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Skin problems

Hi i've been stopped smoking now for five months now. I have been suffering with spots especially on my back and tried various treatments. Is this just a side effect from stopping smoking i have no intentions of starting again as i feel amazing with stopping. I have put a bit of weight on since stopping , but its the spots as it looks like teenage skin on my back. Thank you any advice would be appreciated.

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I,ve no idea if this has anythink to do with not smoking cheeves, my skin is glowing since I stopped 8 months ago. Are you eating more sweet stuff since you stopped as this can cause spots. Mybe someone on here can help you with that one.



Hi cheeves, this could be the body getting rid of all the toxins from the cigarettes, if i remember right there are about 400 of them, the longer you smoked the longer it takes, one of our advisors, Emjay and Jarvo, will help you with this, its brilliant that you've stopped for 5 months :) way to go :) :) you keep strong, someone with more knowledge than me will help you with this

sue :)


Aup Cheeves, its nice to see you on this lovely site :)

First of all a massive well done to you for being quit for 5 months :) :) and good for you on having no intentions in starting smoking again, thats the way to go :)

I've been searching around the archives for you and have found an old post by Emjay, who is 1 of our lovely quit support advisers, this is what she says :-

EmJay ROY CASTLE 16 Apr 2012Report

Your body is adjusting and learning to live without all those 4,000 plus chemicals and toxins that you were putting into your body, of which over 60 are cancer causing....

If you have smoked for a number of years, isn't it any wonder your body is showing signs of a change being made...?

It's all positive... Stay strong, :)

I'm sure either Emjay or Jarvo will be in touch with you soon, take care now :)

Pete :)


Sorry just getting back thank you so much for getting back to me it had given me price of mind and the confidence to keep going x happy new year to everyone xxx


Happy New Year Cheeves, I hope everything is settling down for you now and you are finding stopping smoking much easier.

You are doing so well :D


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