Daily chat: Thursday 22nd November 2012

Good morning everyone.

Thursday again with a windy, showery day in store for some of us. I've got wind-proof lighters for days like these. :o Haven't found anyone to give them to yet. Aren't you glad you don't have to go and struggle to light up in this weather? :)

Whatever you're doing have a good day. :)

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  • Morning Andi and everyone,

    we have a red sky right now, not a good sign of things to come, will have to go out for shopping today, think i'll go now, just in case :D

    hopefully this computer stays on today, unlike yesterday, at least till Santa comes, when i hope he brings me a new one :D

    Hope you all have a really good day :) x

  • Good morning Andi, and Sue,

    Blue, grey sky here in Yorkshire. But it is very calm at the moment.

    Not doing much today just go to the shops and come home and wait for a call from the hospital for this heart scan.

    Anyone else doing anything exciting?

    whatever your doing ENJOY! xx :)

  • Morning Jillygirl, wish i was doing something exciting, just shopping, i need to get back before 12 cause that's when the rain arrives here, and boy is it gonna rain, i might have to build a boat :o :D :D

    hope you have a nice relaxing day Jillygirl :) xx

  • :D :D :D love it, i certainly needed it when i went shopping, i must have missed it though cause i'm soaking wet :o :D :D

  • Morning all - 16 days today!!!!! CO reading was 2 last night but that

    was after a 20 minute walk in heavy traffic so I'm not too upset. Have reduced the

    patches to 15mg and at the moment I don't feel any differance, but will let you know

    as the day goes on. Hope you all have a good day. I'm off tomorrow so today

    is my Friday....loverly! Think I'll have a crunchie to celebrate...lol!

    Speak later

    Dawn xxx

  • Hi Dawn, brill result with the co reading. Your doing great.

    Enjoy your crunchie. :D

  • Hiya, now back from pt session. Looks like a bit of a shopping day all round then. :)

    Dawn that's a really good reading, especially when you live with a smoker. Hope you enjoy your long weekend - and don't have too much of that falling-down water - you know it ges you into trouble! :o :D

    I've tried to post a picture on the blog yesterday and today and it seems there's a bug in the system so hopefully they'll fix it by tomorrow.

    See you later. :)

  • Hiya Andi, you must be keen doing your pt session already, i'm tired just thinking about it :D :D, i can't post a picture either; hubby's on the computer cause it's working now, so annoying, the sooner he's back at work the better :D :D

    away to have a cuppa will chat later :) xx

  • LOL! Yes Andi, I know the falling down water gets me into trouble,

    and leads me into temptation but I won't give into it this time. Christmas

    shopping tomorrow - why have I got 7 Grandchildren at my tender age???

    Saturday wer'e painting the hall and Sunday is family Sunday Roast day

    so a very busy weekend to look forward to.

    Have'nt noticed any difference in the 15mg patches and I've been up since 6.30

    so all good there. Speak later.

  • Hi Andi glad your back on form with your pt session. Doing my stair run later :D

    shopping done. :)


  • Morning Dawn, congratulations on reaching day 16 :) and your co reading is brill :) you must be so proud of yourself, as you should be :) :)

    bet you can't wait till tomorrow, enjoy your crunchie :D :)

    Have a great day :) x

  • Thanks Sue I am very proud. I am looking forward to my long weekend but

    as you can see from my reply to Andi it's going to be a very busy one!

    Hope your'e OK?


  • Hi Dawn, i'm fine now thanks, was just feeling a bit down with my dad passing away and a few other things going on but i'm okay now :)

    I hope you don't have our weather when your shopping tomorrow or you'll need to go by boat :D :D

  • Hi john, glad your ok. and your lovely Amor and Vida. Did you manage your 3 d. shapes the other day or have I missed them. Take care. :) xx

  • Morning JohnUK and thank you! it's good your'e feeling

    positive and that you don't feel too sad today. You have a

    good day and well done to you too.


  • Hey Everyone :D

    Andi, I had big trouble trying to put a photie in yesterday on my 'vivid dreams' blog. Shall try it again in a minute. What did you do this morning then, exercise wise? I'm hoping to go out after work tonight but not sure whether to do another W1 run or do you think I should crack on with W2? Oooh decisions, derisions.... :-/

    Hi Sue, every time I look at your little photie, I keep on waiting for those sunflowers to start dancing in their pots. Do you remember them from the 80's?! :-) Try and take comfort from any happy times with your lovely dad that you had. Time is the greatest healer with regards to grieving.


