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teenagers !

i would like to thank my teenage daughter for this morning starting a arguement at half 7ish.. after being told all the normal teenage angst, i said to my daughter dont think for one minute by starting on me i will go get some fags, coz im not gonna do that anymore... if i can cope with a blazing row with my daughter i n not want a fag(i`ve defo got this thing beat)i can cope with anything...

on another note when i went to the local shop this morning for bread,milk ect, the girl behind the counter reached for my normal order of 20 bensons,it was brill being able to say i dont want any i`ve given up,it was a real boost to the old ego

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Hi Nicette, how brilliant to pop to your regular shop and be able to tell the shop assistant that you don't want the fags! Way to go!!! :) Cor, what a temptation, especially so early in your quit.

I never really had that problem because for years and years I'd bought all my fags abroad. It had been a shock a couple of years ago when I didn't last and had to buy them here for a couple of months. I might have given up then if I hadn't known I was going abroad again quite soon. :o :D


Good for you nicette, it's time like that when we would normally reach for a ciggie, when we are angry, upset, annoyed etc thinking it would calm us down which it didn't it just satisfied the nicotine craving temporarily.

Well done for going to the shop and telling the shop assistant that you had given up. Good for you, you must have felt so proud :) Keep up the good work.

I bet it was a shock Andi, having to buy ciggies in this country it's extortionate. I remember getting them from abroad, they were under £1.00 for 20 I wanted to buy the whole stock :) Wont be long before they are £10 a pack here.


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