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Daily chat: Thursday 10th January 2013

Daily chat: Thursday 10th January 2013

Good morning everybody.

I hope all you newbies are coping out there - any questions? then come and ask them on here. :)

Anyone not quite got there yet? Have a trawl through some of the old blogs and tags to find what you want to know. You'll find lots of information there that you won't find on other quit smoking sites. :)

We're a friendly bunch on here and word is spreading around the world - we now have a new member in California - is there anyone else outside of the UK yet?

Have a good day and chat away. :)

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Goo Morning Andi and everyone

What you up to today, running or going to the gym, did you manage to go to the gym yesterday? or should i say did you get a parking space :)

The weather here is dull and grey, hope yours is better,I find it so depressing when it's like this. I love your picture today, Pete look so funny swinging about there :D :D :D

I'm going to have breakfast now, will chat later :) xx


Good morning

Ha! Yes it is Pete :D Very observant of you Sue.

Not sure how friendly this site actually is Andi. We have JC stealing everyone's cakes, even after we thought he had gone to bed last night he popped up and nicked our cake. Then there is Peetie Weetie saying that we are nosey :) Of course we can't forget us lot throwing spears at each other at regular intervals :D :D I say you come on here at your own risk :D

It's dull here as well and a bit chilly this morning.

I'm not with it this morning yet even though I slept well. When I saw your picture Andi, I thought that's not right, it's ages of weekend, for some reason I was thinking it was Tuesday, so I was pretty happy when I remembered it was Thursday :)

I'm off to get a cuppa to help wake me up a bit, not a Peetie Weetie cuppa of course, just a normal cup of coffee.

Bye for now xx :)


:D :D you missed them today, there might some more later though :D :D I use my phone when my computer goes off :)

I hope you've had a great day John :)


All's fair in love and cakes so every man and woman for themselves I say :D May the best woman win :D or man but that's not likely :D


Morning ladies, I really didn't even think about Pete when I found that pic - very observant of you both. I must still be tired. :D :D

Had a busy day yesterday. Started with a run then got to the gym early and read my book whilst waiting before going for a spin. (It was a bit of a boring one.) Then I went out with my friend shopping. I needed a new ski suit as my other one wouldn't be too warm if the weather gets really cold so had success at a shop in Southampton. The sun even came out for a bit so we stopped for lunch in a pub in the New Forest on the way back.

Switched on the computer last night and kept falling asleep before posting so gave up and went to bed early. I see you all had fun - that JC's a cheeky so-and-so isn't he? Like you say Kazz, mention the word cake and up he pops! :D :D Was also thinking about what PP stands for! :o

Dull and grey here today Sue as well. Had pt session this morning and might go for a walk later.

Glad you've all got your computers sorted out now. See you later. :)


Hi Ladies,

I forgot about JC and the cakes, looks like we may have to hide them from him again :D :D I think i'm still half asleep as well, may need to get a coffee like you Kazz :D :)

You had a lovely day yesterday Andi, it must have been lovely in the New Forest :) How long are you staying with your sister for, hope you have a fantastic time :)


I think the pub lunch in the New Forest sounds lovely as well Sue, loads better than going to the gym anyway :D

I still haven't woken up properly I just feel like having a little snooze, might just put my head on my desk for a power nap :) Wake me up when it;s 5:00 :D

PP stands for Posh Pete, because he was saying he thinks he is posh :D We were talking about what we call Grandmothers, I said I called mine Grandma but I didn't think I was posh, Pete said he called his Grandma and he thinks he is posh :) Sue will be called Granny or was it Gran ? :)


Good afternoon ladies. bit quiet on here today. Andi as far as a run out the only exercise I have been getting is down to the docs each morning to get my dressing changed. Still it does get me out. I am bored silly at home. Trouble is the antibiotics keep me busy up and down to the bathroom. Ok I will stop moaning now.

Well Sue , Kaz, and andi got a cake for you . Andi got me thinking with the new forest, so Not new but black forest should be ok. Take care all of you and get som cake before you know who appears. :D


Love and hugs. :) xxxxxxxx


Hi Jillygirl, it's great to see you, sorry the tablets giving you horrible side effects, hope your off them soon :) I hope your infection is clearing up :)

Thank you for the cake, I love it, me and Andi will enjoy it as Kazz doesn't like fruit :D :D :D it's okay Kazz I'll take the cherries off your bit :) :D :D


My computer is going bonkers again.....or this site is...half my posts are disappearing :o :D :D

