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Daily chat: 1st January 2013

Daily chat: 1st January 2013


A very warm welcome to 2013 and a smoke-free life for many of you. I hope you all enjoyed your New Year's Eve however you spent it. I bet you all enjoyed not having to be out in the wind and rain periodically though. :)

Well I started the year off with a run and it was lovely seeing the sun rise on a clear sky today. :)

I also want to wish a very warm welcome to all those people joining us who have quit as a New Year Resolution. Come along and join in the chat because you'll have a much better chance of staying quit if you come and share your ups and downs with us all. :)

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Happy New Year Andi and Everyone, it sounds like you had a lovely run this morning, i love watching the sunrise, i slept in today though, wasn't up that late either, i went to bed after Petes' party :D :), just after 10pm, i think, i can't remember :o :D :D

Have a great day :) will chat later :) xx


Yes it was lovely to stay inside the house for the whole party. This was the first year I can ever remember as smoke free, it feel good. Also what a bonus that no clothes or the garage reek of fags and stale smoke.

Happy new year to you all and those new folks out there joining the group, good choice, you can succeed, go for it :)

Stopping and being free of the nicotine addiction is just fantastic


Happy New Year to all! May 2013 be smoke free, which in turn will bring prosperity due to the money saved!

Good to have you back Andi, hope that you had a great break!

Jilly- hope that you're getting stronger every day and you're feeling lots better!

Sue- hope that you're feeling better!

Kazz- hope your head over and hang ache aren't too bad :)

Pete- I hope you're not suffering too much either from your virtual party with Sue...

My daughter is with her dad until tomorrow, I did nothing at all yesterday! This bug has been bloody awful! I woke up in the night and had to shower, change my jim jams and bedding as I'd had a high temperature surge and was all clammy. I do feel a bit brighter today and have tidied round a bit and done some washing.

Back to work tomorrow, but if I feel like this, I might not last long.

My little 'cravings' haven't put in appearance for a few days. I did dream about smoking last night, someone offered me a cigarette and I took one, then gave it back saying, 'sorry I don't smoke'.

This morning I have also been replying to New Year texts, I was fast asleep at midnight. Not one drop of alcohol has passed my lips since Boxing Day! I may just have a hot toddy! Just the one mind.

Am away to have a hot bath and potter about.

Have a great day everyone!


Hope that you got your cake made John....I am now 'healthy eating' again after eating too many desserts, mince pies and cakes!

It's 4 months today since I stopped smoking! That deserves a few twirls in my computer chair methinks. Normally when my daughter goes to her dad's, I have a crafty smoke, but I haven't done this time! I just don't want to smoke! Even when I've had the 'cravings' I haven't given in. The support from you lovely people on here has helped me lots!

I have definitely perked up today, but I did have a snozze this afternoon. Temperature is still up and down. Decided against a hot bath and a long shower instead. Nighty on, it's cooler than jim jams.

Hope veryone is having a fab evening!



Hi everyone, hope your all having a great night :)

I'm not on healthy eating yet Chickles, still have a triple chocolate cheesecake and cream to eat, yummy :D :D

I'm sorry your not well, i hope you get better soon, (((hugs))) being sent to you. A big well done on reaching 4 months :) way to go :) and beating cravings as well, you are a star :) :) i'd send you a cake but your on healthy eating now, so i'll just have it :D :D :D

Hope you enjoyed your cake John :) it sounds like Amor and Vida were playing hide and seek with you last night :D :D

have a brill night everyone :) xx


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