dont give up

Hello to all you ex smoking critters,

Welcome aboard the club for quitters,

Dont get in a flap when you get a craving,

Its no good ranting and raving,

Dont let your body tell you your in need of a fag,

Listen to your brain saying its evil that drag,

Take a deep breath and think you have peace in your mind,

Make yourself a cuppa, sit down and unwind,

Go into this site at least once a day,

Take in the advice from our friend Emjay.

If you get bored, and you get the time,

Send us all a blog to go with this rhyme.


7 Replies

  • This is good - this stop smoking ditty,

    words of wisdom, put across quite witty.

    All the advice, the hints and tips,

    will help you through those little blips.

    Deep breaths in and deep breaths out,

    if you need help - just give us a shout!

    The friends you make, the things you share,

    stop you from having a complete nightmare.

    We're here to help you, through and through

    but your experiences shared will help others too.

    Onwards and upwards is the way to go,

    take each day as it comes, just go with the flow.

    Remember! Stay positive and be clear in your mind,

    that this is the way forward - leaving smoking behind.

    I've tried my best here with this little verse,

    JillyGirl's was better, mine was worse!


  • Dont know about being worse emjay, I thought yours was brilliant. Lets see what the rest come up with.


  • Jillygirl---Emjay--- they are fantastic girls and I luv em, but like Sue says i am hopeles at that sourt of thing, or is it sort!!!!! I am sure 1 of you will let me know!!!!

    Jillygirl as Emjay knows i'm hopelessssssss at spelling.

    but I will try to wright a poem, never done it before, but will try anything once, may take some time though 'A'

    Pete. :-) luv ya both---- magic girls.

  • hi pete..thanks for the compliment. look forward to your hidden shakesperian talent.

    cheers jillygirl.

  • This NHS site is supa

    better than bupa

    Quit that pesky ciggie

    and go have a jiggie

    Exercise is good for you

    dancing-running what ever you do

    Emjay she is great

    just like a best mate

    She is always there in the background

    to help us all, i'm sure you've found

    We all help each other on here

    so you knew comers have no fear

    There is always help at hand

    Emjay-Jillygirl and the band

    I know its a bit of ado

    but its the best i can do.

    Pete :-)

  • Hi pete, Brill poem. At last i found it. like my hubby said , I am just mucking about, or having a senile moment.

    8out of 10. jillygirl.

  • Yaye!

    Pete, that's fantabulous! :-)

    Jillygirl, what have you started? A Poets Corner?


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