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Daily Chat: Friday 1st June 2012

Good Morning Everybody :-)

We had an absolutely fantastic night last night. It was like the BAFTA's! Lots of awards and plenty of recognition for all our supporters and volunteers. Just need to get the photies through and I'll see how I can post them up on here :-)

Lots of chat going on yesterday, so I'll go and grab a cuppa and have a good old catch up :-)

It's almost the long bank holiday weekend everyone!


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Good morning everyone. Glad you had a good time last night Emjay. Hope you don't need these at work today!! 8-)

Hi Sue, glad that you managed to arrange your Dad's funeral this week and I hope everyrthing goes well with it.

Jilly, I think you're as bad as me with the sleeping - 5.30 today? (I was awake then but managed to stay in bed til 6!! :D ) Running didn't help with sleep last night - same as usual.

Lenne, hope the steak wasn't too tough - is your boyfriend a good cook?

Pete, will be another long weekend but weather not supposed to be too brill - especially on Sunday but hope you manage to get out on your bike lots. :X Got mine fixed on Monday but still not been out on it yet!

Catch you all later.


Hiya Emjay, glad you had a good time, looking forward to seeing those photos if you can upload them to the site, can you upload to something like Photobucket and link us to that if that's not too much trouble and if this site doesn't like photos?

Hey Andi, hows you today? :) Nope, the steak was .. wow. Proper butcher's cut, expensive but thick, juicy and so rare it mooed at me. Okay, not really mooed but you know what I mean :D (Sorry if there's any veggies here)! My boyfriend is an amazing cook, he's very patient in teaching me how to cook too. I am a very lucky girl!

Another Friday, so that means err... my maths is rubbish...six weeks? Is that right, if I quit on the 27th April? Maybe I should just stick to celebrating the months and save myself a headache.

I had my first smoking dream the night before last. I dreamt I was in a beer garden and there was one of those large round crystal cut ashtrays in the centre of the table (silly dream as if there would be a posh crystal one in a beer garden) with a ciggie freshly lit sitting in it and without thinking I reached forward, picked it up and took a puff. It was only then I realised what I did and I felt so guilty :( It upset me so much, this dream, that I didn't want to talk about it yesterday. If I am being completely honest the last few days have been really hard on me. Nothing's changed, I know I don't want to start smoking or even have one small puff, I still see myself never smoking again but my brain is giving me a really hard time with this, it's like I am schitzophrenic or something. One side is saying why do this to yourself you only live once go ooooon and the side that's winning is saying nonononononoononnononooo! It's exausting having to be en guarde all the time and how could I have been feeling 9 or even 10 out of 10 every day from day 4 onwards to feeling a 5. I am so angry with my stupid broken brain, it's not fair that it won't let me cross a stupid road on my own let alone making me think I want to smoke again.

I am hoping it's a silly phase and I will get back on track of feeling 9 or 10 again and happy. On a more positive note I've lost 1 stone 4lbs in 3 weeks so I am really proud of myself there!

Hope you're all well, lots of love and hugs to you all. Sue, my thoughts are with you today xxx


Hi Lenne, sorry you've gone down a bit today but I suppose that's the road we're all on at the mo. :P Brill news that you've lost all that weight - how d'you manage that when all the rest of us can think about are chocs, nuts, crisps etc.?? I guess you've got really strong willpower for the evenings (together with your sewing :) ) as that's when I really get the munchies. :o

Thought I might have been a bit achy today after the runnning but just feeling a bit tired so having a lazier day. (Might finally try out my bike before it starts raining though!)

All these milestones we keep making up for ourselves! you now six weeks - FANTASTIC!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) Mine will be 1 month tomorrow-which is also the anniversary of my Mum's death last year. :( I'm sure she'd be happy for me that I've managed to do it - she did ask me latterly if I'd give up smoking but she did like me joining her for a fag, even practically to the end.


