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One addiction replaces another!

Internet friends and fellow quitters,

I simply couldn't resist writing my own post having just discovered this forum.

On September 10th 2014 I had my last cigarette. Upon stubbing out I went and bought myself an ecig with the intention of seeing how it went. The story of what led me to that point is interesting to me but I wont bore you here unless interested so if so, just ask... however, I managed a few hours, then days weeks months etc. I'm coming up to my first anniversary and feel fabulous. I was smoking 20 x full strength branded cigarettes for over 25yrs (probably more but thats all i'll admit to) and from the day I started vaping I haven't touched a cigarette. NOPE, not one!! Started on full 24mg juice and dropped down to 18, 12 , 6 and now using 0mg!! Im thrilled and love love love the feeling although have not noticed a single extra pound in my pocket!! Anyway just wanted to share my story and say congratulations to all you others out there! Its sometimes hard to find others who understand or share in these achievements and for me personally its been the smallest ones that have given me the greatest satisfaction and pride!! Cheers for the forum.... im finding it really interesting but cant help feeling that one addiction leads to another - my once great love of smoking was replaced with a new love of vaping and now probably of forum surfing!!

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Hiya Derren and a big warm welcome to quit support 😊

Congratulations on nearly a whole year quit, a fantastic achievement and thankyou so much for sharing with us👏🏼

We really do understand and can appreciate how proud you are of this. I take my hat off to you for doing this on your own. I honestly don't think I could have done it without the help and support from this terrific quit family. You are truly amazing and to have gone down to no nicotine in less than a year, wow........that's an incredible success and if you are now addicted to forum surfing, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about😉

We would be very happy to have you on board and I'm sure you're in a very good position to offer advice to others as you have done so well😊 We can all learn from others experiences, so thankyou again. I'm sure our admin will award you a winners badge tomorrow, talk soon😊x

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Good morning,

I quit the cigarettes and went e-cig for 3 years... Although I never dropped the nicotine (I still wanted my hit, for me it was more about not smelling bad and not standing in the rain when I didn't want to). I did find that an easier stepping stone to the cold turkey when I made that leap 4/5 months ago.

You can spend as much on e-cig as you did regular tobacco products. I found I could save money by bulk buying from the manufacturers website rather than over the counter in shops.

As for the extra money/saving, work out what you'd spend on the old brand each month, subtract what you have spent on the e-cig and put the rest into a pot/jar and you will see the savings (and spend them on whatever little reward you like).


Hiya same here quit smoking using ecig.But it's getting rid of one bad habit to rely on a another habit still using the ecig that I can't seem to do with out .

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Briarwood - thanks for the warm welcome. It's taky good to be here actually and it's amazing to see how many similarities I share with other members. There aresl so many comments by other people that I can relate to makes me wish I'd found this site sooner. ...anyway. ..don't get me wrong I definitely haven't done it alone, friends and family should be taking the credit! !

DavidH - know exactly that feeling! ! J Think I've spent so much on juice, chambers and batteries that I don't think I've saved much but in truth is been worth every single penny. I've been using a really strong menthol flavour as I too wanted that hit. .even when I'd lowered or replaced the nicotine...the eucalyptus freshness has almost replicated that hit on your throat which I was missing.

Topgear - I'm exactly the same. .. I cannot be without my ecig. I've only don't about 5 weeks on 0mg but even so I still need to have my ecig with me constantly and I almost panic of the battery runs out our if I'm running low on fluid! !!! Still. ..I guess it's now just a habit rather than addiction.

Ive read with so much interest the debate on ecigs and whilst the jury is still out I can only speak from my own experience. I know so many people who have not had any success with ecigs but with so many successes I can only recommend trying to anyone who is interested. I have no doubt that at some stage somebody will provide some evidence that they are dangerous or unhealthy but whatever those risks turn out to be it MUST be better than cigarettes.

Loving the non smelly fresh feeling for almost a year! !!


Hi Derren and welcome to this lovely friendly site 😊😊 well done on almost being one year quit..... that's a fantastic achievement.... if your really lucky mister monky will do his bum wiggle dance for you on your year....😊😊😊😀

As to replacing it with another addiction.... I replaced cigs with haribo's needless to say I put on over two stone....😣

Please feel free to share your story, we do not find anything boring coz we are a right nosey bunch on here 😀😀😀

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