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Addictions are really just desires and cravings that we as humans experience, they overtake the sense of self and the sense of pleasure is twisted to the point that it can only come through in addictive behaviour, so we think. Most of us blame external factors ( problems, family, work etc ) when its our own attachment that cause,s it. Problems will not go away if we have a ciggy, ciggys will most likely cause us more problems in the long run. As I said before a problem is not a problem. its just life, the problem is how we deal with the problem. I wish you all good luck in stopping, we can all do it. I have a switch in my head which I used in the beginning, when I thought of ciggys I pressed it off, it worked for me. Lets have more faith in ourselves, and eventually we will get off the NRT as well, it doesn,t matter how long it takes, let our bodys tell us when the times right, after all most of us have been told by our bodies to quit anyway, either mentally or physically. Listen to your body and your mind will help you.

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I am 53yrs old. I have smoked for 40 of those yrs. So only 13yrs of freedom. smoking has become part of me like a limb.... That is what i think i find hard. I need to amputate. But it is so scarey!!


Hi, Congratulations you have already taken the first step to becoming a non smoker! You have admitted you have a problem and you have joined this site! As you read through all the stories on here and keep reading you will realie that you really can stop smoking and stop for good! I used to be scared just like you - blind panic would set in and I used to think how will I cope without them! Well just my little story here for you.... I tried! I thought to myself "I will never now if I dont try"! Even if I put on a patch and keep it on for four hours I have tried - and that is the first step! Thanks for joining the site and I hope it works for you - Jane


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