Thinking of you always Jillygirl

sending LOVE and BIG HUGS to you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thanks for the cake jillygirl, it's the thought that counts :) Thanks Sue, JC could have my piece but as he's not here he's missed out so you can have it :) Ha! JC you missed cake :D

I hope you get better soon Jillygirl so you can come off those antibiotics. You might not be getting much exercise now but you will and it is Winter so hopefully you will be more mobile by the time the Spring comes around, if I had to be stuck in the house, I would prefer it to be Winter. Take care of yourself xx


Thanks Kazz, that was yummy :) :D

I've set my alarm for 5:00 if you want a nap :D :D

Here's a cake for you, eat it now with your coffee before JC gets here :D :D



Wow Sue, thanks, there is plenty for you, Andi and Jillygirl to have some as well. I will have a nap after I've eaten my cake :)

JC must be ill or very busy as we are not on his cake radar at all today. Either that or he's had too much cake already and made himself feel sick.

Yum yum in my tum as JC would say : ) xxx




:D :D :D :D


Here's my cake JC and it's guarded by my own private security firm so hands off or take the consequences. Can't even have a power nap in peace any more :D



Well we'll just seal our cakes in so Amor and Vida won't be able to smell them :D :D :D


:D :D :D they are fake plans to throw you off the scent :D :D


Hey up peeplies!

I hope that everyone is well! You'll be lots better Jilly when your course of antibiotics has finished. Lovely to see you being bright and cheerful, and you're more than entitled to have a moan chuck!

I fell asleep last night watching Midsomer Murders...c'est la vie.

Have made a Chicken curry for tea tonight, having it with rice and naan bread, yum, am starving, haven't eaten anything today, too busy. By the time I thought about lunch it was time to prepare tea, so I might as well wait. Don't want to spoil mi curry :)

Am looking forward to the weekend...it's forecast snow! It's been lovely here today, sunny, but crisp!

We're having Lemon cake for afters tonight, it's under lock and key, away from sniffer birds and cakeaholics :)

My daughter's friend is here for tea again, they're revising. Tis the first exam of second year A levels, and it's biology tomorrow, the first one. It's such a stressful time for the students. My daughter has 8 exams over the next couple of weeks. The next lot are in June. We're going to look round a couple of the universities she's applied for over the next couple of months.

Shopping and lunch out sounds like a great day Andi!

Sue, re your arthritis, a friend of mine has it bad, and he now has injections, that he gives himself, one a week, and he really is lots better! The only problem is that his immune system is a bit low, but he is not in as much pain. Might be worth checking out with your GP.

Kazz...WAKE UP it's nearly home time :)

John...no way are you nicking any lemon cake :)

Hope everyone has a great evening!



Yes it was still there JC because I was going to have it after my nap. I think melting my soldier could be classed a vandalism, I hope you didn't get any melted plastic on my cake before you ate it!

That's a good reading considering as you say you were walking at rush hour. You have cut the mouth spray down considerably so the patches are obviously working for you. You are doing really well John, keep it up.

Amor & Vida can be bribed I'm sure to not eat our cakes, I will bribe them with boiled egg and millet. I wont be throwing any spears at them as I would with you and our Peetie when he's naughty because they are only small and delicate, much better to bribe them. :D


Hi Chickles, hope you had a great day :), so sorry for your daughter, i remember the stress my two went through, but I'm sure she'll do great :)

I may look into the injection, thanks for that, I'll see what my doc says, only thing is my immune system is already low so it will depend how much it's affected, hopefully i can get them :)

Hope you have a great night :)


Hi Chickles

I'm starving as well, currently eating a mint. I think this no smoking daily chat has now become a food site (mainly cake) :D :D Curry for tea sounds lovely.

Good for you falling asleep watching Midsommer Murders, you must have needed the sleep. Sue and I were planning on copying you and having a snooze on the settee but for some reason we didn't manage it, I think we were arguing with Pete and Johhny Cakeface :)

Your daughter certainly has a busy schedule, it's a good job she has you to look after her and cook her nice meals :) You make sure you take care of yourself as well as it was only recently that you weren't well.

I am awake Chickles, got woken up by JC nicking my cake again, no rest for the wicked :D

You have a great evening too xxx :)


Well I'm done for the week - work from home on a Friday :) Mum is here this weekend to keep me company and stop me going insane. Not much planned apart from a trip to see Les Mis in the cinema on Saturday. Tomorrow morning marks my first week smoke free. Hope you all are having a good day and a great evening!


