19 months!!!!!

Today is a great day!!!!! 19 months without a cigarette !!!!! If you had told me that 19 months ago I would have said ('_><~\}#^!!!!) no way, I need them!!!....

But I no longer need them.....thank you all for your comments and advice and I will continue using this forum and help if required by offering advice and encouragement because I know how difficult it is to stop smoking.

Once again thank you.

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  • Way to go adidas.... Fantastic quit hun😊😊😊 19 fandabidosie smoke free months 😊😊😊😊🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Nice... Awesome

  • What a marvellous achievement adidas! Congratulations.

    Did you manage to keep your weight steady?

  • Hi gordansmummy

    Welcome to Quit support

    Have you started your quit journey or thinking about quitting :)

  • Hi.

    I am not a smoker but follow this group to help me understand and help the people I love who do smoke. I have come to realise that stopping smoking is not something that you just "do". It takes a big personal journey to decide to stop smoking. No amount of nagging from family, friends and medics will make someone decide to stop. It has to come from within the person and at the right time for them.

    I asked adidas about the weight issue as so many people I know - especially women - are worried that if they quit smoking they will gain weight.

    I hope you will still allow me to follow this group even though I don't smoke.

  • your welcome to follow us..and yes the thought of putting on weight prevents people from attempting to quit. It is a simple science really..smoking increases your metabolism. when you stop, your metabolism slows down to where is should be. This can be easily managed.

    where it can become tough, is that because of the hand mouth thing, we often turn to sweets, chocolates etc which really does add to the weight gain.

    When I quit, i was aware of the metabolism and adjusted that by buying a pedometer and challenging myself to do 10,000 steps every day...There has only been a few days in over a year that i have not completed them. I am considerable lighter than what i

    was when i first quit smoking. I see my journey as total Health and Well being journey

    Certainly nagging at someone to quit is probably the worst thing anyone can do, you are right, it is an individual thing done if and when a person is ready.. It does take a massive amount of commitment.Like any other addiction..it is a life time commitment to remain smoke free.

    Most smokers hate smoking - but dont have the confidence or self belief that they can quit...so if people around them nag...that really is stomping on them when they are down :O :O

    I hope this helps you in your understanding :)

  • Thank you so much Glolin. Lovely reply. Good luck to everyone. X

  • Hi Gordonsmummy29 :) and a big warm welcome to our quit support community :) Although you dont smoke yourself, as our lovely Glolin has said, you are VERY welcome to follow us and post any comments you may think relative :) :)

    Like you say GM, you just cant make anybody quit if they dont want to :o you can sort of steer them towards WANTING to quit themselves :) but you will have to be very tackedfull about it :o :)

    If any of your Family or friends want to quit, you know where to send them :) cos theres loads of help and advice on here :)

    If you have any questions GM, please just shout out, and we will try to help you :) :) GM, I know you have a really good reason WHY your following our community :) probably there is someone that you dearly love who smokes :o If there is, then please let us try to help you to help them :) :)

    Take care now, Pete :)

  • Yes it's better now since I have changed what I eat & how I keep fit, a lot of my friends say that the extra weight suits me!!!!!

    Just like stopping smoking I take it one day at a time...

  • that is an awesome achievement Adidas - you must be feeling every so proud of your self :) :)

    We have your quit date as june 1 - Is this incorrect ??..

  • Yes that's correct!!!

  • Hi ya Adidas :)

    We have your quit date down as 1st June 2014 :) which makes you 18 months Winner :) :) BUT, we count in calender months :o if you count in weeks, as in 28 days are a month, then you may well be 19 months now :)

    Which ever way you count, you have reached a fantastic mile stone on your quit journey :) :) and am soooo flippin PROUD of ya :) :)


    CHEERS pal :)

    Pete :)

  • Great achievement Adidas πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Everything seems impossible until you do it πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Well done ‼️‼️‼️


  • Thanks shantimar feeling good!!!

  • Congratulations upon a wonderful achievement!

    & thanks for your contribution!

  • Fantastic quit Adidas, congratulations and just wondered if you're still running😊x

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