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I gave up smoking in march, but for the last few weeks i have been finding it rreally hard! I have had a few ciggies and feel so disgusted with my self!! I am due to see my smoking nurse tomorrow but am scared that she wont helpme anymore coz i have smoked!! :-( i want to stop for my kids and am trying really hard any advice would be gratefully received!! Xxx

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Hello Amiechaz,

Firstly I`m Jillygirl like you trying to quit. Claire and Emjay are the advisors for this site and will be logging on soon. Meanwhile can I say you`ve come to the right place for support. I am sure your nurse will still help you if your honest with her. Many of us relapse but try again and win in the end.

Whilst you wait for claire to contact you, have a browse at some of the blogs and questions on the site. they are really useful.

I quit about the same time as you , and yes sometimes its hard not to give in. I use the inhalator to help me, which seems to be working for me. (touch wood :D) I also find if I keep logging in to this site it helps me get focused., also we do have a laugh now and again too. Please join our community everyone is so friendly here. :)

will catch up later . take care you can do it!


Hi Amiechaz, you've come to the right place, you'll have to join in a bit then we can help you get through those tough times. :)

I had a friend who relapsed a couple of times and felt really guilty but got back on track. :)

You say you're doing it for your kids but what about you? How has your health been since you gave up? Do you really want to go backwards? Maybe it's time to find another new thing to focus on now you're this far down the road - something for YOU and about YOU! If you feel even better about yourself then that will be even better for your kids. :)

Speak again later, Andi


Hiya. I went to see my smoking nurse yesterday and while I was waiting outside her room, could hear the conversation between her and the person before me. He was someone who had given up smoking some time ago and a few weeks ago had lapsed and gone back for support - she didn't hesitate to put him back on a 12 week programme - not saying much for the confidentiality of my service, but thought this might encourage you to go back and ask for help. Good luck xx


Hi Amiechaz, welcome to our happy little place where you will find lots of support to help you through how you may be feeling :-)

First of all, let me congratulate you on taking the first few biggest steps forward on your journey to becoming smokefree. Also, just to let you know that how you are feeling at the moment is quite normal, but stick at it and it will get easier.

Rather than thinking about and giving yourself grief about the FEW that you have smoked, focus on all the ones that you haven't smoked. Have a look at the following link to see how this works out for you; quitsupport.healthunlocked....

When you go to see your Stop Smoking Nurse tomorrow, just be honest and explain where you are at. By being honest, she will be able to offer you the best advice and I'm sure she will really appreciate your honesty. At the end of the day, she will be wanting to help you :-)

Stopiing smoking for your friends or family is a lovely reason, but as Andi says doing it for yourself is the most important thing. Being selfish in terms of having your own personal reasons for stopping smoking will ensure that you can stay in control of your own decisions and lessen any guilty feelings should you have the 'odd one'.

You are doing fantastic and should give yourself a well earned pat on the back :-)

Keep us posted on how you get on :-)


Thank you everyone for your lovely supportive messages, i am doing it for myself for my health , i watched my beloved grandad who.brought me up die from copd and it was heartbreaking, he brought me up and i nursed him till the end and it killed me to watch such a strong man not being able to move coz he couldnt breath,i want to see my children grow up i so want to do it this time and i am determind to i will see my nurse tomorrow and explain what has gone wrong and start over :-) well done to all of u you are all doing fantastic!! :-) xx


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