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Strange question I hope someone can help me with

I have noticed over the last couple of weeks that I am getting spots on my face.

Now I am far from being a teenager so wondered if this was a side effect of my not having had a cig for a wee while - i avoided the nasty cough, is this some sort of nic revenge?

Have any others of you gone thru' this at all? Is it normal? And, more importantly, how long will it last??

Answers on a postcard please........ x

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I don't have a postcard to hand so I'll just answer here :-)

Over the last month or I too have had a few spots appear - usually on my neck and either side of nose. The facial ones, although small are quite sensitive to the touch. The tiny spots last a week or so.

Not sure if my spots coincide with the lozenger type of NRT that I still make use of. If the problem doesn't clear I will go along to speak with a GP.

Like you, I didn't get a nasty cough either. Maybe our bodies find other ways of getting shut of ciggy related toxin?


Thanks John, puberty was bad enough first time round without getting it again!! Lol.

Bit worried this has been going on so long with you, wonder if you have a mild allergic reaction to the NRT? Have you read thru" the leaflets thoroughly?

Well done thus far, keep it up and lets hope our skin improves soon x


Hi Zetters :)

If you go to the top right of the page, you will see search !! type spots in the box and press enter :)

This will bring some old blogs up about spots which may help you understand why you have them :) speak soon.

Pete :)


I am 5 months off cigie`s.

And every time I shave another spot comes up, they usually disappear quite quick but, some have lingered.

I also have a spot under my tongue, I will have to go to the dentist to check that out.

I think this is normal in the sense our bodies are readjusting, resetting if you like, to a change from bad to good, a decoke.

Keep going! eventually you will look and feel a lot better.



I'm sending you a PM shortly.


Zetters, no spots and no coughing to report, but getting fatter by the day !!!!!!!


Lol Nixy, always something isn't it? Supposed to make us better this quitting malarky!

Have my moments on the muchies i have to admit, but not too bad thus far

Wine on the other hand.......


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