Morning everyone, could someone try and explain some thing to me why after 6 weeks am i now thinking constantly for the last 2 days i want to smoke. i know logically that i don't need one but i just want one really bad. It's not going away and no amount of walking, water or anything else anyone can come up with is going to stop this feeling.Is this a six week thing and it will pass or is there no hope for me lol.

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  • There is always hope and YES it will pass, my worst time so far was the 5-7 weeks stage as I think at this stage you start to realise that this is it, also don't forget your nicotine receptors don't all die off until 6-12 weeks and Mr Nic will play tricks and try your patience but stick with it. One thing I did do at five weeks was to buy some nicotine free e liquid as it's not just the nicotine habit to break but also what to do with your hands/time etc. I find I only use it at weekends when I'm doing housework, gardening etc. as my excuse to take 5 minutes with a cup of coffee and a couple of puffs on a no nicotine e ciggie, I know some may not agree (my best mate doesn't and she also stopped smoking) but a 40 year habit is hard to break and I find it helps and it doesn't make me want to smoke a real cigarette but enables me to take 5 so to speak when I don't know what else to do with myself. :) :)

    Well done on getting to 6 weeks and rest assured it will get easier but hard to put a time on it as everyone is different - good luck and keep saying NOPE :)

  • Thank you for replying i never thought about using a e-cig that is a brilliant idea. I just wanted someone to tell me that i am not going mad ha ha. i am just sitting here thinking go to the shop or not . I am going to do some housework and see how it goes. thank you again.

  • Your not going mad J160 

    Often milestone trigger cravings..I remember for it was the 3 months milestone that i found tough...Ole Mr Nic keeps on trying to get to get us smoking again..we just have to keep on letting him know who is boss 

    You are doing brilliantly - Hang in there as it does get better

  • Thank you so much, its getting me really stressed  now . I am having a clear out at moment and i'm not being fussy anything that has not been used in the last 6 weeks is in the bin. haha.Makes me feel a bit better though.

  • You sound just like me...i so remember doing that..

  • It will pass, honestly.   Thats the trouble with Mr Nic trys to remind your brain of what its missing.  Even me after 4 years I have an urge only for a couple of seconds. I think its the routine that  we are so used to.  Your doing great!  :) xx

  • Yep, m dad after 25 years gets an urge now and then to light up and smoking gave him heart disease and a quadruple bypass ... He would never light up but mr nic is cunning😡Grrrr

    We can all NOT take that first puff like an alcoholic NOT having that one sip of alcohol or a drug addict not having one fix

  • Hi J160 - i have been having the same issues in the past week, so i guess it is a common thing. Personally i want to avoid rewarding the craving with e-cig's, nicotine or anything other than eating, I am so worried introducing nicotine will trigger something and I know if I have just one puff I am likely to destroy a pack of smokes in no time. I could not bear reducing the suffering of the past 7 weeks to nothing, and goodness knows how i will summon the will to quit again. You have come so far, it is all in your head at the moment, and it will pass. 

    After all, most people out there don't smoke and they are doing fine...

    Hang in there!


  • I so understand what your saying and i thank you but nothing seems to be shifting this feeling . I have just binned most of what hubby calls good finds from car boot sales and still i don't feel any difference. Maybe if i could sleep till tomo haha

  • It took me 5 months for my dependence on cigarettes to run its course until I came here....  I feel like I'm back at the first 3 months ..... Nope nope nope ... Cigarettes sizzle our lungs... If I want to scare myself into not lighting up I watch our adverts on site   Eeeeew  scares me a lot!!!!!! Hang in there❤️👍🏻

  • Yep me too... One puff would set me back too far❤️👍🏻

  • Hi J160😊,

    Don't worry .... I've wanted one every day on my holiday so far😂😂  it's awful ... My girlfriend is puffing away all the time and when I have a drink it gets worse 😡Grrrr..... I keep my quit family close to my heart❤️And my fear of a smoking related disease closer.... Just don't take that one puff... Love  from Mexico ❤️👍🏻

  • You must have some willpower all that you have been through with the fires and on holiday with someone smoking and alcohol. however did you get that strong haha.

  • Hahaha  thanks❤️👍🏻  my quit family would be very worried about me if I started back on cigarettes...  I would too ... It's been hard😡Grrrrrr

    Hang in there xxxxx

  • As I type, I haven't smoked for 7 months 9 days and 17 hours - I have an app :-)  I had probably one of my strongest cravings just the day before yesterday. However, just like the others, I got through it and today, even if I was offered the chance to pause time, have a smoke and continue on as if it hadn't happened I still wouldn't smoke, so proud I am of being a non-smoker. I literally never thought I would be able to. 

    As time goes on, you actually start to find the cravings 'amusing' I know that sounds strange but they just come and you don't even fear them, it's not even a chemical thing, it's more behavioural - like 'oh, the last time I sat in this pub garden I was a smoker...' 

    From someone who is just a tiny bit ahead of where you are in terms of time being a non-smoker, believe me - as someone who in the past had that 'one' and 8 years later was having that 'one' 12 times a day - it will pass, and you will feel AMAZING for it.... 

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