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Day 19 - Started having disney spells

Day 19 - Started having disney spells

Going through a crazy patch ..... it will pass.

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

Anything your heart desires

Will come to you

You just have to work at it.

I saw the cyberman snogging a mermaid this morning and then I found a Diana Doors shaped potato selotaped to my favorite cup.

Still, I've not had a fag for 19 days.

Fags ???

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Being bonkers is the best, I would also fail at a sanity test, the not smoking soon will be a whole year and saved a grand , going to dance with a polar bear

Fags :)


If it keeps your mind focused, just do it. This polar bear, does it dress like a princess and shuffle?



well done fags on the 19 days :))

I had the strangest dream last night/this morning..or was it a dream ..a musical starring seseme street people,singers and musicians I have loved,some i've barely lsitened too and lots of actors ..and i was with all of them like an old buddy,all set to backdrop of my favourite tunes ...oh it was weird .but lovely :))


Do u think polar bear might want to borrow my non smoking 1970's flower power dress?


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