Whilst I'm away on holiday, sunning it 8-)

Hey Everybody,

just in case you hadn't heard already, I'm away for some sunshine 8-)

Whilst I am away, I have asked a couple of my colleagues to pop their heads round the door and see that you are all okay. I'm sure you will be :-)

Everybody in our office is lovely and have so much to offer, I'm sure you'll have fun getting to know them :-) You'll recognise any of them by their Roy Castle name tag, which appears alongside their names - just as it does with mine :-)

To start with and introduce you to some of our team members, I have just met with Claire (Jarvo) and Helen (Helena84) who will pop on in a minute to say hello. Claire has been working for our charity since 2004, and Helen has been with us for 5 years now. Both Helen and Claire have worked as a Stop Smoking Advisor within our Roy Castle Fag Ends team. They are both lovely and lovely and I'm sure their personalities will shine through :-)

Please, please, please remember to stay positive and don't forget that things will get easier. The longer you continue to say no, the easier it will become :-)

I don't go until this coming Wednesday and will be back in the office on Tuesday 26th June :-) I cannot wait!

However, I shall be thinking about you all and I absolutely know already that I'll be excited to get back and hear how you are all doing :-)

Speak to you all in a little bit xx

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  • Hiya

    I've been following most of you over the last few weeks, and you're all doing brilliantly. Well done.

    If there's anything I can help with please ask away and I will do my best! As Mel said I have been here a while now as a Stop Smoking Advisor and also as a Youth Project Worker - raising the awareness of the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke and other tobacco related issues with young people.

    I look forward to getting to know you.


  • Aup Jarvo, its nice to meet you gal, i'm Pete, the poor old boy who this lot keep naggin at!!

    Although i am going to miss Emjay while she is away, 8-) sunning her self :P i am sure that you will help us if we need it, we do try to help each other if we can, :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Claire and welcome - you'll soon get to know us all and all our little idiosyncracies! (Some have more than others) :D :D

    If you've been reading some of our chats over the last few weeks you'll soon cotton on.

    Good Luck, Andi

  • Hi Jarvo, lovely to meet you. This site is the best thing than sliced bread for us quitters. I am sure it helps us stay focused.

    sure you will work out we are all a bit daft with each other. ( now Pete will be saying who`s daft?)

    see you soon :)

  • Have a lovely well-earned break EmJay- don't you worry about us we will be fine just concentrate on relaxing in the sun!

    Hiya Claire, it's lovely to meet you!

  • Morning everyone

    Thank you for all the lovely welcome messages.

    I'm looking forward to getting know you all.

    If I can help in anyway please shout and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Speak soon


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