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I want one ,I dont want one,I want one I dont want day 10

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Why is it I really want one..but I dont really want one..its enough to drive one insane !

I am in a lot of pain and am sure this is not helping,nic used to help me through my pain or so it seemed. After me last puff slip I found I really did not like him..so why this incessant craziness to want something I no longer want ? total craziness :(

Just off out to dinner for my sons 20th...hello empty purse :) ..

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I know, I know, I know, I know, Aaaargh. But! Let's fight this together. We can win.

Fags :)

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magpie36320 Months Winner

Sums up just how I have been feeling this weekend.

Keep the good fight up and we will all get through this

Linda xx

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thenunn in reply to magpie363

maybe the time of year Linda :)) we will get through xx

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monkyAdministrator in reply to magpie363

Hey Lida, keep it up gal, cos were all here for you, if you need us gal :) :)

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There`s a little demon, He`s planted in my brain,

And even though I shoo him out , he keeps coming back again

Mr Nic - Otine thats his name .

I really dont want to play his silly game.

But I have a really good friend his name is N. R. Tee,

He`s so good he`s got a key.

When he comes in, I feel safe for the day

should Mr Nic come around, he sends him on his way

Mr Nic -otine doesn`t pester me as much

Think N R Tee has got the magic touch.

So if Mr Nic- Otine should visit you, anytime of day,

Send for N. R.Tee to keep him at bay..

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monkyAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

Jillygirl, just love it gal :) :) :) :)

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Bellabella18 Months Winner

Love it :-)

I'm not sure the feeling ever goes away - I often think "I could just fancy a fag now" then I have to tell myself "I don't do that any more". :)

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Aup Jan :) :) calm down gal calm down :)

Nicotine is a drug !!!!! your brain wants it :o but your body dosnt :) :) so there fighting against each other at the moment :( but things will get easier for you :) please keep on the same track of mind :) as in not wanting him :) :) cos that is what you have to say to yourself, NO NO I dont want him :)

You put a caption up on your blog - '' BELIEVE IN YOURSELF '' - well :o do it gal, believe in yourself, feel confident, cos you've got what it takes to BEAT him :) tell him who's BOSS :)

Jan you have got this far gal :) :) but I 've found out that you HAVE TO BELIEVE in yourself and feel CONFIDENT, and keep saying that to yourself :) cos I think that was my downfall in the past, just lost my belief and the confidence in myself that I could do it :o if that makes sense to you :D erm Emjay's breathing exercises are good, try them :)

Stick at it Jan, cos you know you can do it :) :)

There is always somebody here to help you gal :) :)

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:o :o

Erm whats a brain then ????

Hi gang Im stuffed to bursting :) nice eve my 2 year old grandson is a real character ..like his dad he eyes up the girls lol.

And yes Mad my other sons girlfriend was there ..but I didnt pinch one :)

Jillygirl ..thats a great ditty :) I had N R Tee with me (always have) he is good ..but ..as was discussed in yesterdays debates 'habit or addiction' even he sometimes misses the mark :) In the end it is only M Y Choice who can help and she was good ,she stood strong,is still standing strong with her big arms around me ..between her and N R Tee and the thought of coming on here and saying ' I slipped again ' I am almost at the end of day 10 :))

I think if we are honest we all much prefer not to indulge with Nic life is better without him..it is..we just think we miss him sometimes and sometimes that thinking is so intense we feel like we miss him..its been a bit like that these last few days..but then i keep looking at how many i have not indugled in and I know I dont want to give up on them .

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