I agree your Mum will be really proud of you, and happy you managed to free yourself from the ciggieprison *hugs*

Because I figured the only way to quit smoking and stay quit would be to change my lifestyle, and as I can't actively go outside to change it my routine will be pretty much the same so I decided to start working out (not quite gotten that far yet oops) and change my diet. I ate a lot of processed microwave meals and fatty foods and drank about 7 cups of tea with 2 sugars, fizzy drinks etc. so changing my diet seems to help keep things from seeming the norm :)

Hope your achey pains go away soon, nice relaxing bath maybe with some posh bathsalts? xx


Hi Emjay, i'm talking softly, just in case you have a thick head!! :D I'm soooo glad you had a great night, just wondered if you got any awards!! yourself, cus i reacon you should have, you do a fantastic job on here gal, even if you are a bit late sometimes!!!! tehe. Yerrrrrr you get them picks sorted out gal, is there any of you :o speak soon

Pete :)


Aup Lenne, glad you enjoyeddddd your steak lastnight, and you let him cook for you, you deserve it gal :) just worked out that you have done 5 weeks Lenne, thats perhaps why your feeling a bit out of it, the first time i quit, i can remember that the 6th week was a lot easyier, i didnt even use my patches every day!!

So you just look forward from now on gal, cus i know!!!! that you can do this, it's only going to get easier from now on!! :)

About your brain, i think everyone is the same as you Lenne, well i know i am, cus one side says, '' no dont have one '' but the other side is saying '' go on go for it, one wont hurt you will it ''

I luv the way you express yourself, and you are far far from being stupid gal, so get that out of your head rite now!!!! OK and you've lost all that weight :) :) thats great Lenne!!!! you will soon get back on track gal you will.

Loads of hugggggs Pete. :)


Love you loads, thankyou Pete you always make me feel better- you have no idea how much better! xxx


Love you loads too gal, well you know that anyway, dont you :) goining to bed now, sweet dreams gal, the sweeter the better :)

Pete. :)


Hi ya Andi, glad your not aching tooooo much gal, :D just like Lenne said, your mum would have been so proud of you, she would've, as for the weather!! i tried to order the sun for all weekend, ''but'' i was just ordering it for Sunday and my computer went down, so affraid it might be wet on Sunday!! :(

but monday & tuesday will be ok!! :)

As for the bike hmmm i may stick to my rowing machine, the seat is a tad more comfy, hey i might give it another go this weekend, we will see.

HUH you've done a month now then, still only 4 weeks more than me :P

I hope that your having a good day gal, and huggs to you tooooo :)

Pete :)


Hello Pete, well I did get out on my bike this afternoon - got to the seafront and cycled along the prom. There were more mad people going in the sea - even in this cloudy weather! :( :) Even though I've got a lovely saddle I still stand up when it's bumpy and the roads rough! :D :D


Hi Andi, that sounds lovely gal, just wobbling along the prom on your bike, now that i would like gal, not like around the narrow country lanes here!! And what???? were they madererererer than me do you think!!!! :D

I shall remember that about standing up when its bumpy, thanks!!


Aup i've just spotted you on my blog, for your imformation i was trying to help Emjay to put her picks on here, :P HUH all you do is take the erm micky out of me huh, thought you were a Lady, not a flippin tipical Woman!! :D :D hey i luv it gal!!!!

Just been on that photobucket.com site, that Lenne was on about!!!! hmmm dont know about that one, managed to download some picks onto it, BUT how do i get them here????

Back to the drawing board i think, goin to bed soon, up early in the morning to go flippin shoppin, i just luv it :|

What do you think about the weekend chat?? should i just do sat & sun!!!! :o

Emjay's not got back to me about it.

Sorry if you have gone to bed, didnt mean to wake you :D :D


Just tried linking a photo from PBucket to here, provides a clicky link but I deleted the post just incase it's now allowed. Sleep well! xx


Good night everybody, cus i can hear my bed calling me, soooo off up the wooden hill for me, :)


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