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Side effects of quitting

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Hi all. I gave up a 10 a day long established smoking habit eight weeks ago after becoming ill with a virus. No problem with cravings but developed difficulty with breathing and wondering if this is a little advertised side effect of giving up ? Am having to use inhaler at times but wondering also if this is part of virus I have had. Well done all you quitters who overcome cravings, I do need to stop eating so much as was putting on weight without trying in the early days.

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Hi Cat, well done on your quit. Breathlessness is a really common side effect of quitting as your lungs work hard to repair themselves. I think it's something that most of us have come across in our quits but it does pass with time. If it becomes too much however I would have a quick trip to your gp to make sure your virus hasn't escalated. Good luck 😊

Well done on 8wks quit cat that's fab :-) and welcome to quit support. I haven't experienced any breathing problems but I am still in the early days however if you are still experiencing this from a virus 8wks ago it might be worth visiting your gp. There is so much support on this site so you have come to the right place and there will be no shortage of advice coming your way. Keep up the fantastic quit and keep this site close :-)

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Hi cat and welcome to quit support😊

Breathing problems can be a fairly common side effect of quitting☹️

8 weeks is a great achievement, so well done to you🚭👏🏼

As the other lovely ladies have said, check with your G.P just to put your mind at rest

Have a read of the pinned posts and there's some good breathing techniques which may help. Good luck on your quit journey. We say NOPE not one puff ever🚭😊

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Well done cat 8 weeks quit is fantastic 😊

I suffer with breathlessness... Which was diagnosed as over breathing or hyperventilating ... I have posted some instructions, you may find them useful😊

Good luck hun 😊💛🚭🚭🚭🚭

Hi Cat, and a big welcome, fantastic achievement 8 weeks well done. Yes breathing difficulties is a common side effect, it could also be lingering from the virus. So maybe worth a visit to GP to put your mind at ease. Weight also common, when your feeling up to it try gentle exercise. You will soon loose the weight in the futue😉 There was an excellent post put up on putting weight on a few days ago, so have a look around the site and read some of the posts also pinned posts to your right has good info. It will get easier😄 Your doing fab☺️ Stay close to this site as wonderful people here to support you on your quit journey, Shout out if you need help😄 We also award weekly badges for every smoke free week you achieve , up to 3 months then every month, a lot of our members like to see the weeks pass by 😄

What was your actual quit date? I will award you your 8 weeks badge now yeahhh brilliant 👏👏👏

Stay strong



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Cat49 in reply to Maddyg

Thanks Maddie was 23/3 when I got ill. It was an unplanned quit as unable to smoke then or since due to bein unwell. Will find weight gain hard as will get me down and it will need more than a gentle diet as was gaining weight not eating more. Do walk as also have back problem. Depression is lingering close by due to illness, weeks off work, weight gain etc. Life is just really tough right now. Thanks all for lovely supportive messages, much appreciated.

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Maddyg in reply to Cat49

It's a tough road, your very strong, shout out if you need help, hope your feeling better soon :) perhaps go see gp as depression is also linked to quitting , have you tried swimming, good for the back . I have recently started, as I suffer with bad back, and it has helped. Sending you hugs xx

Hi cat as the others have said I would see your GP. You say you have to use inhaler. Were you using inhalers before you stoped smoking. Well done on your quit. X

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Cat49 in reply to Nottobad

No never needed inhaler or had problems with breathing before. Might relate to after effects of virus as have ongoing problem with nasal and sinus congestion headache fatigue etc . Chest gets tight, wheezy and less able to breathe. Waiting on spirometry but chest X-ray clear. Thanks

There you go 8 weeks well earned badge xx😀

Hi Cat 👋

Well done on your quit 👍🎉

Didn't feel breathless but definitely put some weight on. I was obsessed in the early days of my quit with the weight gain and bloating, even considered starting smoking again or using an ecig but thankfully I just got on with it and I'm losing it slowly but surely.

I would check in with your Dr about your breathlessness just to ensure your inhalers don't need adjusted 🙂


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Hi i know its been 2 years. I also had similar symptoms similar to you. May i ask,how is your condition so far? Hope to receive a reply pls 😢

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