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Daily chat: Thursday 1st November 2012

Daily chat: Thursday 1st November 2012

Good morning everybody.

Another new month - aren't they just rolling by?

Congatulations to JohnUK on completing his first month yesterday. :) :) Don't forget that you can't get complacent and let your guard down but I'm sure you're much stronger than that. :)

The wind's now died down and the rain's stopped so it might be a good day to be out and about. Whatever you're doing stay strong and have a good smoke free day. :)

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Good morning Andi,

So you can do it then, the picture i mean, it just shows you what you can do when you want to :) :)

Hmmm weather looks a bit iffy here this morning :( have you got any plans for today then gal ??


Emjay, I might be having a change, because i used the mouthspray yesterday for the first time, and it did the job for me gal, just one thing though, at first i sprayed it straight into my mouth and got hiccups :P then i remembered you telling somebody to pull one of their cheeks out and to spray it onto the inside of the cheek, and it worked i didnt get hiccups again, nice one gal :) :)


Good morning Andi, Pete, and everyone else. Hope you are all ok. Weather here not too bad, off to buy some bits and pieces ready for the hospital , at least I can spoil myself now. :) Tomorrow off for my bi-opsy so wont be on site as I will be doped up. Yes Pete I know I am dopey enough. :D :D

You all enjoy day loves ya! xx :)


Jillygirl its lovely to see you again gal, and big big huggggggs to you :) as for you missing us gal, I know that i'm missing you morererererer than your missing me :D :D you stay strong and speak to you soon gal :)

Luvs ya too xxxx :)


Morning all,

Well I'm back on day one, using patches and feeling quite positive!

Good luck for tomorrow Jilly, we'll all be thinking of you. Have a great day


Dawn xxx


Good morning Dawn,

I'm using patches as well, plus i've got an inhalator for the hard times :) am also trying out the mouthspray.

Just wondered Dawn whether you had your CO read at the chemist :)


Morning everyone,

it's great to hear from you Jillygirl, you spoil yourself rotten, you deserve it :), i hope everything goes fine for you tomorrow, i'll be thinking about you :) xx

That's good Dawn, i'm glad your positive, i think that helps a lot in stopping smoking, you'll get there :)

I'm off out soon, going to finish my Christmas shopping, whatever your all doing today i hope you have a good one :) xx

you'll be sleeping when i get back Pete so nite nite, sweet dreams luv ya xx


Morning Sue, i hope you had a nice sleep last night :)

Your going out to finish your Christmas shopping then, hmmmm dont think i've started yet gal :D you enjoy gal and dont spend toooooo much of your hubbies money eh :D :D

Rite i'm off in my garage to finish my erm thing off :o :|

Goodnight for later Sue, and sweet dreams to you too :) xxxx


Ha ha ha ha just flippin love it Jillygirl, just love it :D :D

Am off up that wooden hill now so i will say nite nite and loads of hugs to you gal, luvs ya lots :) :) xxxxx


nite pete . sweet dreams. xx


Yes Pete I had my CO read at the chemist, it was only so low cos I had only had

2 cigs in the morning so by the time I got there I'd gone 9 hours without one!

Sue I can't believe your'e FINISHING your christmas shopping I haven't even STARTED lol!

Yes I'll keep positive and hopefully I'll get there, it's quite hard cos my OH is still smoking

but I'll just have to be strong. Anyway work is calling speak later.

Dawn xxx


Good Morning Everybody,

a quick hello from me as I have a meeting right at this very moment, so I shall pop on as soon as I'm finished :-)

Happy Thursday everybody and Andi, I love the photie :D


Rite am off to bed now, cus am noddin, so i will say good day to all you wonderful people :)

PS i've just finished my erm what shall i call it :o :o anyway you Girlies with spears, you will find out tomorrow morning :D :D :D :D

Emjay dont you go doing too much, cus you've got some walking to do gal :D :D


Nite nite Pete, sorry I missed you again. :( Sleep well (poet's day tomorrow!) :) :)


Hi again.

Jilly, good luck for tomorrow - the others have said it all before. Mega hugs xxx :)

Dawn, good to see you back. :)

Emjay, I hope you didn't get blisters yesterday. :o :D :D Photie's an old one of some New Forest ponies.

