So I like the perks of being a non smoker but smoking more than half my life I have no idea who the He// I am.

I am going through life's hard times but I would be going ghrough them even if I did smoke. I just don't look forward to much anymore, everything is a chore.

Doc checked me out well a couple of weeks ago and put me on antidepressants for a few months. I go to bed every night and say, tomorrow will be a productive and positive day and I will get out of this funk....I have never watched so much television!

Why can't I stop thinking about smoking? I feel like I really miss them -I am embarrassed to even say that 🙈 I am just so tired, sad and glum and I don't even want to socialize, most days I shut the ringers off of my phones!!!

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  • Aup Butt-out, I'm sorry your feeling like this at the moment :( and hope it dosnt last long :)

    Drink plenty of water and try to do some exercising too, this may help stimulate the happy parts of your mind :) :)

    Maybe have a word with our Roneo, cos he's getting quite an expert at this sort of thing :)

    Take care now :)

  • Thanks Monky!

    I know I won't be smoking tonight, too lazy to go to the store to buy ciggy's ha ha. I read a lot of Roneo's comments, maybe I will msg him tomorrow. Thanks again. Happy 💤💤💤💤

  • hi Butt -out,

    Sorry to see you are feeling so gloomy, Qutting smoking sure does have a massive psychological impact on many of us. Anxiety and mild depressions appears to be rather common.

    I hope for your sake that it passes quickly and maybe just getting outside and enjoying some fresh air may just help.

  • Thank you!

    It's the wee hrs in the morning so I am going to try really hard to sleep so tomorrow I just might find some energy for that walk and getting fresh air.

  • Hi Linda ,

    Geeze , so many people suffer depression when they quit ... I feel supported on this site ... Hope your having a good Monday down under xx

  • Hi , I am a hypnotherapist specialising in helping smokers quit. When you smoked the cigarette hi-jacked your reward system. This is now resetting and will pass.Exercise is always a good endorphin buzz, if you can manage this. If not, try getting out and about or learn a new skill, find something that you will enjoy ( that isn`t smoking related of course ) This all helps as your body will restore and all your body is now healing .

    Think of yout initial reasons for quitting in the first place, write them down , in the positive and be specific, not just, I want to be healthy but why you want to be healthy. You can contact me on ivertherapy@gmail.com if you need help with compiling that list. Write them down pen and paper , so you have to really think about it. Then read these when you feel down, and feel proud of what you have achieved so far. ....it will get better.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you! Any chance at this stage that hypnotherapy would work and help me to forget that I ever smoked before lol

  • Thankyou ivertherapy🌹

    I want to grow old and not have smoking related illnesses such as being short of breath and setting my body up for a disabling stroke..... I may live to be 100 or I may live another day...... But I want to be healing my body when I die ....


  • Belated wishes for the New Year- and here`s to doing the best that you can for your health.

    A smokers body is constantly in repair and protect mode, but once stopped you can restore any damage then your body is allowed to do what it does best- enjoying life ! Here`s to 2016.

  • Hypnotherapy won`t make you forget you ever smoked, but will allow you to come to terms with it. Provided you made the decision to quit- the conscious mind looks to the subconscious mind for approval, as smoking is driven by this part of you. So the memory is still up and running, thus you have conflict.

    As part of hypnotherapy you can under hypnosis go back to the time you were never a smoker and it did not concern you - you weren`t even a non smoker, as you never smoked. We connect with that memory and bring this back to present day, as this strengthens the neural pathway to re-awaken this particular mindset.

    It`s more complex than just that, but this is part of the therapy, though therapy is personalized to suit each persons individual smoking patterns and their reasons behind the habit.

    I am passionate about this, as my father died of a smoking related disease.

  • Thanks for your information and sorry about your dad. I know that there is laser therapy in the city-not sure if it's the same but will check out the city for a hypnotherapist. I never remember cigarettes not being a part of my life even before I smoked I was always surrounded by them. Thank you again and hopefully I hang on for Monday when I can make some calls 😳

  • I can forward a craving control technique- you are welcome to e-mail me for this and/or further details on anything else. Or you can Skype me , I am available today linda.farrugia5 - I offer free consultations.

    Have a lovely day-

    warm wishes Linda

  • I and a lot of others know exactly what you are going through. I'm all over the place. Anti depressants do take week to two weeks to work. I have generalized anxiety and sure its exacerbated by cutting my nicotine

  • It is an awful feeling but the payoff will be worth it. The reality is the hardest part is over, now just to except I am an addict and will never smoke again and learn how to "live" my NEW LIFE!

  • Right on.... 1 year winner👏🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • That's the key, you will not get any worse and you will not stay the same. YOU And I WILL GET BETTER.

  • Hi Butt out,

    I don't want to steer you in the wrong direction, but I suggest you have a chat with your GP about Champix & whether it "may" be a contributing factor in your depression. I tried it a few years back & felt constantly depressed both whilst I was on them & even more so when the course was finished. I can identify with just about every feeling you have experienced & getting out into the sunshine, socialising, getting some exercise & focusing on new goals & endeavours will definitely improve your outlook. You just need to re-educate your brain to develop stimuli to respond to those bad feelings without smoking.

  • Thanks so much. My life is in a whirlwind as well at this point and when I spoke with my doc that is why he suggested the antidepressants. He is a wonderful doctor who takes the time to listen and I feel as though he actually knows me and I was okay with him wanting to try the antidepressants. I was a little nervous but I truly trust him.

  • Hi butts :)

    Just read your post and am parcelling up loads of warm wishes and feel goods for you, sending em via the ether now :)

    It will get better. Take a day, a moment! at a time, and know we're all here for you.

    Be kind and patient with yourself, you are precious, and need to prepare for all the good times that are ahead :) Take that walk ! :)

  • Thanks 😊

  • Sorry forgot to leave contact!- - ivertherapy@gmail. com

    warm wishes, Linda

  • Thank you!

  • Hi,

    Don't let this slump stop you. You have been very strong and this battle is a sign that you have been being very strong and fighting hard for a long time. If we don't get a good nights sleep for a few days, we feel bad. It's the same when we have been fighting with something like an addiction to smoking. So, take it easy on yourself. you feel this way because you have been fighting very hard.

    If you have a history of depression then your Dr. is probably the best point of advice.

    I'd recommend finding some new things to do. Or something you haven't done in a while that you enjoyed doing in the past. Think of something easy which keeps you busy.

    Physical activity is always good for us, so to is learning. Learning a new physical activity is a good mix of both. Take up a new sport. Or if you don't feel like anything too energetic, go for a walk.

    A couple of years ago I got a book on a walking route and went on a hike with friends. I lent this book to someone pointing out that it's easy to drive to a station along the route, get the train to the next station up then walk along the route back to the car at the start.

    Book in question purely for example purposes:


    Take a deep breath, congratulate yourself on the journey already covered and appreciate that you are tired from a long hard battle. The battle isn't over but you are working on it and continuing and although it might not look like it some days, you are winning!

  • Thanks for your advice :)

  • Thank you David.... I need to move my aching body.... Never felt like this before ...... I have a home gym but I should get out in the fresh air..... My workouts have gone from 5 to 7 days a week to 0 to 1x a week...... Socializing is great for my mood as long as I'm with the right people ..... If I'm around toxic people ( soul suckers) my girlfriends name for them...... Then it makes me want to smoke because I'm uncomfortable...... But being around good people is soooo uplifting☀️

    Have a wonderful day😊


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