    Hey John, how old are both Amor and Vida? Have you had them since babies? It sounds as though they are doing you the world of good in terms of your grieving and also with keeping you occupied. Good to hear that you have noticed that you are not having the urge for your mouth sprays as much as usual. In time you won't need them at all :-)

    Hi Dawn, great news about your CO reading :-) With regards to your 15mg patch, just remember to stay positive and stay confident in knowing that you can do this. You have moved onto the next level of quitting now and have a fun filled jam packed weekend to help you stay occupied :-)

    Yo Jillygirl, I really love your Ark picture, funny :D I'm sure that your heart scan will show what we already know, that you have a massive great heart :-)


    Have a lovely Thursday everybody, today is a fantastic day to practise being smokefree ready for the weekend :D

  • Hiya, I should just carry on with week 2 if you're comfortable with it. Hope you do your stretching afterwards though. :)


  • Where are KAZZACHOC and CHICKLES today - hope your'e

    both OK?

    Dawn xxx

  • And also MADMAD????

  • Hi Dawn and all, just come on now for an hour before I sort out the tea. I,ve been to the beach today and got blown away, the weather is awful here in Liverpool but feeding the birds there and watching the choppy sea was lovely. What a nasty day, its lashed down all day and the poor birds can hardly fly its so bad, I felt really sorry for Antony Gormleys men standing stark naked in the freezing sea, they must have frozen bits today. Lets hope tommorow,s a better day and they can thaw out, lol


  • Yo Dawn!

    My apologies, have just got in, finished work at about 2.30pm and popped to see if I could get my daughter a new mouse for her laptop as a stocking filler. the Christmas ones will be arriving next week, so I'll pop back to the shop then.

    A big well done on your CO2 level and on day 16!

    Well, I am not having any tea tonight, I had fish and chips at lunch time with a friend and am still proper full! I haven't had fish and chips for yonks, they were the best I've had in years!

    Am going to collect my daughter from school shortly, she can make her own tea tonight, it won't harm her :)

    You really do take care of your lovebirds John, they are such delicate little birds and they obviously give you great joy!

    I.m sure that your heart scan will be tickerty boo Jilly! You are one top lady! Good luck with the 'stair' exercise!

    Andi- weather like this makes me glad to be a non-smoker!

    Am going to have a relaxing evening tonight, i may even have a snoozette watching telly.

    Emjay- you have a fab Thursday too and everybody else!

    Laters all


  • Hi Chickles hope you didn't have my weather today when shopping :D :)

    That's funny, i'm having fish and chips for my tea :D :D yummy

    enjoy your relaxing evening :) xx

  • Hello again, Well my specialist nurse has just called me. Everything changed again. Monday got to go in for heart scan. go back home and then go back in evening time.

    Tuesday have my exploratory op. So its a little bit nearer. bit less time to wait. So prob wont be on site next week , but will try and get a message to you all. Suppose I am like a football club with all my supporters.


  • Good luck Jilly for next week, I hope all goes well for you. I think the waiting is the worse part as all horrible thoughts go through your head, the sooner its sorted the better then you can deal with the outcome and move on.

    Take care and goooooood luck


  • Hi Jillygirl, i'm sure everything will go great next week, it's good that it's slightly earlier :) if your a football club your in the premier league, wonder woman :) xx

  • Good one Andi, i can't do that just now i'm on my phone :)

  • Yoo hoo Sue,

    I missed you out of my message, must be cos you were being so quiet, or I had a 'CRAFT' moment, (Can't remember a flipping thing). My apologies!

    Hope that you got your shopping done afore the heavens opened!

    It's been a long time ago since my parents passed away, I have a photo of them in my study, I look at it everyday and smile. As Emjay says, time is a great healer. Memories are wonderful things and although your dad isn't here in person, he is with you in memories, in your heart and in spirit.

    I heard a daft joke today....

    Someone I know employed an Eastern European as a cleaner for his house. It took her 8 hours to vacuum a 2 bedroom house! He said she was a Slovak....proper made me giggle when I heard that today.

  • Hi Chickles, thank you for your kind words; i do have a lot of pics i look at, including ones when he was a child, i'm fine now it just took months before it hit me

    hahahahaha that is funny :D :D not heard that one

    it just dawned on me i got your name right......no typos :D :D

  • Meant to say Chickles don't worry i have CRAFT moments all the time, i sometimes wonder where my brain has gone :D :D

  • Afternoon all, keep trying to get on here then phone rings or something. :o Still windy here but we haven't had any rain yet - I think that's coming in this evening. Typical as I've got to go out tonight. It's my god-daughter's 21st so off round there for tea so that will save me cooking. It's a family do so I shouldn't think I'll be late. :)

    Went to doc's this aft and she gave me a piece of paper with 'Physio Direct', a phone advice service. If you're lucky they may book you an appointment to see someone. :o Of course they finish work at 3.30 so I can't phone them til tomorrow now. :P She also gave me a private name and said it costs £20 but you look them up and it's £40! (I think they're all on commission these days.)

  • Good luck for next week Jilly, you know wer'e all supporting you!

    Well I'm going home shortly, the 1st day of my 15mg patches and

    it feels no different whatsoever - maybe it's because I'm so determined

    this time! Have a good evening everyone. Kazz I hope your'e OK today

    cos yesterday you were struggling a bit...thinking of you!

