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Daily chat: Tuesday 4th December 2012

Daily chat: Tuesday 4th December 2012

Good morning everyone.

It looks like it might be a reasonable day today, nice and clear outside and the sun's just thinking about coming up.

I hope that Jilly had a comfortable night and managed to get some sleep. :)

Whatever you're doing today, however far you've come so far, don't forget that you can kick those cravings into submission.

Have a good day. :)

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Good Morning Andi, or is it Andi Pandi :D :D

I'm sorry i missed you all last night, i got caught up in writing my Xmas cards, then i got a phone call, before i knew it it was 11pm, i don't know where the time went :o :D

We've no sun here, just dull and grey, we might be getting snow later yaaaaasssss, snowman time and snowball fights :D :D bet we don't get enough for that

Hope you have a great day :)


Good morning Andi, and Sue, Hope your both ok . I dont normally get organised for christmas until the last minute. But this year I have done it all super quick. cards written and ready to go . pressies wrapped. Going to put my tree up tomorrrow. At least I will be back home for christmas now. No need to worry about meals etc. Both daughters and hubby are organising all that. All I have to do is lie back and take it easy. Start on the journey to recovery. I told my hubby and daughter to let Emjay know the progress as dont know what I will be like. Have a good day. xxx :)


Hi Jilly, nice to see you on here today. Won't that be wonderful - having them all running around after you on Christmas Day. You'll have to make the most of it and if they're really good at their job then you can pull a fast one every year hence! :D :D

Have you got one daughter or 2? (Thought you had one).

Is hubby's cooking skills improving yet cos you can't eat tv dinners for weeks on end :o I'm trying to be good eating-wise this week cos I'm sure my twin-pack is still growing - it's supposed to be going the other way by now and I've upped the exercise. I bought some pistachios in Sainsburys last week, ummed & ahed whether to buy them cos they were a rip-off price at £4.50. Opened them a couple of days later and tried a handful - they were terrible so I took them back and got a refund today! :)

Anyway, enjoy your lying back and charge up your batteries for that tree tomorrow.

Love Andi xx :)


Good Morning Jillygirl, it's lovely to hear from you :)

See you've been busy like me, and got Xmas organised :) i hope you have a wonderful, restful Xmas, and get totally spoilt :)

Thank you to you and your family for keeping us updated on how your doing, we all appreciate that :) :)

Have a great relaxing day :) xxx


Thank you John, dont worry I am going to rest well. Hope your ok , and not struggling too much. How are your gorgeous love birds?

You take care. xx


Good afternoon everyone

Jillygirl, how are you? Sorry I’ve not been on for a while. Emjay keeps me posted, but I’m thinking of you.

How is everyone today? It’s very cold here; I’m staying in the office for as long as possible to keep nice and warm! Brrrrrr!!

We’ve got more members, welcome to all our newies. I hope you find this site useful in quitting smoking or thinking of quitting. If you have any questions or concerns, pop them on here and someone will get back to you.

Speak soon.



Hi jarvo, Emjay keeps me up to date with what your doing and sends me your messages thank you. take care. xx :)


Aup Jarvo, :) :)

Flippin long time no see gal :( :( its lovely to see you on here again Claire, cos its nice to talk to an intelligent Lady sometimes :) :) how have you been keeping ? and I expect you've been writing Christmas cards out too, cus it seems as thats the thing to do at the moment :o :( I dont bother cus mine are automatically written :D :D

Hope to speak soon gal, keep up the good work :)

See am not always naughty :) :)


Good afternoon, I say afternoon it's going dark now :)

I hope you are all having a good day. That's a lovely, cute picture to start the day off Andi. I suppose you have been out somewhere leaping and bounding as usually, I hope you didn't have your Andi Pandi outfit on when you did :D

Hi Sue, I hope you managed to get all your cards done last night, I still have some to do because I did some ironing instead which was a sheer joy to do, so much so that I had to calm down from all the excitement so couldn't get all the cards done!

Hi Jillygirl so good to see you on here. You are very organised and positive. Your family will love taking care of your at Christmas, they will be so glad to have you back home with them :) xx

I've had a few walks back and to to the kitchen but no running round the ping pong table today, well I say running, it's more a brisk walk.

How is your ankle these days Andi? I hope you aren't overdoing it.

Hi Claire, nice to see you, are you all ready for Christmas, shopping done, cards written, tree up ? It's tree day for me this Saturday and I can't wait. I don't get any chocolate decorations to hand on the tree though, there would be no point as they would be eaten on the same day and just empty wrappers hanging off the branches. I used to do that when I was young but I would put cotton wool inside the wrapper so my mum wouldn't notice, I've not changed much :D



Hi Kazz, your right it will probably be one of the best christmas`s for being pampered. At least I dont have to worry about sneaking out for a smoke. Last thing I need with just one lung. Anyway love hope your doing ok. I havent caught up with all the posts yet. But take care of yourself. luvs ya. xx



Good afternoon everyone.

I'm about for a bit but have got to eat my dins first so see you all soon. :)


Hi all, hope everyone is tickerty boo today!

Enjoy your tea Andi! Just waiting for ours to cook.

Am off the lozengers and caffeine as well, day 2!

Great to see you Jilly!

