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Can I come Back???

Hello everyone,

You haven't heard from me for while because yes youv'e guessed it I relapsed:(

Been looking at the site for the last few days and have decided to quit again.

I've only had two this morning and will go to my local pharmacy after work to get

some patches to start me off.

Hello to everyone who remembers me! Jilly I'm so sorry about your news, but keep

strong and most importantly positive, I could'nt believe it when I came on here and

Jillygirl wasn't starting the daily chats lol! Anyway love hugs and kisses to you and

will keep my fingers crossed for the results of your bronchoscopy.

Hopefully you will al support me on my journey...again!!!

Dawn xxx

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Hiya Dawn, was wondering where you'd got to. Nice to see you. :) Of course you can come back. :)

If you've been following us you'll see there's been a few relapses! :o :D :D

Just like you, they've all been practicing quitting - one day you'll all mange to get it right :o in the meantime just keep on trying! :)


Hi Dawn,

i've been in this position myself recently, i felt really bad, but once i came back on here, what a difference it made, i'm much more positive this time will the help of all the wonderful people on here :)

You'll beat this :) everyone will help you :)


Hi Dawn

Nice to meet you. I'm not as polite as you. I was introduced to the site in June by my stop smoking councillor then like you I relapsed but I didn't ask if I could come back this time, I just did :) As Pete said, I am so common :D no manners what so ever, isn't that right Pete? :P

Good luck with quitting smoking Dawn, as you know everyone here is so supportive and friendly and I certainly wouldn't have got this far without their support.

Kaz xx


Thanks guy's I know with the support of you all, I can do this. It feels good

to be part of the community again lol!

Dawn xxx


Hey Dawn, lovely to hear from you :D

Of course you can come back. You are more than welcome and remember that we are all here to help each other out :-)

Can I just ask you a couple of questions so that we can see where you are at?

How long did you manage to stay stopped for, the last time around?

What was the reason(s) that you went back to smoking?

Did you start off by having the 'odd one' or did you go back to smoking on a full time basis?

How long have you been smoking again for since you went back on them?

How many are you smoking each day now?

Lots to think about there, I know but hopefully it will help to plan towards your next quit attempt.

Don't be too hard on yourself, just look at what happened during your past attempt and try and learn from it so that you can ensure that the same thing won't happen next / this time around.

Remember, that by sharing your experiences you will be helping others who may not like to ask and in turn we can all help you.

Welcome back :D


I stayed stopped for around 3 months and went back whilst on holiday in early

September. It started off with just having the odd one with a glass of wine but

it soon graduated to 20 per day (cigs not glass of wine lol)!

Only had 2 this morning and don't plan on having any more today. I'm struggling

a bit but like I said will go tonight and get some patches.


Glad it's not the wine, we'd have to refer you onto another support site ;-)

Seriously though, it's a common thing when it comes to most ex-smokers just trying the 'odd one' with a drink. Then this 'odd one' soon creeps back up doesn't it? :-/

As you have decided to use patches, will you be paying for them yourself? Have you thought about using your local stop smoking service or your pharmacy may also offer stop smoking support too. That way you could get any of your NRT on prescription and start saving a few pounds. It may mean putting your quit date back a couple of days but at least it will give you some time to plan ahead and prepare to quit again.

However, if you feel that you can crack on from this point on, then let us know and we'll support you all the way. Maybe have a little refresher over one of our old blogs and see what you think;


If you do want to be referred into your local service, or would like me to find out if there is a pharmacy local to you where you can get the extra support, just let me know :-)

Remember also to start practising those different types of breathing exercises. This way you can use them quite easily when you need to fight off a craving or to help you relax a little bit :D


Thanks, Emjay. I'm going back to my local pharmacy which does a stop smoking

service, so yes will get the patches on prescription.

I'm definitely cracking on from this point cos if I buy some now it's pointless.

I'm sure I can last till 5.30 this evening, I'm at work anyway so all good.

Thanks for your advice, I'll let you know tomorrow how I get on. Mind you my reading

will be quite low as I haven't smoked since 8am this morning, will they still accept me?


Hi Dawn, I might be keeping a low profile but thanks for all your lovely thoughts. :) xx xx



I'm sure they will Dawn as they will want to ensure that you have the best start possible to help you stay stopped.

Remember that to have a craving is a positive sign that your body is getting rid of all that nasty stuff :D

Keep smiling and we'll get you to where you want to be :D


A big welcome back to you Dawn,

Sorry you relapsed gal, but your not the only one because i.ve just quit again for the 4th time now, am on my 11th day so far hey that means i wont be the last any more on the wall of winners :D :D


Morning all, thanks for all your support. I went back to my local pharmacy yesterday

and Jean the lovely lady who does the stop smoking was shocked to see me but pleased

I'd gone back. My carbon monoxide reading was 5 that's because I only had 2 ciggies

yesterday, anyway I'm on the 16 hour patches and this is day 1. I know I can do this

and will come on here to get support from you guys! Have a great day everyone.

Dawn xxx


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