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Daily Chat: Thursday 28th June 2012

Good morning everyone.

As I went to bed early last night I got up at 5.45 this morning to sunshine. 8-)

Within half an hour we had a shower of rain so I think that will be the pattern for today.

The grass is looking amazingly green and new flowers are blooming every day in the garden. With being smokefree now the roses smell even sweeter than before. :)

I see everyone was up very late last night so I hope you managed to get enough sleep.

Jilly should be on her way to the dentist by now :P and I'll be off shortly for my PT session. :o

Have a good smokefree day all and I'll catch up later.

Andi :)

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Morning all, can't believe Jilly's not first this morning. Hope everybody is ok, day 23 for me and getting better all the time (beatles song)!

Anyway have a lovely smoke free day

Dawn x


OK, just read Jilly's at the dentist, poor thing x


Hey Everyone, was absolutely pouring it down when I left for work this morning but now the sun is shining 8-)

Jillygirl, I hope all went okay for you at the dentist this morning and you still have all your peggies intact :-) I wondered if the dentist would ask you if you had still stopped. You'll be buzzing if he did I bet :-)

Andi, that's an early start bless! Thanks for starting the day of for us all :-)

23 days, that's fantastic Dawn, I bet you skip down the road :-)

I'm just in the middle of delivering training today and tomorrow so shall pop on during breaks and lunches but will be around tonight :-)


Hi everyone, All ok at dentist just a loose crown which only took 5 mins to fix.

Yes Emjay I was Disappointed , as he never asked about smoking. Suppose wasnt there long enough.

went and did my shopping, then went to my daughters. Caught up with all gossip had a moan about our fellas like you do. :D

Nothing planned for the resat of the day , until 6.30pm. Got to go to my other daughters to child mind . Parent teachers evening. :O

Don`t know why they dont call it parent, grandparent,teachers evening. :D

Andi hope the pt session went ok.

Dawn thanks for being concerned for me, this morning. and well done on your 23rd day. :)

See you all later on. xx


Hi everyone. Just been tidying the top shelf of my wardrobe, sorting out old thing i dont need anymore. Looking through old photos which I spent ages with, Then OH MY ! :O what did i find in one of my handbags. You got it! :O

a packet of those piggies. :O What did I do I looked at them counted 14 white sticks broke them all up and went to the bin. Believe it or not it didnt really bother me. certainly wasn`t tempted to try one. :)

I know I might sound as though I`m boasting but I was really proud of myself.


Oh well done to you Jillygirl, did they smell all dry and horrible? :0 Did you find many photies of you smoking? I bet you will think it looks really strange... :-)


Yeah they looked horrid and i didnt even smell them. Only found 1 photo of me smoking , but that was 1 too many. :)


Good evening everyone.

Dawn, great that you're still counting the days - I never thought I'd stop counting the days but I'm now into counting weeks and I'm sure it'll soon be months only. :) It really is amazing how the time has racked up already - bet you're thinking the same with your timeframe. Hope you think of yourself as an ex-smoker now and have you got that feeling of freedom yet? Great isn't it? :)

Jilly, you've been a busy bee again - glad it was so quick at the dentist and you're catching up with all the kids and grandkids. THEN sorting out your wardrobe! :o Don't get rid of the smoking photos though cos that is your history and you can't change it. ;-) (It also goes with the wrinkles! :D :D )

Emjay, hope you had fun doing your training - what exactly do you train about?


Hey Andi how did you know about my wrinkles! :D face matches my stockings. :D :D

Glad you asked Emjay about training i wondered too. Just plain nosey! :P

Just read the other blog our car was covered with that sand too.

It was chucking it down and thundering 10mins ago when I came back from my daughters. Its now glorious sunshine. 8-)

Wonder if Petes had his tea yet. cant hear him around can you?

I think he`s hiding around the corner listening to us two. :D :D


Well you're back quick (or are you on your daughter's computer?) The wrinkles go with the territory I'm afraid - another reason why I had to quit smoking sooner rather than later as they seem to have got so much worse over the last couple of years! :P :|

When I was writing earlier it went really dark and cloudy and I thought we were in for it but the sun's out again now too! B;-)


Yes back quicker than we thought . they were only about 10 mins at school seems there are no probs at all with grandaughters work. all went well.

As for wrinkles , if only we knew when we first tried smoking. but we dont listen when we`re young do we. :O

Like they say better late than never. :)


Thing is, when we were young, no-one had realised at that stage how smoking affected the skin long term. Have you noticed though that men don't seem to suffer as much from the wrinkles as women? :( (Perhaps we'll ask Pete when he gets home! ) :D


Good idea, sure he will know the answer.

maybe tough as old boots :D

Off in the bath now , gonna get a few more wrinklys. will call back soon. dont wanna miss any action! :D


Well there ain't much of that today - and I think yesterday's happened after I went to bed! :D


Well the rain this morning had a load of Sahara sand in it and the cars are all covered in it! :P PT session ok. Had a call later to say my physio was going home sick so had to rebook for Monday. :( He phoned me and said I can tentatively try to walk/run a couple of times before then so will have to give it a go tomorrow.

Such weird weather today though cos it turned really hot and humid for a while then a cold wind started up and of course, tomorrow being a Friday, it's forecast to be blowing a hooley yet again. :o


Hey Andie , where`s our buddy got to. Surely he`s not working over till this time. If he is he`s gonna have loads a money. Only thing is he is going to be shattered. we will have to give him a big hug before bedtime. :)


Aaah yes, great idea. I was thinking, I don't remember that he had to do these hours before, it was earlies, lates or nights. Oh well, it's TGIF tomorrow - bet he'll be pleased! :D :D

Isn't it great to not have that tie every day? :|


Good evening everybody, seem to get later on here :( :(

Jillygirl, i'm glad the dentists was ok :D and super gal, you found a pack of piggies, ha ha and counted them!! before you bined em, you are just pure magic gal :) :)

As for me having wrinkles, erm i havent got one !! got flippin loads gal, they started about 18 months ago, they just seem to appear over night :(

Andi, you becarefull gal if you are running again tmoz !! :)

Yerrrr got about half a ton of sand on mi van, core it didnt half come down, never seen it rain so hard before :( :( The Olympic torch is coming through Derby tmoz, just about the time im coming home, they are closing a load of roads off, so i will have to find an alternate route home :( Andi that means that i will have to drive home a different way :D :D

Pete :)


Duh! :P :o

We're getting torched in 2 weeks I think! :D :D

Speaking of wrinkles - what is it about that age then? I'm sure mine started getting worse about then too!! ;-)


Hi Pete , bet your kn........ed after all that working. glad your ok even if you are an old wrinkly. :D

Hope you get home ok tomoz. could get andie to run with the torch. :)

This weather is so weird , seems its all over the country. It looks so nice out at the moment , but I can hear thunder in the distance.

Anyway love, last day tomorrow, dont work too hard. Hugs and cuddles from nora batty and andi . going to sign off for tonight. you take care. xx

:) :) :) :)


Nite nite Nora, sleep tite, don't let the bed bugs bite!

Andi x :)


Andi they keep changing the shifts to suit them, just cant do anything about it !! :( :(

I'm eating loads of carrots to try to combat them wrinkles, cus there good for your skin :) :)

Anyway good night to you both, and no weird dreams eh?!

I hope that both of you have a good nights sleep, instead of counting sheep, try counting them piggies you used to smoke !! :D :D

Speak tmoz Pete :)


I'm off as well Pete so nite nite. x


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