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First Night out Smoke Free

Thanks everyone for the support I got on here last night. I went to the party and stayed smoke free. I could smell the stale smoke on my friends, and fresh smoke billowed through the door as a group os smokers came in dripping from the rain. I did some breathing exercises and chased the craving by smelling my freshly laundered clothes and perfume. I don't drink, so I didn't have to worry about letting my guard down. I got home, and yes I felt proud that I had made another day.

You are a great gang on here, Thank you.


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Way to go Andrea :) i knew you'd manage this :) you must be so proud of yourself, as we all are proud of you, now that you've done that you know you can do it again :) you know how to chase those cravings away

Big well done :)


You star bar Andrea , well done :) as Sue says you must be so proud and yes we are all proud of you ..have a wonderful day xx :)


Hey Andrea, a massive well done to you gal :) :) you stand up high and be proud of yourself :) and i hope your hubby is too :) cos we all are :) :)

I think maybe that will have bin one of your most hardest times with your quit, and you beat it gal, you beat it :) :)

You stay strong and proud :)

Pete :)


That's brilliant Andrea. That was a real obstacle you faced and you overcame it, well done. You deserve to be very proud of yourself. As John said, now you know you can do it next time you have a night out. xx :)


Well done Andrea, that's another first to be ticked off the list - it's just amazing how those little white sticks ruled our lives isn't it? :)


Thanks again everyone. xxx


Fantastic and well done, another great obstacle tackled and dealt with, you should feel great :)


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