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Just super dooper gal for getting to 16 weeks, gosh thats 4 Months :) :)

Here is a little something for you !! :D :D

Now then there’s Andi22

she always knows what to do

She doesn’t like ironing

much sooner go biking

With all the exercising she does

I bet she could pull a bus

Now do you think she is bionic

or is it just that she’s super-sonic

I don’t know whether she could write a speech

but I know she loves going down to the beach

Just a little something to do

for my friend Andi22

Pete :) :)

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:D :D :D :D Congratulations Andi :D :D :D :D

Keep the momentum going Andi, you are doing absolutely fab :D

Pete, love the poem! Love it, love it, love it!



Just found this Pete - excellent - made me chuckle (as usual). :D :D 16 weeks yes but 4 months is on the 2nd. :o

As I say to my pt when he calls me bionic - that's when I'm feeling really creaky and rusty as I am at the moment after today's session! :D :D


Huge congrats Andi, I toast you with my tea! xxx


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