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Daily Chat Thursday 3/9/20


Good morning dudes and dudettes. How’s the day going for you?

Happy Thursday to you all

Welcome to all you newbies who have joined, and a big woo hoo to our regulars. Hope the quits are going well.

We all know how hard it is some days, especially those days when the cravings just won’t quit. These are just the days Mr Nic is waiting for. He’s always around, just sitting on your shoulder waiting for the perfect opportunity to snare you in his nasty little trap again. Resist! It’s not all doom and gloom. Distract yourself. Do some exercise, sing and dance, bake a cake, have a lovely soak in the bath, play a silly game on your phone.......anything to distract his persistent whispering. It’ll pass and you’ll be stronger for it.

Of course, you can always post on here how you’re doing, have a little chat........

Right, I’m signing off for today, work to go to, pennies to earn.

Keep all the good quits going


I was going to post a different song, but the video to this one made me laugh.


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Good morning Karen, (I see your memory has improved lol) 🤣

Love that video not seen that one before. Brilliant!

Great post and a good reminder not to take Nic for granted.

Hope your still enjoying work. 👍

Have a lovely day.; and everyone else clicking in. 🌈🌼💕🌸😊✖✖✖

NewKarenAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

I’m astonished that I remembered too 😂 have a lovely day xx

TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

Good morning jillygirl, no shopping for either of us today!

I've written the list for my next shop. I must brave the big supermarket for some cat food! My pair are becoming fussy in their old age! I may go tomorrow.

Have a good day,🚭🌹🌼💐🌷

jillygirlAdministrator in reply to TheTabbyCat

Good morning Tabby, have a lovely restful day. ✖😊🌸💕🌼🌈✖✖✖

NewKarenAdministrator in reply to TheTabbyCat

My list keeps getting longer. Have a great day xx


Good morning Kazza and Jilly.

Great post and wishing you and everyone looking in a fab day x

NewKarenAdministrator in reply to Corrina125

You too hunny xx

TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Corrina125

Good morning Corrina,☕black as usual! You've had a short week!! Drop the Monday and the Friday!! Quite a lady of leisure,lol🤣🤣🤣xx

Corrina125Administrator in reply to TheTabbyCat

Good afternoon Tabs, I actually worked Monday because I was being lazy last week and had a deadline Tuesday. Its annoying that I always do this, slack off when I have plenty of time to complete a deadline.

TheTabbyCatAdministrator in reply to Corrina125


jillygirlAdministrator in reply to Corrina125

Good morning hun, Have a lovely day. 🌈🌸💕🌼💐✖✖✖


Good morning Karen!!Happy Thursday to you too!! I love the piccy of dudes and dudettes. I can see you've got talent as an artist!🤣

You're quite right of course that nasty nic isn't worth listening to. He can be a creepy so and so!!

We are stronger.💪🚭

Have a good day and don't work too hard!🌹🌼💐xx


Good morning Karen and all🙋‍♀️

Great start to the day and love the video👍🏼

Have a super duper smoke free Thursday everyone🚭🦙🦙🦙💕😘


Hello all, love the pic Karen, very cute ..Have a great day all ❤️

NewKarenAdministrator in reply to glolin

You too xx

1 day in stopping smoking after taking up the mantle in lockdown. I am

Going cold turkey, would should I expect?

NewKarenAdministrator in reply to Shaughey

Hi Shaughey

Congratulations on deciding to quit. I know it would have been a huge decision to make, but the right one.

The first few days can be the hardest. The cravings are the worst. Try to distract yourself when they arrive, take sips of water or practice deep breathing or meditation (I think it’s called wellness now) or play a silly game on your phone, anything to take your mind off of things.

Everyone is different when quitting, so it’s hard to say what is going to happen. Have a browse through the pinned posts. There is a hive of tips and information there for you, and it goes without saying, if you have any questions, just put up a post on here and we’ll try to help. Why not do it now, just to introduce yourself xx

Good luck, we’re all here for you.

Karen xx

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