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I'm going to quit on Monday.......Again

Hi All. I'm new to blogging and this site, but since I have tried most other ways to stop smoking, I've decided to join a group for the first time and see if the extra support can get me through it. I have been quitting smoking on "Monday" for what feels like forever. Frankly it has been years of Mondays. I keep trying and failing. So now I am armed to the back teeth with NRT in anticipation of joining the masses for Stoptober. I figure if I can make it past the 24 hour mark I might stand a chance.....All advice welcome! :-)

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Hiya zimlau..

After several failed quit attempts I am quitting again so I know that "quitting on Monday" feeling.. But I have to say I couldn't have done it without all these guys for support .

We are all at different stages in our journeys and I found that a real help, and to know there was people ahead of me who'd experienced what I was going through and still coped gave me strength.

This is the longest time I have quit smoking completely and I put it down not just to my NRT but the amazing support and encouragement from everyone on here.ake it's so much easier when u can have a grumble at people who totally understand how you feel.

I wish you all the best of luck for Monday and know we shall all be here for support.


Hi Lisa-Jane. My first ever blog reply....it's exciting! Nice to meet you. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope I put my blog in the right place. Only after I had posted it did I see that there is a community blog and a quit support blog. Guess I have a bit to learn.

Feel free to point me in the right direction if I'm in the wrong place.


Hey Zimlau, welcome to our online stop smoking community :-)

Please don't see all your past attempts as fails, it's much better that you see them as practice runs for the real thing :D

What form of NRT are you going to be using? Have you had to buy it yourself or did you get it prescribed?

There's a few things (homework!) that you could be getting on with whilst you are heading towards your quit date on Monday;

1. Have a good nosie through all our posts on here and in the archive section.

2. Read through the 'understanding which part of smoking' - quit support blog as this will help you to think about how smoking is for you.

3. Read through and start practicing the breathing exercises, I think there are about 3 that I've posted. This will get you used to doing them correctly, and then when you quit smoking they will come to you quite easily and help yo overcome any cravings :-)

You've posted in the correct part, your blogs will always show up under the community blogs, whenever I post it will show up under quit support posts.

Lovely to have you on board, there are some lovely people that you'll be able to share your tale with.

If there is anything you cannot find, please just ask and we'll get back to you as soon as :)

Looking forward to getting to know you :D


Hi EmJay. Practice runs.... I like that and boy I have had some practice.

I have Gum, a few patches (as I don't like them, they really irritate my skin and I get terrible insomnia). I also have an e-cigarette. I am in two minds as to whether to use any NRT or try cold turkey as I don't want to swap one dependancy for another. Having nosed around the site a bit more I think I may stand a better chance with NRT. Oh and I bought them myself not on prescription.

Are there any great tips on not putting on weight when I quit.... Note I said when not if!

OK I have homework to do so I better be getting on with it.


Good morning Zimlau,

I use the 16 hour clear patches, so i take it off before going to bed, if i remember that is :D as for irritating your skin, they did mine for about 2 weeks and then i think my body must have got used to them, and now dont even leave a mark :) :) they used to leave a red mark and itch like hell for the first few days :D

As for putting weight on :o hmmmm i think we all have because you tend to snack more to keep the cravings away :) we wrote some blogs about healthy snacking somewhere on here, i will find them out for you and post them up :)

Now you get that homework done :D speak soon

Pete :)


Aup Zimlau, now then, there's a name for you :)

I'm Pete nice to meet you Zimlau, am the old boy who gets nagged at by the Girls on here :o you wait untill Jillygirl gets back off her jols tomorrow and you will see what i mean :D :D

Theres loads of help on here and we have a bit of a laugh too, which helps us through the quit :) :) If you have a look on the daily chat, then you will meet us all :)

I wish you good luck for Monday :) you can do this if you really want too :) and we will be here for you if you want a chat about it.

Pete :)


Hi Pete, nice to meet you too. I don't normally nag too much but hey that may change next week! :-)

Will keep you all posted on my progress.


Hi Zimlau, Lovely to meet you, Yes I`m Jilly girl Pete`s favourite nagging woman:D.

Like everyone says well done on deciding to quit. Emjay and jarvo are brilliant in giving advice and understand what problems you have or may have. I am 63yrs old and quit on 1st attempt almost 6 months ago. I never thought I would do it but no way am i starting again after all this time. I couldnt have done it without everyone on this site. Good luck for Monday. you can do it. :)


Well, I've been getting all prepared for tomorrow and planned to have a nice relaxing day so I was stress free and ready to go all positive like.

These things never go as planned do they? Was woken this morning by my 16yo son, who had sprained his ankle while just walking! He rides BMX and does all sorts of fancy tricks and sprains it walking to the bathroom! Go figure. Got him all comfortable and cosy in front of the the TV and went to a boot sale to look for baking tins etc for my daughter and got stuck in a traffic jam. 45 mins to do 3.9 miles. SUCH FUN.

Eventually got home to find the son was still in major pain and the foot now looked like a football! So it was off to A & E, after 4 hours waiting round it turns out its broken. Have finally got the house all quiet and settled at nearly 11pm and am now wondering if I can smoke whatever is left before midnight! BUT despite my day I'm still positive and determined to do this!


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