Sue, do you enjoy shopping? Do you really have to do it in the half-term holidays? You must be mad! :o :D

Pete, I can only do my own photos on a blog - don't know how to do all that other stuff that Jilly does. :( That's a bit of a mega project going on in your garage. :o Do you have heating out there or are you so busy that you're generating your own heat (as in steam coming out of your ears - shame I can't post a pic. ) :D :D

Just got back from the gym - did a bit in there then another spin! :X :o :|


Good morning

Good luck for tomorrow Jillygirl, you will be in my thoughts xx

Sue is so organised with her Christmas shopping, I've done a bit but still have a lot more to do.

Good luck for your first day smoke free Dawn, you are sounding very positive which is excellent. It does make it difficult at times when someone close to you smokes but it can also make you more determined in a way. Instead of looking at people that smoke and thinking I want a cig, I think to myself that I am so glad that I am not a slave to smoking, having to go out in the wind and rain to get my nicotine fix. I feel like I've broken the control they have over me.

Last night, without even thinking about it, I just reached into my handbag to get my pack of cigarettes out. It was so strange, it didn't bother me when I remembered that I don't smoke any more but it just proves what an ingrained habit it is.

Can't wait to find out what Pete is up to in his garage, unless he is planning a major spear attack on us all, then I don't want to know. Maybe he has been making a stockpile of them :)

It's a nice sunny day here as well Andi, no wind or rain today.

Well I had a blip at the beginning but yesterday I completed my 28 days for Stoptober. I never thought I would do it when I started out but I did and I am very proud of myself. In that time I have saved £190.80 and I have not smoked 560 cigarettes that I would have done had I not quit :) So now it's stay determined, keep off the sweets and do some exercise.

I see you have been exercising yet again Andy, you are an inspiration. I wont be doing as much as you as I don't even like exercise but I will do some.

Pete, I have the same problem with hiccups with my lozenges, if I suck them instead of leaving them at the side of my mouth, I get hiccups :) It's not good when I am at work and the phone rings, does make me laugh though.

I hope you are having a good meeting EmJay and it's not one of those boring ones.

Speak to you all later xx


Hiya Kazz.

So glad that you're a Stoptober success story and are planning on keeping it up. :) :)

I wonder how many more there are out there that we don't know about.

I'm definitely with you on the handbag front - I used to do that all the time but I don't think I do it any more. At the beginning I went out and bought a smaller handbag so it didn't have room for the fags and lighter. Only problem now is if I ant to overfill it I can't! :) :)


Hi John

You may not be on here all that time but it is good to hear from you and to find out how you are going on. I have thought the same thing about my lozenges, wondering if it is going to be hard to stop them, but I am using them less than I was at the beginning. Are you still doing the traffic light system and if so is it working for you?

I think it's a good idea for your next goal to be to stay smoke free for November, you are taking it in smaller steps instead of looking to far into the future as that can be a bit daunting at times. Keep up the good work John you are doing amazingly well.

Thanks Andi, I am sure there are quite a few that have succeeded for Stoptober and even if it encouraged only a few to give up then that can only be a good thing. I don't think I would have bothered if I hadn't seen it advertised. I would probably have told myself I will give up in the new year, but I am so glad I have done it.

I hope everyone is having a good afternoon and dealing with any cravings you may be having. We are all here for you if you need to talk about anything, if you are having problems or to tell us how well you are doing.



Hi everyone,

that's my Christmas shopping done, i'm never normally this organised, had a nice time spending hubbys money, :D :D had a nice bar lunch and now i'm away to the pictures to see Skyfall :) so won't be back on till later

hope everyone is having a good day, stay strong :) xx


Good Afternoon Everybody, :D

It is so refreshing to see how you are all supporting each other and moving and encouraging each other onto the next step. You really are all amazing :-)

JohnUK, as long as you are getting the help and advice that you need then we know we are doing the right thing. So you just pop on here as often as you like and whenever you feel you fancy a chat, you know we're here for you :-) I think it's a great idea to have a smokefree November as a milestone. Well done on maintaining low levels within your CO reading too :-)

Sue, think of all those extra gifts that you can buy with those pennies and pounds saved :-) Have a lovely time at the flicks, I've heard good reviews :-)

Kazz, you just carry on as you are doing, staying positive all the way through and you'll get there :-)

Andi, love your wit :D I'm hoping to walk a little faster in front of those blisters tonight... 3 miles are definitely booked in for later... will keep you posted :D

Pete, another day quit for you, thats another mile for me ;-)

Dawn, hope you are feeling better :-)

Big waves to Jillygirl xx

Right, kettle is on for a cuppa if anybody fancies it :D


Going home now and don't have internet at home at the moment.

