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Daily chat/ Tuesday/16/10/2012

Daily  chat/ Tuesday/16/10/2012

Good morning everyone, I hope your feeling fine and had a good nights sleep.

I have a busy day today , go to the supermarket for milk and bread. Do a bit of ironing, then I am off out for lunch with hubby and his brothers, then I am going to docs for a flu jab.

Then going to look at sofas and chairs (only looking at the moment) Then I should be home. Anyone else doing anything of interest today. I may try and transfer the recipes from the cafe later. Anyone got any good healthy recipes please post them.

Ok going to get my brekky now. catch up later. :)

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Morning Jillygirl, i hope your weather is better than mine since you'll be out all day, it's pouring rain here.

I'm on tea duty today, hubby is decorating the living room, he's loving me, having to do this on his days off :D :D

away to have breakfast, will chat later :) x


Good morning Sue, weather just the same here, Do you think I will look ok going to the pub with my wellies.


See you later, have a lovely day. :)


I think you'll look great in this snazzy wellies :D :)

Have a fantastic day Jillygirl, will catch up later :) x


Good morning

How is everyone today?

It’s a cold blustery day here but luckily I’m nice and warm (finally) in the office.

It sounds like you two ladies have got busy days ahead.

I’m looking over the last few days on Quit support and it’s been very busy. How’s things going with Stoptober? Have we got anyone who quit this month? I can’t believe we’re just over half way through Stoptober ;-)

Hi JohnUK well done on reaching your quit and managing your cravings. Things will get easier with time 8-)

Hi Kazzachoc, How did you sleep last night? Please try and remember one of the withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking can disturb our sleep. It maybe the Nicotine Replacement but it could be all the toxins leaving our body and trying to repair itself. Keep with it, you’re doing brilliant.

Hi Pete, how are you doing? Feel like we’ve not spoke for a while..

Speak soon :-)


Hi Jarvo, I got about an hours sleep last night so feeling pretty tired in work today and at a low ebb. I just kept looking out of the window at the wind and rain and thought I don't want to stand outside in that to have smoke :) I think the 4mg niQuitin tabs I am taking are maybe too much nicotine. They say you can have up to 15 tabs but if I had 10 it would be 40mg of nicotine compared to 18mg when I smoked 20 a day so I'm cutting the tablets in half to see if that works.

I hope everyone is doing well, sounds like Jillygirl and Sue have had a busy day.

Sleep well all, until tomorrow. xx


Hi Claire, i hope your keeping fine young Lady, your looking well anyway gal :) :)

Hmmmm how am i doing ?? erm am not at the moment, am sure Emjay will put you straight :( :( mind you if i hadnt of relapsed then, i would probably done tonight :(

So you had a cold and blustery day then, hmmmm so your office is nice and warm then, soooooo thats why Emjay and yourself do all the noddin then :D :D erm i wonder if i could get a job as a window cleaner, then i could open your office windows, and all your paperwork would fly about :D :D that would keep you two on your toes eh :o ;) think its time i wasnt here :(

Speak soon Claire, and keep up the lovely work your doing :) :)

Pete :)


Hi John 6-7 sprays is fine in your first few weeks of quitting. Using the Quitmist correctly (which is sounds like you are) should prevent you from replacing your old habit with using the spray. Also please remember you’re not taking in over 4000 chemicals which are either put in to the cigarette or produced when lit.

You’re doing brilliant. Please keep us posted on your progress and if you have any questions give either myself or Emjay a shout. ;-)


Hi jarvo, Lovely to see you on site, hope your ok.

Well I`ve done my ironing , shopping, had lunch out, been to docs for flu jab, believe it or not I`m shattered now. But soon pick up when I`ve had a cuppa. :)

Might transfer recipes over later. see how I feel.

Catch up later. :)


Hi everyone hope your all okay :)

got half the living room decorated, went shopping, now I'm like you Jillygirl, shattered

so starting to think about xmas shopping now, it's not that far off, unfortunately :D :D so away to get a cuppa and do some browsing

will catch up later :)


Christmas Oh no! making lists of names and addresses , lists for gifts, lists for shopping, lists for where you go on what day, lists for who comes on what day to your house.


Oh well at least we don`t have to buy ciggys in for the festive season.

Wait till you get your grandchild Christmas is wonderful with little ones. :)



That sounds too tiring Jillygirl :D :D, just looking at gifts just now, will probably just have a quiet xmas, daughter will want her first one in their new house, so will leave them in peace, it's the only peaceful one they'll get :D :D

can't wait till i have a grandchild to spoil :) :) x


Its lovely having grandchildren, spoil them , hug them, act silly (I do anyway) but they go home when your tired. :)


Well I thought tomorrow was going to be an easy day, but the hospital rang this aft, booked me in to see doc at 3.00pm. results from the ct scan. I feel its all medical at the moment.

So thats me sorted out for my easy day. :O


I would act silly as well :D, i love acting silly, being an adult all the time is boring :D :D

hope everything goes well for you tomorrow Jillygirl, i'm sure it will, then you can put all the medical stuff behind you and get back to acting silly :D :D :) x


away to have my shower and hot chocolate, will call back later :)


Yeah I`m off in the shower , see you soon. :)


Hi Pete, hope your ok and not too tired tonight. Just had a thought you could always join the army instead of working where you are now. :D :D


I am signing off now so you have a good night and sleep tight luvs ya and miss ya. xxx :)


Hi Jillygirl, i hope your results are ok for the ct scan, and they found more than 1 brain cell :D :D

As for me joining the army, i think it would have to be the dads army gal :D do you remember that tv series :D :D

Oh yes i've just bought you a little number that may go with your wellies :) :)


Good nite Jillygirl, and luvs ya loads tooooo, bet i miss you more though xxxxx :) :)


Hi Sue , Signing off now. You take it easy , have a good nights sleep. sweet dreams. luvs ya. xxxx see you in the morning. :)



nite Jillygirl, swwet dreams, Luv ya xxxxxx :)


Hi Pete, how's things, hope things went easier at work today :)

signing off now, need my bed

sweet dreams Pete, luv ya xxxxx


Hi Sue, am glad your feeling better today gal :) :)

You keep supplying your hubby with cupas as well cus us blokes need refreshments while were working, and you Ladies have your feet up :D :D

Like you say Sue being an adult is boring, i know gal cus am one :o :|

You keep kickin them piggies outa that door aswell gal, do you hear me :)

Nite nite Sue and sweet dreams to you too, luvs ya lots gal xxxxx :)


Hi everybody, huh i see your all asleep now :( :( well i will talk to myself abit then :P

So much for my 11am - 9pm shift, clocked out at 00.20 tonight 3 hours over my shift time, moan moan grumble :X :X my poor van didnt half get some stick tonight driving home, i think i've broken my record, got home in about 40 mins :)

Rite thats enough of me moaning, off to read todays blogs, perhaps they will cheer me up :) :)


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