One year I wrote my cards, posted them and forgot to put stamps on them, oops! There were 3 or 4 that weren't delivered, the rest got there and no one mentioned having to pay postage.

Have a fab evening!


Hiya Chick, didn't realise that you had a big anniversary a couple of days ago so I just want to say congratulations on getting to 3 months on the 1st December. :)


Have you replaced the lozenges with something else? I've been trying to keep my caffeine down and try to limit it to 2 cups of coffee a day and have decaf most other times. :)


Sue, if you got so carried awayy with your cards last night does that mean they're finished now? I've got as far as getting them all together and must make a start tomorrow.

I have been quite productive today. Started by emptying the tardis (aka did the ironing! :o ), did some washing and cleaning then went out on my bike. Did nearly 14 miles and got caught in a shower of rain at the furthest point out. Bit of shopping, visit some friends (smokers) - came out stinking of fags as another smoking friend turned up whilst I was there. Had a cook-up, sit down and am going to try circuits tonight and see how my ankle gets on. :)


Hi Andi, I got all my Christmas cards written out, will post then tomorrow, just Christmas dinner left to buy, will do that in a couple of weeks

You've done a lot today, was it not to cold out to go cycling :o we had some snow today, not enough for snowmen though :D :D

I hope your ankle holds up :) xx


Hi Sue, I was quite surprised at the temperature when on my bike. I had dressed for it apart from my legs but even they were ok. When I got home, I'd even got a bit of a sweat on as I had to cycle against the wind all the way home! :o :D

It's supposed to get really cold here tomorrow so just as well I'm going out this evening. :)


Hi Andi, i'm glad it wasn't to cold, hope you don't get cold weather like we do just now

dubaiunveiled.files.wordpre... :o :D otherwise you better wrap up



Aup Sue, sounds like you've been busy with Christmas cards, I reckon that last pic would suit me :o :) and keep my tabholes warm as well :D :D


What's a tabhole? :o


I wondered about that as well Andi,do you think it's big ears

plasticsurgery4u.com/images... :D :D


Yeah, I reckon it's got to be something to do with his ears - mind you, they might be a bit blocked up at the moment and that's why he hasn't heard us yet. :)


2 out of 3 can't be too bad - and he's got your Christmas present! :D :D :D


:D :D :D :D


I think he's sleeping

images.clipartof.com/small/... :D


:D :D :D

I was wondering about that too cos he's usually gone by now but never goes without saying goodnight. :(


I know, that's weird :( wonder what's up


Well tried to fix my Xmas tree, thought it would be cheaper, but it didn't quite work :o :D


awww well i'll just have to hit the shops later :D :D

I hope you all get on better with yours :) :D


Ha ha ha never mind Sue, you will just have to borough hubbies wallet and get a new one :) :D


Hi Pete, no chance of that, think i've shopped him out

t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn... :D :D


Hi Andi, many thanks on the congratulations! Am just having the occasional mint. I needed to stop the lozengers as I have been on them on and off for far too long! I have gastric acid reflux, says my GP, and the lozengers can have an impact on this, as can caffeine. The decaff coffee is fine and I do like the caffeine free diet coke, but am trying to stay off carbonated drinks.

Gosh, you've been busy Andi! Hope the circuits went well!

It's been chilly here today, but no snow ...yet! Did you get your tree Sue?


Hi ya Chickles :) :)

A massive well done on getting to 3 whole months gal, just hope that I can say that soon :o :)

Hmmmm just one thing that erm troubles me, you say you just have the occasional mint, so you dont have no chocs then !? :o :|


Hi Chickles, well done on getting to 3 months, that's brill :)

Not got a tree yet, will do soon, just haven't had the chance to go out yet, been to busy :o :D

Sorry you've had acid reflux, that's nasty, i drink decaff tea, don't like the coffee, I hope this get's better soon :)


Hi Jillygirl, its lovely to see you on here gal :) :) so your going to get pampered al over Christmas then :) i will have to start a blog on winter warmer recipes, with easy to follow instructions for your hubby to follow :D :)

Aup Andi-pandi, gosh you have been busy today, sounds like you never stop gal :o :| and you watch that flippin ankle :) :) and your flippin going out again tonight :o :| you enjoy gal, before you get snowed in :D :D


Aup Peetie Weetie, am back from circuits now. My ankle stood up quite well. I did running very gently and after lots of creaking in it for the first few runs it eased up after a while so weather depending I might even try a bit of run/walking before I go away. I'd better keep clear of the woods though. :o :)


This acid reflux, this stems from my achy chest a few weeks ago, when the GP packed me off to hospital. I'm not so sure it's acid reflux, but hey I'll keep taking the tablets. It's just the achy chest that's peeing me off! It went and then came back! Anyway I'll see how I go, soz for whinging!

Ta for the well done Sue!

Am off to watch some telly.

Laters x


Whinge away Chickles, we're all here for you :) xx


Hey Pete, where have you got to, where are you hiding


Sue, I think you missed one of my replies above. :)

He's in the land of nod, bless. :)

I'm off shortly too so I'll wish you a good night's sleep. Nite nite Sue (and everyone else). See you tomorrow. :) :)


I agree Andi, it's not like him to not say nite nite though, maybe he just forgot



nite nite Andi, and everyone, sweet dreams :) xx


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