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Smoking with hate !

Hi everyone here i am 28 years old i have been smoking for about 4 or 5 years before i was very against smoking and i can not believe i got hooked to this shit ,and for every day i tell my self in the morning i wont smoke but later that with the stress of the study and some personal problems especially when i lost a girl that i loved deeply , i started really not to care about my health . i smoke like i am killing myself slowly and i am aware of it . I dont know how to leave this shitty life style and get my self together again i did very well in my bachelor in Electronic and computer Engineering graduated with 105/110 ,now doing master in Robotics and all my friends can not believe why i am not the same .. i wanna have me again and be concern about my health again. Any advice is appreciated ,this is the first time in my life i post things in online community !! .

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Good morning AdamJack and let me say welcome to this site, you are encouraged to share, vent, rant and brag here!

Sorry about your heart...but killing yourself slowly or quickly with cigs is NOT the answer. You are young. And sound like you have a full successful future to look forward to.

Everyone on here has their own reason for quitting. You MUST find yours. You HAVE to quit for yourself.

Have you tried the vape or ecig? As a means to cut back? Several of the members here have done those options and eventually quit all together.

Many ppl have read the book by Allen Carr, Easy Way to STOP Smoking. And that book even says don't quit until you read the book.

Cigs are our enemies. They trick us. The quit is hard and challenging.

I wish you the best of luck and success. And I do hope you will stay in touch with this site and find it encouraging. The folks on here are pretty awesome!




Hi AdamJack

Same as you........ My best friend soulmate passed away tragically in 2009....... Huge loss beyond words..... I know your love is still alive but still...... It is a huge loss ............ That's when I stopped caring about myself......... Like you said....... Smoking myself to death............ Me too...... By the hour for 3 1/2 yrs or maybe 2 in an hour and if I had a drink....... More......

The grieving/depression/ self- destruction sucks the life out of people from loss

I guess when I found this site, I was ready to pack the cigarettes in ...... I had grieved enough and I was ready to stop gambling with my life..... In my family young women have strokes that smoke...... Disabling ones and I don't want to be next

You don't have to come up with a reason to quit right away but you are on the right path just by sharing your story

Thankyou for that

Keep in touch



Thank you i appreciate you taking the time to write a reply :) .


I've been a smoker since I was 15 (I'm now 53)! Ultimately, the decision to quit is yours - you have to really want to. I've tried to quit on numerous occasion but this time, I'm using a vape stick -it really helps when you need that instant hit of nicotine - you can decrease the amount of nicotine slowly and start weaning yourself off the evil stuff - you'll have good & bad days - just take it one day at a time. As Coco said - rant, rave and moan on here as much as you like - we all do it! They're a great bunch of people with loads of good advice. I'm on here at least once a day to see what everyone's up to! Don't forget, we're all on the same journey here so we all know how you're feeling. I certainly wouldn't have made it through the last few weeks without them - and... if you stumble along the way, they're very forgiving. We're here for you - good luck xx


Hi Adam and welcome 😊

Quitting ain't easy regardless of how long you have smoked for. When that crafty git nicotine gets its hook in to you then it's hard to pull away.

Over the past 20 months I have realised that smoking solves nothing.... (Wish I had realised that over the past 30 years) You may think it helps but it doesn't.

Good for you doing so well in your studies 😊 But you obviously have a great group of friends who care about you, which is great😊 Life throws some real crap at us and sometimes it's difficult to see how your going to get passed it.... But you do.... Most local authorities have self referral counselling and maybe it's something you might want to consider to help you move on with the next stage of your life.

So make a quit plan and think about why you want to give up and the benefits of doing it😊 Go and see an NHS cessation group/local chemists and they, like us, will give you every support to give up 4000+ killer toxins 😊

We have a mantra on here.... NOPE Not One Puff Ever

So keep us close and remember that every single one of us has been where you are, so you are not alone in this 😊😊

Stay strong and keep focussed 😊😊🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭🚭


Hiya Jack and welcome to quit support😊

I'm so glad you're thinking about quitting and lots of help and advice here, so you've come to the right place👍🏼

Well done on your exams, be very proud of your achievements👏🏼

Have a read of the pinned post on the right, friend or foe and hopefully we can get you started on the right road to good health.

It's not easy but I can tell you, it really is worth it and if I'd known then what I know now, I would have quit at your age. You can do it and we can help👍🏼😊x

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Hiya jack and a welcome to quit support,

You have been given some great advice from our lovely members,

you have the strength to do this as you have proved it with your studies. (well done for that). It does come down to making a commitment and sticking with it..this group is just awesome for helping through the tough times that quitting throws at us..

keep in touch and all the very best :) :)


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