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Daily Chat: Friday 26th October

Daily Chat: Friday 26th October

Good morning everyone :-)

What a lovely but cold day. Make sure you’re wrapped up if you go out, brrrrr!

How is everyone feeling today?

Hi Andi22 – have you been running yet? You’ll probably notice a difference from last time as you’ve been quit for 5 ½ months now which is fantastic. Like you say, take your time and build it up slowly. I haven’t ran for a long time and really need to start again :-)

Hi Lisa-Jane – 125 days today, how are you feeling? You’re dealing with your cravings amazingly and keeping so positive, well done ;-)

Hi JohnUK – FANTASTIC, your reading is now at a safe level, 2 is brilliant. We can pick that up in the environment or if we’re around smokers, well done ;-) I’m liking the sound of your spreadsheet and it is keeping you occupied. You’re at day 26 now aren’t you?

Hi Sue52 – I hope you’re feeling better today ;-)

Hi Pete – Good morning, how are you today? Hope you’ve slept well after a few hectic/long days in work :-)

Hi Kazzachoc – How are you? The support offered on here by a wide range of people is fab isn’t it? I’m really pleased you’re happy visiting and taking part in helping others along their quit journeys. Well done to you :-)

Welcome to all our new people. I hope you find the support and information you need, if there’s something you can’t find please post it on here or message Emjay or myself.

Speak soon.

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Hi Jarvo

Looks like we have two chats again today, I'm glad I didn't start it today :)

That is a beautiful Autumnal picture, Autumn is my favourite season, I think those chilly but sunny days when all the trees are golds, oranges and reds is beautiful.

The help and support I have received on this site has been amazing Jarvo and not only that but everyone is so kind and friendly. I am sure I wouldn't have got as far as I have done this time without them.

I hope you are having a good day and not too busy. It's a lovely, sunny day here today and I'm having a day off work.

Speak soon xxx


Hi ya Claire, long time no chat gal :( :)

Just love the picture gal, as Kaz says all the different colours of the leaves :) :)

As for me Claire, i've had a pretty cr--- erm bad week, what with work and them pesky cravings, but so far so good as they say :) :)

Hows your week been, i do hope that Emjay hasnt left you toooooo much work to do :D :D


Aup Claire, i hope you dont think i'm stupid or anything like that gal, :o :| but how do you make them little erm -- 1/2 sssss as in 5 1/2 months ????????? you see i cant do it :(

By the way have i told you, you look prettier every time i see you, and younger looking of course :) :) creep creep :D :D good job Emjay aint here

Speak soon and you take care gal :) :)


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