I quit again! Hopefully for the last time

I have been smoking for the past 7 years. I always used to think i wasn't addicted to cigarettes but that just wasn't the case. I have quite many times and everytime went back to this habit due to low will power. But this time I am going to go all the way! If anyone has any good suggestions I would love to know them. Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello and welcome, if you have a good look around on this site you'll find loads of info to help, but for me it was finding out why I smoked, what my trigger points were and understanding why nicotine is addictive. That enabled me to find strategies to deal with trigger points and realise that I wanted to beat the addiction. At times it may be hard but maybe not as hard as you think. :) at least that's what I've found, but we are all different. :)

    As I say have a good look round and read some of the older posts as loads of info and when you feel the craving, urge etc. come onto the site, I've found that particular strategy has helped me as by time I've finished reading the urge to smoke is gone and I feel motivated to keep going

    Good luck and remember lots and lots of positives to stop smoking and you can do it!"

    :) :) :)

  • Thanx alot! I went through some of the posts and loved them! Hopefully i'll be one of those successful people 😊

  • yes!!  you know why it helps to vent on here??  this is just my opinion:

    1st: it's keeping my fingers busy from the hand to mouth part of the habitual addiction

    2nd: a typical craving (so I've read) is strongest at 5 mins but is typically over in 10 mins, by the time I'm done typing I'm past the 5 mins mark.

    3rd: I've been able to relieve a bit of emotion and stress that I typically thought was found through inhaling the butt of a cig


  • That's a great idea! I'll surely remember this! Fortunately it's been 2 days and I haven't had a craving! But the weekend approaches! I'll probably be writing all day long on the weekend 

  • Keep the non craving feelings close!  hang onto them!

    it's funny there are times when I'm not sure if I'm having a craving or just used to the habit, but i'll find myself rummaging in certain pockets or my purse and wonder what the heck I'm even looking for and then realize...I was unconsciously looking for a pack of smokes!

  • Totally agree Mazzie I found it much harder to stop last time round but definitely think this support group has helped me alot nearly coming up 2 weeks so quite new but finding it ok. You need to stay positive, focus on your reasons for quitting and don't let it beat you. :-) good luck.

  • Hi rajat and welcome to quit support.

    Sadly there is no magic potion...to be successful, you have to really want to be smoke free and a strong determination to go with it.

    Keep this site nice and close as the members here will support you along your own smokefree journey.

    Have a read of the pinned posts..this will help you in planning your quit and what to expect along the way.

    All the very best of luck 


  • Thanx glolin! I knew there was no magic potion but i had to confirm! Today's my second day and till now I am fine. I read a few articles here and got motivation to keep it going!

  • Thats great :) :) 

    Stay strong - you can do this :) :) 

  • Hi Rajat I think all of us have tried several times before like you. If you find it difficult with will power you could try NRT patches gum inhaler etc. That helps. 

    Welcome to the site and good luck with ur quit. How long u been quit now? 😀

  • Hey Andrew! Today is my second day. I have also joined a boxing gym to help with my quit.

  • That's brilliant I could have done with boxing in the first few weeks to take your anger out on. Good idea and I couldn't have done it without some chewing gum and inhalator as well 😀

  • Rajat what a great positive attitude you  have.   Boxing gym is brilliant  especially if you get frustrated you can  hit out.  :)  



    Stay with this site and  we will help you, through good and bad times.  

    So lovely you have decided to join us.  :)

  • Hi Rajat and welcome to our quit family😊

    I see you've got lots of good advice already so stay close to this great site and take one day at a time coz we're all here for ya. NOPE not one puff ever🚭 You can do it🍀😊

  • Honestly! I have never got this much support. I feel so powerful! Thank u so much. NOT one puff i promise!

  • keeping busy...

  • Another addiction is thinking about cigarettes all the time! Feels like a breakup :p

  • Welcome Ragat💐

    Yes, giving up smoking is harder for some than others.... It is still hard for me.... I've been on vacation in another country for two weeks while my province is in a state of emergency and I've wanted to light up everyday.... Thank God for wifi.....  I have stayed in touch with the lovely members on this site.... They give me the extra strength that I don't have NOT to light up❤️🇨🇦

  • Welcome ragat and yes you can give up.... It ain't easy but the lovely folk on here helped me get through it😊

    Stick close to us and we will help you as best we can😊 Remember every single one of us (including the lovely admin team) have been through it so we all speak from experience....

    Good luck with your quit and NOPE.... 😊😊🍀🍀🍀🍀🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Guys i cant beleive what just happened! I had a dream where i bought a cigarette. I lit it up using a pen (god knows how and why). I took one puff and i remembered a line said by Briarwood "not one puff". I didnt take the smoke all in and threw the cigarette! It's working 😁

  • Well done Rajat, those dreams are very normal🚭 I'm delighted to be in your dreams😂😂 keep up that great quit, you're doing brilliant👍🏼😊

  • Briarwood and Droopy come to me like ghosts of Christmas past and present if I dream of smoking! Lmao 😂😂

  • Ooooh that ain't no dream Andrew, we'll make sure it's your worst nightmare👻👻👿👿😉

  • I thought it seemed quite realistic lol 😀

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