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Morning craving!

Does that morning craving when your drinking your tea or coffee to wake you up ever go?

Out of all the cravings though out the day that's my worse!

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Good morning Morriemoo, Yes your craving will go mine lasted about 3 to 4 months before I managed to not think about it. I think mine was more a habit of something to do not a craving,as it was routine to light up when I got my cuppa.

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Morning Jilly,

I was just thinking if this was habit. I think I also used a fag to help wake me up in the morning.

I've sub my fag for breakfast now.

I never use to eat breakfast, it was always fag and go!



Yeah thats exactly what I did too. :)


Morning Morriemoo :-)

Having smoked for a number of years and having smoked first thing in the morning, every morning - that has been a prime example of repetition and something that your mind has to learn that it no longer does it anymore.

Just think, 365 mornings X 20 years (at least) = 7,300 mornings

That's one hell of a number of times that you have taught yourself to do something on a regular basis :o :-/

I have read somewhere that it can take 30 days to make or break a habit and then you just have to believe it :D

One of the benchmarks to when somebody is heading through to the other-side is when they don't think about smoking all the time, another is when they no longer see themselves as a smoker :-)

You have come such a long way in a short space of time, I think you are doing brilliantly :-)

Stay positive and keep smiling :-)


Thanks for the reply EmJay and Jilly.

I keep reminding myself why I quit and eat a polo when I get a craving.

And actually still coughing out rubbish is a really good reminder why I should never start again.

I'm smiling today :-)


Hi Morriemoo

Likewise find the one in a morning the most difficult, but getting there slowly, had to change my routine though, was always cup of tea and cigarette then back upstairs to shower and get dressed. Now get showered and dressed before I come downstairs! then cup of tea on the go whilst getting ready for work! helps somewhat. the one I used to have after tea is also another time it really gets to me but 10 weeks stopped today, only another two then off the patches just on the gum then, hope I don't get addicted to that x


Ooooh Kaprin, I can see that 3 month badge is almost in the post to you ;-)

Coming off the patches won't be too bad for you providing that you plan for it. Sounds like you are doing everything right and have stayed quite positive about it too, so I'm sure that's helping. As long as you use the gum properly, it is quite effective and will help you really well :-)

Morriemoo, glad to see that today is a smiley day ;-)


How do you plan for coming off patches?

I'm on second week of 10mg. Not sure if doctor wanted to keep me on them for another two weeks or not.

I was just planning on stopping them. I don't have any other NRT. Just polo's!


Hi Morriemoo! my smoking cessation advisor has told me I need to come off them in 2 weeks, after 12 weeks she says it is all psychological as the brain receptors have then calmed down enough for you to be able to stop using them. I am also on 10 mg patches and have to say I have forgotten more than once to put them on only realising mid afternoon so in my opinion I don't need them all day now. Apparently for the final week you use them every other day and if necessary reach for a chewing gum or inhalator if that is what you are taking, I am going to try just normal chewing gum and see where that takes me (sugar free of course). My understanding is that the 12 week course can be extended for up to a further 2 weeks if necessary but I guess they assume once you have hit the 3 month stage it should be much easier, we will see! Only then can I truly say I am nicotine free! trying to have a positive mental attitude, if I can stop smoking I can stop NRT that's the plan and the way I am thinking anyway, maybe I will get some polo mints ...........x


Whoops, I meant planning with the psychological side of it and behavioural change. Sorry :-/

Many people who use NRT tend to put all their faith into whatever product they are using and quite often do not give themselves a pat on the back for the effort they have put in themselves. Then, when it comes to the end of using their chosen NRT, they go into panic mode not realising how much hard work they have contributed to their whole quitting experience.

NRT works really well, but it is important to know that it is the user who 'works' the NRT :-)


Thanks for the vote of confidence, I have to say I am apprehensive about coming off them but you are right! it's me as well as the patches that has made me get this far and I can do this! I can do this and I will do this. thank you for your continued support x


Hey Kaprin and Emjay,

Today I didn't put my patch on until lunch time, tomorrow I will do the same. I must say I did feel anxious (Mind you I do have GAD haha).

I only have about 4 patches left, so I may get another packet just so I can ease of these gently I think.

Love the positive attitude Kaprin, of course you can do this. I can do this. We can all do this

Yeah boy. :-)


Way you go Morriemoo that's great news may try that myself as I have forgotten a couple of times to put one on, yes get another pack! safety net! You are doing fab!!!!!!!! X


Jusy got doctors to sort me another two boxes of 10mg. That gives me another week and a bit to get myself of them plus i will keep a box for back up. Just in case I ever get tempted.

I might carry one in my wallet. I would def prefer a patch too a fag lol.


Me too



It's 9:25 and no patch!

I'm not as bothered as yesterday about it.

Not yet anyway lol


Me too! 2 cups of tea and a chewing gum though now to do some work, thankfully working from home this morning as I am on a phased return to work. Have a great day Morriemoo


hahah No Way!!

I'm to working from home on a back to work program. How strange.

I'm sitting in front of PC tapping away, Hadn't had second cup of tea as yet as I've run out of sugar!!

Best get myself to the shop!

You to have a great day :-)


I put my patch on at 2pm today, although I actually felt I didn't need to.

I took it off around 7pm last night also.

I will do the same tonight. And tomorrow wait till 4pm till I put my patch on.

By Fri or Sat I shouldbe off the patches and a non smoker! Yay!

Thats around 15 weeks without a fag!

My god, what a roller coaster it's been.


Massive well done :) it'll be amazing when you can say you are totally a non smoker :)




Put mine on at 2:00pm as well, been to smoking cessation and got 2 more weeks of patches then that's it, all down to me then, wow!!!!


Woohoo Kaprin!

Not long now :-)


Sounds like you are doing really well :-)

Just make sure that you do keep a patch handy - I'd hate to think that you nipped out from home not wearing your patch and then a really hard cravings pops up - then you realise you'd left your supply at home :-/ Always be prepared as it's when you least expect it that you'll get caught out :-/

Carrying one in your wallet is a great idea Morriemoo :-)

It may be worth speaking to your adviser / GP if you are overly concerned about coming off your patches completely. A recommendation would be to ask for an oral product that you can use, so for example a number of people will use the inhalator / gum or lozenge. This way you are only getting the nicotine as and when you want it rather than it being delivered into your system continuously :-)

You've both come a long way :-)


Good idea Emjay and thanks for the wallet reminder. I going to do this now.

Also thank you and everyone on this site for the continued support.

Not feeling your alone dealing with quitting smoking and actually finding people who also has anxiety issues has really helped me.

Your all amazing people :-)




I echo Ian's comments and have put 2 patches in my bag just in case, I do however have some gum should I need it although smoking cessation lady said they would rather give the patches than the gum if needed as gum is more of a comfort blanket you can carry around with you. Anyway I did not leave patch off deliberately this morning just forgot!



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