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Did you know that you can get professional help to quit smoking ??

You can get help to quit from everywhere :) on this friendly site, your Doctors, chemist and your local stop smoking clinic if you have one near you :) plus you can buy your NRT on prescription, which is a lot cheaper :)

Emjay, one of our lovely quit smoking advisers, gives you more imfo :)

*Get free professional help to stop smoking. Do you know about your local stop smoking service?

Asked by EmJay ROY CASTLE 7 Aug 2012

Research shows that professional help can increase your chances of success by up to four times!

So by accessing services such as our on-line Quit Support or your local NHS Stop Smoking Service, you are more likely to stay stopped

There's a lot of great professional support ready to help you decide the best treatment to help you do it. Amazingly, it's free of charge!

Key Facts about your local NHS Stop Smoking Service;

1. The service provides friendly, practical advice to any smoker who wants to quit

2. Help and advice are free

3. Stop smoking treatments are available on prescription

4. A Stop Smoking Advisor can answer all your questions, help you put together your own quit plan, choose the best treatment to help you to stop smoking and make sure you know how to use it correctly

Help, advice and support - either on a one-to-one basis or in groups. To find out who and where your nearest Stop Smoking Service is;

Text: GIVE UP followed by your postcode to 88088

Telephone: 0800 169 0 169

Pharmacist: Drop in to your local pharmacy for expert advice

GP or Practice Nurse: Talk about your concerns and find out more about products to help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms

If you do access your local service, then please let us know how you get on and we'll compliment the advice and support that you are given.

Why not even tell your local service about the support that you have received from Quit Support and other members

If you have any questions, then just ask :) :) no matter how trivial you may think they are, and dont be scared too, cos we dont bite :) :D

Pete :)

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Not an answer, but another question about support. I did great for several months earlier this year, would be 6 months now, but I haven't managed to stay totally quit. Having about 5 a day again now. I got to all but the last 2 weeks of great support, but didn't go back when I failed. I was ashamed. Can I go back again? Can I get the support and NRT again, or are we limited to the 3 months I think my advisor mentioned. I want to get off them again, I felt so much better.


Hi Betts, dont feel guilty or ashamed because you slipped up, lots of people do. If you want to give up you WILL. Are you using some NRT to help you? If you need more support then you should go back and ask for it, you are entitled to help and i,m sure they will have had lots of people back who have slipped up, you wont be the first and not the last either. Keep trying and get the help you need because you want to do it and thats the first most important step in the right direction.

Take care



Thanks for replying mad. I am using NRT sometimes, a bit chaotic. I put on a patch one day, then think it's too much, so don't the next. Got an inhalator I use occassionally. Some days I don't smoke, some days it doesn't seem to matter, an I feel bad in myself, so I smoke one. At least I don't smoke when I am out, although I did go out for one from a meal recently! I always follow this site tho, so I don't lose the plot altogether. Guess I just need to get myself together, and reconvince myself it matters, and I matter. Sorry that sounds a bit pathetic. It's up and down. I will get it together again, and know I need the support of talking to the adviser really. Thanks again :)


Hi Betts, I think the first thing you should do is try and sort out your NRT and use it as advised then you might find it easier, when you feel like a smoke stick to your inhalator and see how it goes, which one are you using? Dont feel to guilty about having the odd slip up as this can cause some people to smoke even more and you dont want that. Get in touch with an advisor after the Holidays are over and ask for help, were all good at giving help but sometimes feel ashamed to ask for it. Keep trying, you,ll get there.



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