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Proud of Myself!

Hi everyone.

I'm really proud of myself today, I went for a run round the reservoir tonight ! Not a major feat but I havn't run for about 5 years and 3 months ago I wouldn't have even thought about it!

Dreading the walk to work tomorrow though - will be lucky if I can walk down the stairs never mind walking to work!!

Keep up the good work everyone! If I can do this anyone can!!!

Andi 8:) xx

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Hey Andi, that sounds brilliant (especially being asthmatic) but don't go overdoing it too soon otherwise you'll just stop. :o :X

You may have read that I'm only new to this running lark and have been brought up short before I've even really got off the ground! :)

Never mind, I'm planning to go out on my bike today instead - good that the wind seems to have finally died down! :)

Anyway, high-five from one Andi to another!!! :D :D


Hi Andi's

Your both doing brilliantly, give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back. Exercise is brilliant when quitting smoking as it increases the oxygen intake, increases your health but can also stop us nibbling on all the rubbish. It also gives you something else to focus on.

Well done ;-)


well done, you should be proud of yourself. Exercising out doors is great for your mood and well being. It's also great to push yourself a little to see what your new healthy lungs will do. I joined a bootcamp group and am finding it hard work but worth it. :)


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