    Dawn xxx

  • Actually Kazz it's 2 days since youv'e been on line! Come back

    and let us know your'e OK - wer'e all here for you. Well I won't be

    tonight but everyone else will be. I won't be here again till Monday

    so have a great weekend everyone and again Kazz I hope your'e OK!


  • Have a good one Dawn. :)

  • Have a great weekend Dawn :)

  • Thank you Dawn. I am ok, just had a busy couple of days but thanks for wondering where I am. I'm feeling better with the cravings today, got really bad last week but I didn't give in to them.

    I know you wont be able to read this until Monday when you get back to work, but I hope you are ok and have a great weekend and you stay strong and resist the temptation of those cravings if they come calling.

    I've had today (Friday) off work as well and I'm off on Monday, it's bliss :) Been doing some Christmas shopping today.

    Speak to you next week. xxx

  • Hi Andi, this is terrible why would your doctor not send you to an nhs physio, it's your right to see one Grrrrrr go camp at your surgery till you get one

    hope you have a great time at your god daughters :) i'm off to have my tea then my shower, will be back after that :) xx

  • Sorry, this physio direct is the nhs service. First you have to speak to someone on the phone then they decide if you need an appointment. :o

    I'm off now so see you later maybe. :)

  • I see what you mean now Andi, one of these days i'll be able to read :D :D

    still, you shouldn't have to phone up, your GP should do it, mine would, and she would decide if i needed the appointment, not them, well as long as your ankle gets fixed, that's the main thing :) xx

  • yaaaaaasssss i got the computer back

    best-of-web.com/_images_300... :D :D

  • Just as well your back Pete, i was ready to do battle with your work :D :D


  • Sue,

    Thats just ACE gal, am going to save that one :D :D :D :D :D

  • Hi all, sorry i'm late bin sittin in the M1 car park for 1 hour & half, there had bin an accident, not surprised at the speed some go at in this rain :( :(

    Rite i will go and have a read at the blogs, cus i suppose you will all be watching celeb now :)

  • Aup Sue you bin havin trouble with your comp again gal, or is it your hubby keeps knickin it :o :|

  • how you dong Pete, are these cravings staying away, if not i'll chase them away for you


  • Me erm yes gal, had a good day today thank you very much for asking :) :)

    Love the pic Sue, hmmmm nice skirt you got on there gal, nice hair doo too :D :D

  • That's my craving chasing gear, mean t to frighten them, don't think it works though :D :D

  • just trying to do too many things at once Pete :o :D

  • Slow down a bit Sue, cus you know --- we're not as young and sprite as we once were eh :) :)

  • True, a bit like this now

    efunnycartoons.com/funny-ca... :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Ha ha ha ha :D :D brill

  • Sue I love your craving chasing gear, and i tell you it scared me for a bit, untill i saw it was you :D :D

  • That and the spears should do the job then :D :D :D they'll be on their way to you whenever you need them, could be good for your boss too :D :D

  • Hey Sue you watch that Pete for me next week while I am away. :)

    Sue heres a sign for you to hang up next week whilst I am away.


  • AUP Jillygirl, great pic :) :)

    What do you mean, Sue's got to keep a watch on me next week, i will have you know young Lady, am not like that :P :D

  • Good evening Andi :)

    I hope you enjoyed your night out :) :)

  • got to go now folks, i'm getting too sore, tablet time, cuppa then bed for me

    nite nite all, sweet dreams

    luv yas xxxx


  • Nite nite Sue, and chocy sweet dreams to you gal, luvs ya xx

    Am sending this to you as well


  • Nite nite Sue, sleep well. xx :)

  • Hi Pete, hang on a mo please.

  • Hi, yes, nice time ta. lots of stuff I shouldn't eat but you can't help yourself can you? :o

    At least the cake was a proper one - home made by a friend, not one of these cardboard supermarket ones and there were fireworks on it. :)

    Just drove home and the heavens had finally opened not long before I left - it was like driving through rivers in places and then you get the idiots up your backside! Morons!

  • Yep Andi, i know just what you mean gal, but i called them something different :o :|

  • So did I when I was in the car - but I don't want to get thrown off the site! :o :D :D :D

  • Right, I'm off to catch up with celeb before bed - don't have to get up early tomorrow so might have a little lie-in, especially if I'm awake for an hour or so in the middle of the night. :o

    Nite nite everybody - sleep well and see you tomorrow. :)

  • Nite nite Andi, you have a lie in gal, i tell you it will do you the world of good, huh wish i could flippin lie in tomorrow :( :(

    Cakey sweet dreams to you Andi, luvs ya xx speak tomorrow :) :)

  • Nite nite Andi , Sue , Pete , and everyone else. luvs ya ta bits. xxxxxxx :) :) :)

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