Not a good day, just sat and scoffed a whole box of chocolates well except the two coffee one, although I drink coffee I don't like coffee chocs. This eating thing has got to STOP, into my third week and scared to get on the scales. Stew and dumplings for dinner more comfort food :( need to motivate myself into doing some exercise and eating healthy. Stopped using the patches two days ago due to the weird dreams and lack of sleep on a good note the spray is not longer making me feel sick so maybe it was nicotine overload causing the nausea, hope everyone else is doing well its not easy but I am not about to give up :)

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  • Hi delina, you sounds just like me, that was what I was doing last week and I felt so fat and miserable from all the food I was eating. I too need to start doing some exercise but all I do is talk about it at the moment. I'm sure it would help us not only with losing weight but with the cravings as well. My friend said she had the same problem with vivid dreams with patches. Have you read the dreams blog that EmJay put up recently? That is very interesting. Not only do you get loads of support here but I have learnt quite a bit as well.

    I'm glad the spray is working for you now. I dreaded getting on the scales this morning but had to face the music and to my surprise I had lost a pound. I have absolutely no idea how that happened but it might not be as bad as you think.

    We really can do it you know, we have each other and what a great team this is :)

  • Maybe I should change my profile name from Kazzachoc to Kazzalettuceleaf :)

  • You keep on it delina and we'll be with you all the way. You can deal with the weight issue (if there is one) after you are confident that you are smokefree for good.

    Having weird dreams is all part and parcel of stopping smoking, see the following blog for more information;


    If it's any consolation, I ate a full box (well, minus the strawberry and orange ones!) of Quality Street on Saturday - hence me diving straight into the C25K plan a lot quicker than I originally intended! :-/

  • Thanks Kaz and Emjay, just the weather don't help this time of year, I did suffer with the dreams the first time around and mine are always scary ones, I once had a dream about finding a baby in a grass pit and running to a house to phone a ambulance, they never spoke a word of english and I was getting more and more upset as the baby was turning blue, weird or what? they are always frightening dreams :). well done for losing 1lb Kaz and I would be well shocked if that was the case with me haha more like put 7lbs on , I will take a look at the dream blog, and was wondering if stopping the patch is a good idea, due to get lower patch on thursday I will see what they say at the clinic, not really worried about the cigarettes at the moment just seems I am replacing them with food.

  • Hi Delina, you sound so much like most of us with the eating thing. I'd get to the weekend and not buy any chocolates then Wonder would pop up and say it was time to break out the chocolates. :o After advice from Pete who maintains that ALL women have a secret stash of chocs in the house I went searching and found some! :D :D Don't worry too much about the weight at the beginning it will soon even itself out then when you're more confident in your quit you can start to do something about it. :) I, fortunately , did not suffer from the bad dreams but the s**t weather was really getting me down in my early days. You've come this far and I know you can be strong enough to stick with it - you're already into your 3rd week and I'm sure you can't believe that. :|

    Come and join the daily chat and have a moan and join in the larking around - it really will help. I know I couldn't have done it without it. :)

    Ps I've never seen Lily O'Briens chocs - are they very special and where do you get them? ;-) :D :D

  • Hi andi Got them from Tesco for a fiver :) to be honest the taste didn't really matter, think I would have eaten anything :( , they were for Christmas, big mistake Oops ( never good getting chocs in to early ) they were nice though. Going to get myself a little book at the weekend and start writing down everything that passes my lips :) maybe it will curb my binges. I am very pleased with myself and I know from previous quits that its easy to fall back into smoking, NOT this time, I have regretted it every time within a week of smoking I am already thinking about quitting, this time will be my last as I am determined not to smoke ever again :)

  • Hi John losing weight is no where near as difficult as giving up smoking and I am sure I'll start to tackle that soon, Have you been quit long? I think most people do put on a few pounds I suppose it depends on your willpower, I did tell myself That I would not pick but its hard, its like you feel you should be having something or doing something, I guess it will wear off in time :)

  • Those choccies look lovely, I am over weight and at New Year had a vile photo took of me in fancy dress at a terrible angle. That was supposed to be a turning point to lose weight. In 2 months I'd lost just over half a stone.

    However, by the end of February this year I came to my senses and finally stopped smoking. A lot of my fags were replaced with tea and choccie biscuits. I put back on the weight I'd lost in 3 weeks.

    I felt a failure diet wise and now 9 months later I still weigh the same as I did at the New Year, but am I really that bothered ? Not at all. I am going into the festive period as a non smoker and looking at the positive side I have remained the same weight (even if that is well over 13 stone) all year with giving up smoking.

    Next year I will tackle the weight issue, but being slightly over weight won't will me, I think smoking may have done.

    Enjoy your sin of chocolate as you will feel you need to treat yourself whilst in the early stages of stopping smoking.

    And if it helps have a nice lavender bath before bedtime with a chocolate options hot chocolate drink and snuggle down in clean sheets, smelling nice z z zz z

  • Hi Wonder, I am sure its only a temporary thing this overeating :( and well done you for kicking the habit and you are right a few extra pounds won't kill us but smoking probs will, good idea about the options choccy drinks will order some in my shopping this week and maybe that will help with the cravings, thanks and you have a nice day :)

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