Smoking is not a Habit

Smoking is an addiction and too many people say and write that it is the hardest addiction to beat. This is not true. There are no physical withdrawal aches or pains. We are easily distracted from thinking about lighting up. The hardest part of quitting is a sense of emptiness. Surely we can endure that for a few weeks or months.

In Canada all tobacco ads are supposedly banned from TV, billboards, etc. Even the few stores that sell cigarettes have no large inviting displays...the packages are hidden behind unmarked metal shelving. HOWEVER, tobacco companies do flood us with advertising once more and that is in the form of NRT's. At the same time they are trying to sell us nicotine gum, inhalants or Champix, the ads are cleverly designed to remind us how "calming" and "enjoyable" nicotine is in any form. This despite the government ads demanding honesty in advertising. The laugh is on us, as always. This alone is a great reason to quit....let their ads backfire.


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  • Hi Blujeans,

    i feel tobacco companies will be the losers in the long run as more and more people are quitting and fewer young people are starting.

    In Australia we have the same thing in terms of no advertising, cigarettes not visible in shops etc. Victoria the state i live in all no smoking in the out door dining areas and new laws that just came in that no smoking within 4 meters of most government buildings. already laws for no smoking in playground areas of parks, on hospitals grounds etc.

    We are just caught up in the time of change. Smoking will be a part of history within the next couple of generations :) :)

    So if needed, let us contribute to the NRT's as this is helping us stay quit. the actual quitting is easy. it takes a decision..staying quit..that is the challenge...and we are getting better at each new day :) :) :)

  • Beautifully said!

  • Champix isnt actually nicotine it just mimicks the effects of nicotine on your brain, so after the 3 to 4 days your body doesn't have any nicotine (the addictive drug) in your system ... and I can't agree with you saying that stopping isn't hard it's as hard or as easy as each individual person quitting makes it, and nicotine can have a calming and enjoyable effect on the brain that's why usually when people stop smoking they become irritable, listless and sometimes eat, drink or excerise to compensate for this loss, you can't say that NRT products promote smoking they are not a replacement (like vaping) is for ciggarettes they are designed to be used to cut down nicotine intake until it's at a mangable level where you can go nicotine free.... But that's just my view on it.... Everybody needs to tell themselves different things to get them threw and stay quit xxxx

  • I totally agree with you Xsmokey :)

    Our minds and bodies are all different :o

  • Oh no Sxmokey, didn't mean that quitting was easy. Meant that people are over-stating how hard it is to quit and thus deterring some from even trying. Does that make sense?

    This is not my first attempt at quitting...smoked for 45 years. This particular group of people here are truly wonderful. This is my last quit thanks to you all.

    Champix (aka Chantix, et al) has caused many suicides. It scares the smoke right out of me.

  • We are all so different and experience quitting differently, so whatever works for each individual is the best for them and the one thing we all have in common is to quit and stay quit 👍

    Well done blue jeans on your 2 week quit 😃 x

  • I endorse all forms of stop smoking aids and off course if you can do it cold turkey all the better .... Good on you BlueJeans for your 2 week stop, looking forward to your future posts. I get what you mean ... Everyone you can stop smoking it maybe difficult or a walk in the park for you, but you can stop smoking, the only person standing in your way is you! Xxxx don't let "it's too hard" be your excuse to not stop smoking xxxX

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