Day Three

The start of another smoke free day, please God. I have mastered the mouthspray now, I spray it to my inner cheek instead of directly into my mouth and that is helping a great deal. I feel very lethargic. Is this normal? I haven't got dressed today, just slobbing on my settee with my joggers on.

Let's see how the day goes. I am going to make me a nice coffee now (instead of tea) and plan to do some work. :)

No doubt I will be back later blogging to vent my feelings....thanks for being here for me guys, I really am grateful. xx :)

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  • Thanks John. I am not feeling as bad today. I am not climbing the walls. I don't want to go through the withdrawals again so I am going to do my best to stay stopped-just for today, ey?

    I am getting my carbon monoxide levels checked tomorrow. I will keep you posted. Just having a diet coke. :)

  • hi poland hows it goping :) glad youve mastered the more hiccups ;) did you get dressed..i guess some days its ok to slob..i lknow from past try that stopping made me very tired and i think the concentration also makes us a bit lethargic.

    Hopes its been a good day x Jan

  • Hiya Jan, I stayed in my joggers today and have done my pilates/yoga exercises. I have been nibbling on grapes and spent some time filling in tax forms for mum because my dad died three months ago and she hasn't been able to face it.

    Got quite a bit done in the end.

    I definetly feel much better today. So glad I have the spray though, I could never have managed this without it, that I know.

    How are you doing? :)

  • Wow, that's some feat filling in tax forms on day 3 of stopping smoking. Sooo glad I don't do Tax Returns any more - this time of year used to always have me in tears of frustration, I remember it well and I think I did it once while trying to stop smoking.

  • It was a good distraction. I think because it wasn't my own it was somehow easier. xx

  • Hi Andrea,

    Hope your having a good day, I'm glad you managed to use the spray better, hiccups are so annoying :)

    I'm the same as you today, sitting in my joggers, there cosy and comfy, just the thing to do housework in :)

  • What's housework? I thought that was a swear word, hehehe. Good to hear from you hope you are doing ok. xxx :)

  • Sorry about the swear word :D :D :D, it had to be done though :)

    I'm doing fine today, just need to get rid of my headache, might have to do nothing the rest of the night......and tomorrow :D :D :)

  • Good on ya girl !!! See thats what housework does to you... it's not healthy. hehehe

    Hope you feel better soon. :) :) :)

  • Thanks Andrea, gonna take your more housework :D :D :)

  • Hi Andrea WOW tax forms that is a swear word lol. Sounds like you have done well.

    I'm stocking up on reading and listening to hypnosis cds and definately not enjoying any cigs..Im away at the weekend where I cannot smoke..4 I'm timing everything to then. I'll have knitting (hehe) books ,internet,music,patches,egig,normal gum and take plenty of r n r.

    Fingers crossed ..I am actually feeling more in control and ready so thats good..i think lol.

  • I think that's a good idea to plan to stop when you are going to be in a smoke free environment. I love my hypnosis cds. I am rooting for ya, you can do it, you will do it go on you know you want to, lol. xxx

  • i just thought how silly is do something you dont like when the power to stop is in you and yet we so silly.

    anyway have a good eve are doing GREAT :)

  • It's the insanity of addiction. I know because I had a drink problem. I gave that up nearly seven years ago and boy was that hard. I got help and support and still do. It's the same with cigarettes. With alcohol I am one drink away from being a drunk and with cigarettes I am one cigarette away from being a smoker. That is why I am using this service because I know I can't do it alone and with the help and support of people like you I can do it just one day at a time.

    Big Hugs and good luck for the weekend. Have you got access to the internet? We can stay in touch. xxx :)

  • hi Andrea and woh its day 4 :)) hope its going well. Yes i will have internet and yes it would be great to stay in touch..thank you :) xx

  • Aup Andrea, its nice to see you on here again :) and its lovely to hear that your quit is getting easier for you gal :)

    I think the mouth spray is a great NRT especially when you get used to it :) hmmm I think if I had bin fillin tax forms out all day, I would be wanting a smoke :o

    your doin amazing Andrea, just please dont lose it eh :) :)

    Just one thing Andrea, erm so you've bin in your flippin joggers all day then :o :| huh typical flippin Woman, if us old boys did that, there would be a flippin riot :D :D

    Speak soon gal, and you take care :)

    Pete :)

  • Hey Pete! I got through another day, thank God. I plan not to smoke tomorrow. I am just going to take each day as it comes. If you want to wear your joggers all day Pete then you wear them. Equal rights these days you know! lol. Whats good for the gander is good for the goose. hehehehe :) :) :)

  • Well done keep up the good work. I am now on day 4 using champix. I someties feel a bit lethargic too dont know if thats a side effect of all the chemicals leaving the sysyem or the tablet???

    I am Staying positive as I really dont want to go back there. I promised myself I would not be a smoker on my 50th birthday and its in March. I have been smoking since 15 so if I get a craving I go and look up the financial cost of my smoking history. Geez I could have bought a holiday home with all that cash.

    I am sure we can all beat this horrible thing together.


  • Aup Linda, a big welcome to this lovely site :) :)

    So your on day 4 of your champix then :) Sinfree and i are both using champix and on day 12 now :) it didnt start working for me until yesterday, but that was probably due to I only have 1 brain cell, so the champix would have had to look really hard for it :D :D

    Thats excellent that you have promised yourself to quit before your 50, because you know what they say :o life dosnt start until your 50 :) :)

    Come and have a chat with us, on the Daily chat, there a lovely bunch, and if you want help, its all here :) :) even if you want to moan, then just let it out gal, cos we all do from time to time, plus we have a few laughs on the way :) :D

    Hopefully speak soon gal :)

    Pete :)

  • I know what you mean Linda. We both could have been a lot better off moneywise. I don't want to go back there either, I found the first two days horrendous and I wouldn't want to do that again. Just think, just one ciggie and we would have to go through all that hell again, it doesn't seem worth it. Are you planning on treating yourself for your achievement and money saving? I am going to get my nails done at the end of the week and I will still have money left over. We have to look at the bright side don't we?

    And yes we will do this together.

    Andrea xxx

  • Oh and Linda, Well done on day 4 !!!!!! That's me tomorrow. xx :)

  • Thank you all for the lovely welcome, what a great site. Went to the docs today to get the next lot of tablets as that is me only a couple of days from finishing the starter pack. Very positive practice nurse so that helps too. Not planning on trating myself yet but thats a good idea. I have a daughter at college and Ihave worked out that I was actually spending more on cigs than what is was costing to send her there eeekkk. So I am now telling myself the money I save will put her through her course. Its great that everyone is doing so well. I look forward to the chats as it keeps me motivated when you know you are not alone.

    Thanks again all


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