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Well I done my little experiment and have come to the conclusion that I am not addicted to Nicotine, its either all in my mind or I have weaned myself off it in the past 7mnths and it doesnt bother me now. My e-cigs only delivers a small amount of nicotine which is either Vanilla flavour or Watermelon ( I dont touch tobacco ) so mybe thats what has happened. It doesnt matter when, how or why, I am happy not to smoke ciggys and thats all that matters.I can honestly say that I still enjoy my Vanilla puffs with a cup of coffee so what I will do now is get some with zero Nicotine and my problems solved then.

Yipee. Can someone else please play Einstein with me and tell us how they go!!!!

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Hi madmad, I didnt use the e-cigs, but I used the inhalators 10mg. Like you I am over 7 months of quitting. I find I dont use the inhalator now only very odd occasion, yes even when i have had shocks like at the hospital. So no I dont need the nicotine. In fact the last couple of months I used to let 1 cartridge last for weeks as I found them too strong when I first put them in the inhalator. I think the addiction is knowing you have something with you in case. Bit like a child with a dummy or blanket.


Jillygirl you have took the words right out of my mouth gal, although i use the mouthspray now, but not very often, but still carry it with me, just incase, like a dummy :) :) its there if i need it :)


Just take your time John, you will know yourself when the time is right no matter what anyone else says. We are all different and whats good for one is bad for others. You are doing really well so keep going, you,ll get there.



Hi Mad, I think that people are both physically and mentally addicted to smoking.

Usually at the beginning the physical craving is for the nicotine, and this is where NRT and non-nicotine based products can help out.

However, a lot of people really don't think enough about the psychological side enough. It really does pay off if everyone would take the time to plan and prepare beforehand and think about how smoking makes them behave or think.

I firmly believe that if somebody 'thinks' they are addicted, then this is as good as 'being addicted'.

The truth in the matter really is down to the individual and their perception. So, if they 'think' they are addicted, then they are. If they don't, then they aren't. Being the lovely human beings that we are, this perception can change... at any-time. Regardless of when or how it changes, the outcome can be different - so we may end up choosing to smoke, or choosing not to.

So if you want the bad news, I would say - "your future is in your hands"

If you want the good news, I would say "your future is in your hands"


"If it's to be, then it's up to me"....

So...... What does everybody want? The good news.. or the bad news....?

Oooops, I think I just went into waffle mode! I hope it makes sense, or at least gets some of you thinking! :-/

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IF AT FIRST AN IDEA ISN,T ABSURD, THEN THERE,S NO HOPE FOR IT. When the idea of stopping smoking first came into my head I thought it was absurd and wouldn,t happen, I was wrong. Your right about it being a physical and mental addiction Emjay, one sides fighting the other for a ciggy, who,s going to win. I really found it quite easy, I dont understand why but thats ok, it doesnt matter. I,m were I want to be, the E-Cig will be the next to go, when I am ready. I have always felt that I am not my body, I am me, I can separate the two so if my body wants a ciggy then thats its problem not mine because I dont want one, if you can understand what I mean, mybe thats why I stopped without any side affects at all.

Take care



I dealt with the addiction in my mind of stopping smoking, the physical addiction was over in less than 3 days, I can say that I do feel cured from my habit and after 9 months of freedom won't ever dare have a fag again but the good news is I don't miss it.

I love what Emjay says about addiction. I read a book that kind of brain washed you into thinking that smoking was a trap and if you could free yourself from the trap in your mind then you would be free. I know this won't work for everyone, but it did for me.

Well done Madmad, sounds like you have cracked it :)


Thanks Wonder, and congrats: to you for quitting. A lot of it is in the mind and I think sometimes were brainwashed into thinking its a physical thing only. Were all different so we have to deal with it the way that works for us.



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