8 days smoke free!!!

Hi everyone I'm knew here and I must say this group is so amazing.. Im day 8 smoke free today and I'm on my lunch break I must admit I'm having a tough time then i decided to go on this group and reminded myself why I shouldn't smoke and feel good about myself..

Definitely not going back to smokes I can't imagine going back to the toture I had the first 3 days I quite. I smell goo now my face has changed and my teeth have started clearing up now.

Thanks  to everyone on the group

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  • Congratulations on your quit!  9 days smoke free for me!!!  I actually have this open first thing when I get to work now so I can pop in when I need to take a quick break which used to be filled with killing myself slowly with ciggs but now is building myself up with all of the wonderful people here!!

    keep up the great work!

  • Hi Madalitso, welcome to Quit support.  We are all on here to help one another.  Your doing great.   remember NOPE.






  • Day 8 is amazing :) woohoo :) well done you! xxxxxx 

  • Congratulations and welcome aboard!!!

  • HI Mad and welcome to our quit family😊

    8 days smokefree is terrific, well done to you👏🏼👏🏼

    If ya need anything just shout as there's always someone around to help. 

    Good luck🍀 and NOPE not one puff ever🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Hi Madalitso. Welcome and well done , stay close to this site, always someone here to chat to you a fab group of people who all know what your going through and will support you. You can do this stay strong

    Maddy x

  • Thank you all for your wonderful replies. I'm on the 24 hr patch I think it gets week late in the day and I start to get cravings but sugar free sweets do wonders to me and water.. 

  • 8 days is  just awesome madalitso,  it good getting the first week out the way..and NO you don't want to go through those first days again 😀😀

    It is great that you are noticing positive changes..I hope you are putting your smoke money away so you can treat yourself😀😀

    Keep up the fantastic quit you have going 🚭🚭🚭🚭

  • Love your coping strategies-yes you're stopping smoking but starting doing things differently- drinking water is brilliant as your body begins to detox and really helps with cravings. I'm in awe of your brilliant quit so far. Much love Poll x

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