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To all the new members

Just wanted to say hi to the 30 names I've just counted in the New members section.Good to have you ALL along.It would be nice if maybe you'd all pop in (I know some of you have already) and tell the rest of us how things are going.Giving up smoking Isn't easy but with a bit of help and support from.people who've done it you'll all get there.Please join in the chat,it really would be nice to hear how things are going.Good Luck. Helen

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As Helen says pop on here anytime we are all here to help x


morning all newcomers. come on in the waters fine. warm, friendly, supporting and yes you can have some fun with new friends; yes i mean it giving up the cigs can be fun ( not allways arrrrrr) but thats why we are all here to bring in a little light. join us make yourself herd, the lines are open :-) :-)


Now I have my badge I guess I am not a new comer now!!!! Welcome everyone, jump in and join the chat x


Anyone know who this Pinkiezoom person is ? Don't remember seeing her on here before ; )

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Lol :)


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