hot and tastes nice. Mind you apart from chips from an English chippy I would never eat anything from a takeaway, McDonalds included and am also very dubious about eating out, though that's more to do with how the food has been handled and stored and whether its cooked properly, at least I can make sure the junk food I eat at home is cooked properly :)

  • Do you not fancy getting another bike John? You can pick up a bargain on ebay if you're willing to keep looking til you see one fairly local to you and at a good price.

  • Andi - ladies road bikes, you do need lots of pennies though as I suspected.


  • Thanks for that but if you look, they've all got crossbars!

  • Yes Andi I know what you mean about crossbars, my eldest Sister had a bike and it didnt have a crossbar, you sort of put your leg through it :o :| of course I had to test ride it first, ha ha ha I can remember that I couldt reach the seat to sit on it :D :D

  • It looked something like this :) :)


    :D :D

  • Yes I did notice, suppose they're not going to do step through anymore for a road bike as it doesn't look very sporty, though if you've got a ladies frame they are built so that the reach from seat post to handlebars is closer than on a mens plus if you've got the right frame size for your height its not too far to cock your leg over, umm so to speak :D I started out with a hybrid, though it was only a very cheap one - a Viking. It is sooo heavy, really comfy but extremely hard work unless you live on the absolute flat. The terrain where I live is up hill, for some reason there and back no matter where I go.

  • WOW :o :o flippin flippin eck there some prices or what :o

    I got mine for £30.00 plus spent about another £20.00 to get it to ship shape :) :)

  • Yeah, and you know, doesn't seem to matter how much you pay, the things go rusty after a mere spattering of rain. Mind you helps if you dry them off :$

    How are you Pete? Is your mum out of hospital yet, hope she is feeling better.

  • Aww look at that dollar sign, its supposed to be a smilie face blushing, well that's the symbol on my phone - obviously doesn't work on here. :(

  • Well Sin, you seem to know a lot more about all the technicalities than I do. Just been having a look on ebay and there's quite a few old ones but don't know if they could be adapted to take modern wheels (that don't rust like the old ones) and gears etc. It might be worth looking into for me. I'll have to go to this shop I spotted that I think does up old bikes and flogs them on and pick his brains.

    I did a couple of Skyride rides last year - have you looked into joining any of them?

  • To be honest Andi that sounds like a really good idea. Like everything else they don't make them like they used to and unfortunately the wheels do rust on new ones along with everything else on the bike. It's really quite bad when you look at how much they are. I only know about bikes because its so damn hilly where I live that riding a bike can sometimes be a bit of a toil unless you actually like hills (I don't, well not unless I'm going down them), so did quite a bit of reading up when I decided to get a mountain bike instead of the Hybrid I originally got. Ended up it was still a bad move, then when I had a go on my husbands road bike early last year, I was like OMG, no wonder you're always way in front, I'm having this bike now. It doesn't have drop handle bars though which suits me, the person who we bought it off had had it built from scratch as a training bike and he wanted straight handle bars for that.

    Yes I've done skyrides. I did the Manchester sky ride in 2010 and also Blackpool - ride the lights which is when they close the road to all cars just before the official illumination switch on and have one evening for cycles only to ride through the lights, it was really good, not been since though because of bad weather :( Also went on some local breeze rides early last year (breeze is part of skyrides but is ladies only). Last year Manchester held a first time event called The Great Manchester Cycle. They closed off a 13 mile road route for the day and held a timed cycle. I think about 10,000 cyclists turned up and you could do 13 miles, 26 or 52. I did the 13 miles. It was brilliant, loved it. Am going to do 26 miles this year as long as its not too expensive to enter as it was subsidised last year by the Mirror.

  • I first signed up for a big thing in May last year - it might have been the first or second one here - but didn't go cos weather was crap. :( Then they did a small one that started very close to where I live then another one that starts about 4 miles away so that means about 8 miles before you do the 20+ ride with them. Will do some more this year - would really like to do longer rides but not really practical on the hybrid. :)

  • Hiya Pete, have a good day? I remember you telling me about your having to test your sisters' bikes out before. :)

  • John, I think that might be something you can look into when the weather bucks up again then. Now you're on top of your finances maybe you could save up for a bike and get out and about on that. :)

  • My Mum is still in hospital Sinfree, and there still doing tests :o :( She cant keep any food down, she just brings it back up :( they've tried giving her sickness injections, but no good :( She's going for an endoscopy or something today, so just waiting for one of my Sisters to let me know :)

  • Oh dear Pete, really sorry to hear that, hope they find out what's wrong soon.

  • Thank you Sinfree, thats very kind of you :) :)

  • Hi Andi I hope your well :) :)

    Ha ha ha I can remember tidying a garden up for some OAPs and I found a tandom :o :| it took me about a year to do it up, but it was worth it :) :) never had so much fun on a bike before :D :D mind you thinkin back, we fell off it more times than I can remember :D :D

  • It looked something like this :o :)


    :D :D :D

  • Aup Andi what about a frame like this :o :)


    Would that doooooo :) :)

  • So, when are you gonna come down and build me a bike then? :D :D :D

    (And landscape the garden - oh and I might just find a plumbing job that needs doing ...................... ) :)

  • yeah I bet they would be more than one job as well :o :) :D

    I could build you one and post it :) :)

    Landscaping your garden hmmmmm I would have to think about that one gal :) :)

  • Andi if you go back on E-Bay, and type - bike frames ladies - and search :)

    Theres loads of bikes on there gal, without cross bars, mostly moutain bikes, but they got all the gears you will need, mostly 15-20 :) maybe just change the tyres for road tyres thats all, and good prices toooo :) :)

  • Cheers Pete. I've got to go to bed now.

    Nite nite Pete and Sin and everyone, sleep well, see you tomorrow. :) xxxxxxxxx

  • Nite nite Andi, you get a good nights sleep, cos your goin to need it gal, what with buildin a bike, landscaping your garden and plumbing :o :D :D :D

    I would love to come down their to you :) ha ha I've even got my bucket and spade ready, erm but it's for making sand castles, not landscaping a garden :o :D :D :D :D speak tomorrow gal and luvs ya xxxxxxx :)

  • Night Andi, Pete and John. I'm going to read my book now. See you all soon.

  • Nitey nitey Sinfree, enjoy your book gal :) dont you nod off reading it will you now :o :D sleep well and luvs ya xxxx :)

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