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This is how to save or print a page on this site!!

I have been reminded of an easier way of copying & pasting !! :) and thats what we professionals call ''screen dump'' :D :D

1,- centralise it on the the screen

2,- on the keyboard - go to the right, from the arrows- go up- to the key that says something like prt/scrn- press that once!!

3'- now go into M.S.Word

4,- when screen appears, right click mouse- a drop down menu appears- left click- paste- and by magic!! :o the text will appear

5, - saving & printing !! :)

6, - just go to ''file'' top left and left click on it, a dropdown menu will appear, click on save as-- or print!! :D ok?? any probs, dont contact me!! :o :|

for i have probably done a runner :D :D

Pete :)

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And if you use Windows 7 you'll have an easier way to do this using the fancy snipping tool ;) Now pray tell how I reminded you of something named a screen dump?


Lenne, Lenne, Lenne, --

you said the other day that you had saved a blog of mine, by sceen erm erm saving it or something !! and that reminded me of what we do at work, thats all gal !!!! i thought it would be easier than copy-and-paste, thats all.

At my works we call it sceen dumping, as in dump what you see on the screen onto m.s.word, or m.s. paint

Oh my God, i am so so sorry Lenne, and i honestly did not mean any hurt to you or your boyfriend, honestly Lenne !!!!

Lenne, please please dont go gal

I will leave this site, not you !!!!

Please get back to me



See main forum post, sorry hon *hugs* I am so embarrassed now!


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