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5 wks and cravings have started ahhhh

It has been 5 wks now since i quit ( it does feel like 5 mths ) and the cravings to smoke are getting worse and my mood swings well they remind me of the old advert that had John Cleese in when he was showing the effect of quitting smoking and how to deal with it.

Sometimes i do think it would be so much easier to smoke again to get rid of the feelings to smoke but if i do i know i will so hate myself grrrrrr.

I am using the spray ( which i have got use to ) when i felt the urge to smoke but now i am using more and more. I think its time to cover myself in patches.

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Hi Lesley, I'm about the same stage as you (quit 2nd May). I went down the cold turkey route cos I thought "get it all over and done with in one hit" instead of dragging it out ('scuse the pun :D ) by having to cope with all the following quits.

I do seem to be having a few more cravings in the last few days but just do a bit of deep breathing or shove in some rubbish food or a mint and try to distract myself.

Don't forget that with each other's help we CAN conquer this - just think of the FREEDOM you've experienced already. :) Do we really want to be a slave forever more to those little white sticks? ;-)


Hi ya newromantic, i'm Pete, nice to see you again, week 5 !! thats just magic gal :) you've done so well to get this far, you've got to go all the way now gal.

The first time i quit, i went for 6 weeks, and it seemed to get a lot easier that 6th week, because i didnt need to put a patch on everyday. :)

I think its just them little terrers having one last ditch attempt at you, because they know that you have them beat!!!! :) :) if you give into them, then, you are so right cus you will kick yourself all around the house!!!! i know gal, i've been there!!!!

I've not used the spray, i'm using patches and a halator, for when times get hard, maybe try using somethink different?? stay strong newromantic cus you know deep inside that you ''CAN'' do this!! :D come have a look at the daily chats, maybe they will take your mind off it for a bit!!!! speak soon. :)

Pete :)


That was the day i stopped andi,,

This is about the 4th time ive tried to quit and ive tried the cold turkey so i knew what i was going to feel like what ever i done and that is what was putting me of quitting sooner.

I really dont want to start smoking again, and i dont want to start eating loads i need to lose the weight,, not that , that has anything to do with the smoking as smoking didnt stop me eating,,, oh i think its just 1 of those days grrrrrrr


Actually I think my day's going a bit downhill - think I need to go and motivate me to do something a bit more constructive for a change!

With the weight thing I think that's just something we have to deal with a bit further down the road - although you might have read that I am a bit of a fitness freak at the moment - mainly cos I don't want to put the weight on either! ;-)


Hey Newromantic, congrats on 5 weeks! Maybe you are getting used to the spray, I'm using patches so not entirely sure if that is definitely the case, you might want to give NHS quit smoking line a quick tinkle and ask them perhaps?

I guess at some point we need to wean ourselves off our NRT and that's when things get twitchy but I believe in stepping down when we are ready, not because of what the instructions say. It might be worth finding out if you should swap for a different form of NRT?

It would be such a shame to go so far and go backwards, I know exactly what you mean when you just want it to stop so badly it's almost worth sparking up a smoke but that's where the willpower needs to kick in (using your props such as the list of reasons why you quit, the amount you've saved so far not smoking etc). Willpower is the kicker here.

I was also really concerned about the weight gain so I did something I really regret, I started dieting a week or so into my quitting smoking. I have lost over a stone but the cravings became ten times harder and it was because my body was begging me for fatty foods as well as nicotine; so as Andi said it's okay to worry about it later down the line because quitting smoking is so important. You can swap certain foods for healthier options (nibble on fruit instead of crisps etc) but if your body demands something then certainly give in foodwise, if you want that burger have that burger! Moderation is the key- best to give in to food rather than stinky cigs eh.

I agree entirely with what Pete said. I see nicotine cravings as a monster in us, and we are starving that evil little monster by not smoking so don't give into it's begging and pleading; we deserve our freedom right!

Don't forget you're not alone, we are all here for you, and some days will seriously suck but it's going to be so worth it. Keep fighting the good fight! xx


Hi Lesley, I`m Jillygirl, pleased to meet you. Your doing well 5 weeks. keep thinking positive , I know i find it hard at times , when i get a craving i try and log on to this site it seems to make me come to my senses.

Now pete is going to say i havent any sense. probably true.

take care. xx


Hey Lesley,

5 weeks is amazing, well done to you :-)

If it's 2nd May that you quit, I'll pop you on the list :-)

Just try and stay positive, nobody said it would be easy, but everybody says that it's worth it.

The thing is, once you have made the decision to stop smoking, even if you go back to them, you will always spend a lot of your time either thinking about or trying to stop smoking.

What are you doing to turn away the cravings? Have you tried just sitting quietly and focussing on your breathing? Breathing exercises really do help.

You have come so far now and are doing brilliantly :-)


Whether you have a smoke or not, the feeling will go away!


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