Day Four

Well another day begins. I am still thinking about smoking quite a lot but I expect that is normal after smoking for over 21 years. I think it is the habit i miss. When I woke up this morning, I made myself a cuppa and reached into my pocket without thinking to take out my fags. On doing this, I remembered that I am quit. It was an automatic response to waking up.

I had my spray instead. Let's hope I stay strong today and stay quit.

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  • Good for you on your day 4.

    I think that habbit will stay for a while, i try and avoid my garage at all costs so i dont think about it more than I already do!!!

    Im on 2 weeks yesterday and it aint easy, but if we can stay positive and help each other get through it we should manage!!

    This site is great for advice and help, keep coming back

  • Good Morning Andrea :) and well done for not going there this morning. Yes I think it is habit,most of smoking is habit,I'm sure of that. The best I ahve read that I keep repeating to myself is 'the only reason i wanted a cigarette is because i had the one before and if i have another it will set me up to want the next and the next etc etc' its so true that is why we can never have just one . You are doing fantastic !! I'm envious..but will join you soon,I'll be about a week behind so you will be my mentor :))..have a lovely relaxed day,remember zenhabit and discomfort..i'm smiling writing this as i'm willing you on lol.. catch you later xx jan

  • Awww thanks Jan. You have a nice non smoking weekend ahead of you and its good to have a plan of when you are going to stop. Good luck, I am willing you on too. xx :)

  • Hey and just think you dont ahve to do what i did last night at at 1pm..go out and get some !! How ridiculous !!! I should have been asleep !!! BUT I did tell nic it was the last time,the last packet,and i told him loud in my car lol :) xx

  • Good for you. :)

  • Way to go thenunn, :) you can do this, we're right behind you :)

  • Just got back from the Quit Clinic, and my Carbonmonoxide level is 2, last week it was 20. According to the chart, I am a non-smoker yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Can't get complacent because the temptation is always there but I must say I am proud of myself, I never thought I would ever be able to do it! So if I can do it, then anyone can. So grateful for all the support on here. Thank you all. xxx :)

  • Mine was 3 on Tuesday morning and I hadn't had one since Saturday morning which I thought was a bit weird, I was quite disappointed really to see it going up. Oh well it was down from 14 the previous two weeks when I was smoking just 2 cigarettes a day. It's really good that you feel proud, well done.

  • Thank you. :)

  • Well done Andrea, that's brill, what a star you are

    We're all sooooooo proud of you, stay strong :)

  • Awww that's lovely, thanks. xx :)

  • YEYYY !! well done you ,did you do a handstand to celebrate :) excellant you are a star xx

  • I would have done a handstand if my arthritis had let me. I just punched the air and plyed air guitar. lol, xx :)

  • Wow great stuff poland,

    We dont have that quit clinic thing here, well not that anyones told me about anyway........ I would love to have known what my carbon levels were before and after etc.....

    Just that bit more suppost goes a long way......

  • Hey Sarah, if you private message Emjay, you Address and post code, then maybe she could find out for you, if you have a quit smoking clinic near to you :) :)

  • Yes it's a good thing to know how your carbon monoxide levels change. It encourages me and gives me a boost. :)

  • Too right !!! lol :)


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