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Good morning everyone

Missing Jillygirl's blog this morning and her inspiring pic of the day.

How is everyone doing today? My boss is in a meeting at the moment so I thought I would take the opportunity to come on here and see what's going on today. Well I got twanged by Pete last night :) I was expecting it and probably did deserve it, even if I was only doing it for his own good! :) He wont appreciate that of course.

You still coming round for tea tonight Sue, it's a chippy tea tonight, fish, chips and mushy peas, not sure what's for afters yet though.

Have a great day, keep strong and positive and I will speak to you all later. The boss is off this afternoon so I will be back :D


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Good morning all

Thank you for posting this morning.

How are you today kazzachoc? Hope you’re not working too hard ;-) Tea sounds lovely minus the fish :-( . I’m working till 8 this evening, hopefully I will have my tea made for me.

Speak soon


Hi everyone,

Just been on Emjays daily chat so thought i'd come on here as well :D :D

I'll be round for tea Kazz, fish, chips and mushy peas, my favourite, yum yum :D :D

I'm not doing much today, some housework a bit at a time, it's the only way i can do it these days

hope you have a great day Kazz, keep strong :) x


Hi Jarvo,

I hope your doing great today, and not working too hard, it is Friday after all :D, mind you i'd love to be working again

not much going on today, i might see my daughter later though :)

away to have a cuppa, will chat later :) x


Hey Kaz, I didn't see this before sorry....

I'll bring the dessert for tonight then :D


That's ok EmJay, I didn't see your blog either before I started this one :)

Well I've done my 20 laps round the ping pong table so I can have a dessert I think. Any idea what you are bringing? Don't you like fish Jarvo or are you a vegetarian?

I have been told off for calling the ping pong table the ping pong table :) the players amongst us tell me it's the table tennis table, so I still call it ping pong just to annoy them :)

It's a gorgeous day here, sunny and quite warm for October, nearly called it Stoptober then :D

I hope you do get your tea made for you Jarvo, I couldn't be bothered cooking anything if I finished at 8 pm.

See you later for tea then Sue :) I hope the dessert doesn't have any fruit in it, can't stand fruit, not that I am dropping any hints there :0



Hi Kazz, no fruit for pudding, do you like chocolate, i thought a melt in the mouth chocolate pudding :) xx


I love chocolate Sue, and a chocolate pudding sounds delicious, would that be with custard, cream or ice cream? :) xx


all three :D :D, just to be indulgent for once :D:D

When i was at primary school i used to love hot custard with ice cream, it was yummy :D :D xx


:D I was going to suggest all three but I didn't want you to think I was greedy :D :D Good thinking, I like your style. I've never had hot custard with ice cream but I'll try anything once. xx I used to love sponge pudding with pink custard when I was at school mmmm. I'm getting hungry now. xx


that's another good one, i think i just loved primary school dinners :D

might need to go and start my tea now :D, wish i had sponge and pink custard though :D :) xx


How about this then:


Enjoy :-)

I'm away to visit my Grandbabies now but will pop on later once I'm home :-)


Thanks Emjay, that was yummy, i managed to leave Kazz a bit :D :D

I have to say you don't look old enough to have Grandbabies :) xx


wow, that is just how I remember it from school, thanks EmJay. Have a good time with your Grandbabies :) As Sue said you don't look old enough.

Thanks Sue, for saving me some and when you said you left me a bit, it was a bit so that means more custard with ice cream for me I think :D


sorry :D :D :D that took me right back to my school days :D :) xx


and me, I really want some of that now, the little bit you left me just didn't touch the sides :D So glad you enjoyed it though :D xx

Are you any good at baking? ;)


unfortunately i'm rubbish at baking, just as well, otherwise i'd be 40 stone by now :D :D

Do you bake? :)


Not often but I do enjoy it when I do and everything I do bake is sweet stuff. Ok then I will make the sponge not sure how to do pink custard though. I am the same, if I baked all the time I would be 40 stone as well :)


I'm nominating EmJay to make the pink custard, I think she would be good at it :) I would nominate Pete to do it be he will be too busy catching up on his exercise :D


Emjay would be better, Pete would probably make it lumpy, like is gravy :D :D I'd better run, he'll get me with his spear for that :D :D


Hola :D how's about a little drop of food colouring? That would do the trick ;-)

We're having a cake bake day in work in a couple of weeks to raise some money, I've promised I'll have a go at baking something nice :-)

Hope your Friday evening has got off to a good start, I'm now chillaxing at home after a busy evening resulting in me bringing my youngest (5 months) Grandbaby home with me. Thanks for the compliments ladies :D I was blessed with two Stepchildren and my step daughter now has a young family of two :D


Hi Emjay,

I'm chillaxing without the Grandbaby, for just now anyway :D

everybody is out, so am having a nice quiet time :) just what i need

have a lovely evening with your Grandbaby :) xx


I'm away to have my shower, will come back on later :)


I knew you would know what to do with the custard EmJay :) Let us know what you decide to bake for your cake bake day.

Sounds like you have a lovely family. I bet you are spoiling your grandbabies :)

I am off to have a shower as well now, then I think I will have an early night and read my book for a while so I will say goodnight and speak to you all tomorrow.

I hope your appointment tomorrow goes well Pete and your reading isn't too high. What are you good at cooking Pete? If you make lumpy gravy, and Sue reckons lumpy custard then maybe your mashed potato is lumpy as well :) :P I know, I know.... Twaaaaaaang :)

Good night to Jillygirl as well, thinking of you and wishing you well.

Night night xxxx


Night night Kazz, sweet dreams :) x


Night night Kaz,speak to you tomorrow :D

Sue, just think... This time next year you'll be able to have your very own Grandbaby snuggles :-)


Hi Emjay, so i will, can't wait :)

Don't know if you've seen but someone needs help on the questions


Hi Pete, they kept you at work this late, if they have there taking the mick, i'm gonna get them with your spear this time

as you can see there's two daily chats :D :D so gonna go on both, hope your night wasn't too bad, sorry i couldn't wait up for you

nite nite Pete, sweet dreams :D

will see you tomorrow, luv ya :) xx


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