My soldiers are tough JC he did not scream he was laughing and I have an army of them so watch out :D

Well done Fraz a week no smoking and without any NRT as well I admire you. You should be very proud of yourself. Enjoy Les Mis. that's a nice reward for not smoking for a week. Keep up the good work, you are doing amazingly well. .

Well I am off home now and I'm going out tonight so I will wish you all a good evening, with no cravings. To the people who know who they are, try not to argue to much :D

Speak to you tomorrow xxx : )


Hope you have a great night out, don't do anything i wouldn't do :D :D

We'll try to behave :D :D

see you tomorrow :) xx


Hi Fraz, well done on being 1 week smoke free, and without NRT, your stronger than me, keep going strong your brilliantly :)

have a great evening :)


Hi Fraz, you sound very upbeat today and congratulations on getting that first week under your belt . :) It's gonna be a long tough journey but you know it will be worth it and your running will, I'm sure, improve in no time and you'll be with all the others on the next stage doing B210K. :)


My turn for computer problems tonight! :o :P


Hi Andi, your not alone on that one gal, Norton a/v has stopped me using Google for some reason :o :P


Hello, it your fiend in Calf. Having fun reading our chat, although I do not understand all your references, maybe with time...

Struggling on patch, have topical meds to relieve the discomfort. Spoke to Dr. today and she prefers I do not go on inhaler as I have mostly broken the hand to mouth for relief behavior. I tend to agree.

Next week I will be in Arizona for some advanced Yoga training at a retreat center. Will switch to 7mg patch as I am hoping the class schedule and environment will reinforce my desire to quit. Yogis shouldn't smoke! Others would be horrified!

Off to the gym, it sounds as many of you are struggling with extra weight as a result of quitting, me too. Gained 1 stone since cutting down to 4-5 cigs on the patch. Found an app for my phone that I use to count calories and exercise, has good tips on saying no to that cake you all enjoy and reminders are posted on my phone and iPad.

Husband was suggesting handles (names) to use on this site; Puff Daddy, Smoking Hot, Anita Butt... Good sense of humor. Thanks for the camaraderie!

Bonita aka Gardenbunnie


Hi Gardenbunnie, nice to see you on the Chat :)

So your off to Arizona next week then :) have you been there before ??

Just wondered if Yoga helps at all with your quit :o yes and as for putting weight on, and with Christmas tooooo :o :| don't we know it.

Speak soon Pete :)


Hi Gardenbunnie,

It's nice to hear from you :) hope you enjoy the retreat center, it sounds amazing, I couldn't do the yoga though, I'm sure it will help you to stay focused on quitting the cigarettes, all the lovely calm surroundings and atmosphere, being able to breathe in all the fresh air, you'll get there, just take it one day at a time :)


hiya Pete, how you doin? hope you didn't have to many of those bad cravings today, my spear is here if you need it :) :D


Aup Sue I thought you would be in bed by now gal :o :)


nope, not tired tonight :o :D means it's gonna be a late night for me :D :D


I see jazzy Kazzy has gone out gallivanting again, huh flippin Women nowadays eh :o :D :D

I hope you've had a lazy day today Sue after all that shopping yesterday :)


Oy and what this about Andi putting me on the front page of the Daily chat, hmmmm hanging about as well I am :D :D


I did have a lazy day Pete, although i felt a little bit guilty about it, just a little though :D :D

going to see my daughter tomorrow, i'll be back for you coming on here though :), she wants me to take her toy dog to her, it's a wonder it's still in one piece the way she used to play with it :D :D


Ha ha its funny isn't it how you have your fav toys, even when your grown up :) :)

Am so glad you had a lazy day Sue cos you deserved it gal :) :)

Have you got the comp tonight :) or has hubby :(


I got it yiipppeeeee, hubby's working :D :D

Here's your cuppa :D :D



Brill picture of you, don't know how Andi managed to find it :D :D :D


Ha she said she didn't know about it :o yeah yeah yeah a lightly flippin story :P :D :D


That is a cuppa green tea isn't it Sue :D :D


sure is, a very tall one :D :D :D

It's a shame Andi's computer is playing up tonight, hope she can fix it


:D :D :D bet she did, bet she's being sneaky blaming me and Kazz :D :D


Sorry Pete i'm getting tired now, i'm gonna have to go to bed :(

nite nite Pete and everyone else

sweet dreams , luv yas :) xxxxxx


Sorry Sue but am shattered and have got to get to my bed :o so I will say nite nite to you Sue, sweet dreams and luvs & hugs heading your way gal xxxx :) :)

Hope you get a goooooooood nights sleep Sue, see you tomorrow :) :)


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