So have a good evening everyone, will speak tomorrow - Day 2 for me!!

I think once the first day is over it does get a little easier, for me anyway.

Gnite all and thanks for your support.

Dawn xxx


P.S. How can I cange the image of my name - I look like a man and

I most certainly am not lol! xxx


Hi dawn , if you click on the image you should see an edit profile . Go into this and it will say change image . it will give you a browse option. If youve got a photo you want to replace it with. or download an image into yoour documents then open that up. It will ask you to crop and save. I hope it makes sense, otherwise Pete or emjay will help you. Your image at the moment might do for me if I end up with chemo. :D good luck and stay positive I know you can . :) xx


I've tried to do it Jillygirl but can't - it only gives me the option to upload

one of my own pics which I don't want to do. Thanks anyway.


Hi Dawn

What I do it save the picture you want off the internet onto your computer then you will be able to downloaded as Jillygirl described. You should just be able to right click on the pic you want and it will allow you to save it.


Afternoon all. Just got back in after a little walk (1/2 hour brisk Emjay! :D :D ) and a bit of shopping so time for a cuppa before anything else.

Have a good night Dawn, see you tomorrow. :)


I' away home to collect my dog, put my trainees on and walk....

Enjoy your cuppa Andi, you big athlete you :D

Speak to you all in a bit :D


Enjoy your exercise. :)



May the exercise regime begin... 3 miles on the nose... Done! I power walked the paws and feet off me and the pup :D I think I have a few miles still owing to Pete though so I'll cover them tomorrow or Saturday. For each day Pete does, I'll do a mile :D

Love the pickie Jillygirl, thank you :D

I hope you are all okay and have your breathing exercises or plans in place just in case those cravings decide to pay you a visit. Remember to welcome them in, deal with them and then they'll see the selves to the door themselves ;-)


Well done for making a start - how did you know you did 3 miles? :) Once you get used to the walking then the running can come into it. :o There's lots on c25k who run with their dogs. Hahahaha!!! ;) :D :D :D


I mapped it out a while ago and used to run it... No way could I run now... can only run up a phone bill! :-/ Its a great uphill walk halfway and then a lovely gentle stroll down. Shall see how I feel tomorrow Puppy Dog Eva would be well chuffed if I broke out into a run... Small steps first.... Marathon later.... To eat I mean!


Hi everyone,

back from the pictures, the film was great :) just waiting on my tea coming, i'm having a lazy night :D :D

Your all doing great with your walking, soooo jealous, i'll cheer you all on from the sidelines, you'll be running marathons next :)

Keep strong and positive everyone :) xx


Hi Sue, you've been having a busy old time lately! :) I hope you don't knacker yourself out too much. :o :D :D


Hi Andi, I nearly did :D :D trying to find new knees, but the shop had run out of them :D :D


Hey Sue, glad you've had a nice time. I bet it felt great not having to worry about when the film was going to end so you could hurry outside to light up! :D


So you used to be a runner eh? It's all coming out now! I only started doing exercise when I was about 44! :)


Hi EmjayI was sooooo glad i didn't need to smoke, i just hurried home it is absolutely freezing outside, and to think at one point i would have stood there freezing for the dreaded cig, how stupid was that :D :D


Eyes are starting to get droopy so am going to sign off now.

Nite nite everybody and sleep well. :) :)

Jilly, good luck for tomorrow, will be thinking of you and sending out good vibes, love Andi xx


nite Andi, sweet dreams :)

I'm signing off now as well, away to have my tea and shower, getting tired, must be getting old :D :D

good luck Jillygirl, i will be thinking of you xx

nite nite all, sweet dreams luv yas :) xx


Good morning all,

I'm now on day 62! My best effort in a long time, am not feeling overly brilliant, tight chest, the occasional palpatations, (no cough though). Have been to the Doctors, nothing to worry about. it's probably my body still ridding itself of the nasty chemicals and my heart and lungs thinking 'gosh we're working better'.! I am certainly not going to smoke again, just to see if it eases :)

Have a great day all!


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